Attack of the Phallic Thingies: Come Together, Right Now…

There must be something in the air these days–Republican sex scandals (two right here in Florida!) have been piling up willy-nilly, one on top of the other, and architects worldwide are designing buildings and facilities that remind us rather vividly how great it is to be a member of the human race. Or something.

Blame fellow Shakesville contributor Wolfrum and our boss Melissa–they started this whole Thingie thing with a pair of stories about the naughty parking posts of Keiser, Oregon.

And Thingies went rapidly downstream from there.

Kate found a hardly-frigid mall in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Space Cowboy exposed a skyscraper-in-the-works in San Diego, California.

Mustang Bobby said he prefers his cocktails well-iced, thank you.

Jeff demanded monumental respect.

Yours Truly went deep and located an underwater pleasure palace in Dubai.

And Misty (ever the green Oregonian) showed how Mother Nature puts first Thingies first.

Could there be more Thingies in store for our frustrated friends on the Right? It’s hard to say. Meanwhile, in the warm nether regions of South Florida, a tropical tree by the name of Kigelia pinnata readies its seed:

Also at litbrit.


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15 responses to “Attack of the Phallic Thingies: Come Together, Right Now…

  1. pidomon

    have not kept up with all the comments of the “attack” but Monty Python has what should be the theme song for these posts “The Penis Song”

    (And remember he is NOT noel coward)

  2. NMRon

    Wow, who knew Trojans grew on trees.

  3. Jeff

    In Venezuela, they call it the Bobbitt tree.

  4. Chromosome Crawl

    All these phallus related posts have me wondering how Cynthia Plastercaster is doing…

  5. Once you start looking, penii are everywhere. For instance, I walked out of my local WalMart last night (please don’t throw tomatoes at me), and was greeted by eight penii lined up in front of the door to keep people from driving through.

    Adding to the image is that they’re red, but faded and mottled.

    And I live in Florida.

  6. in the warm nether regions of South Florida

    I don’t know whether to be repulsed, excited or both.


  7. All these phallus related posts have me wondering how Cynthia Plastercaster is doing…

    I hear she’s now someone’s trophy wife…

  8. As for the Republican sex scandals, is anyone surprised?

    Generally, the more insistent one is about demanding conformity in everyone else’s bedroom, the less savory the things they’re doing in their own.

  9. That answers the question: they DO grow on trees.

  10. You want phallic have a look here.

    Unashamed blogwhoreing by a dirty old man.

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  12. the Old Professor

    Many years ago, knowing I find delight in Victorian gothic scrollwork, someone gave me a book on the subject. Written of course by a professor, complete with PhD, its thesis is that all such wood carving is either vaginal or phallic. It was a very effective way to sour my affection. Damn all accademics.

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