Attack of the Phallic Thingies: Au Naturel

Mother Nature sniffs derisively at all the man-made Thingies:

A veritable forest! Aptly named, this is “Love Valley” in Turkey



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8 responses to “Attack of the Phallic Thingies: Au Naturel

  1. Insert your own rock hard joke here.

  2. Oh, wow. Is that for real? You photoshopped that, right?

    Meanwhile, bwahahahaha

  3. Misty

    Yeah, it’s real–no photoshopping!

  4. I’m so gonna lose my lesbian card for this, but my first thought upon seeing this was “ooo, pretty!” It’s kind of like Thousand Needles in World of Warcraft, only with grass.

  5. Don’t have to go to Turkey — we have our own Big Stoney right here in the good ol’ USofA. In Utah no less!

  6. Not photoshopped!

    I was there myself just three weeks ago and I *Can Not Believe* that I didn’t think to mention it with all the phallic thingies being bandied about the place.

    I sent my husband a postcard of it, in fact, and it hasn’t even gotten here yet.

  7. mamajane

    There are several stone formations similar to Big Stoney in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. We also saw a semi-phallic formation at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

  8. I’m surprised Misty didn’t choose an example closer to home. In the Columbia River Gorge, we have a landmark called Rooster Rock. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why they would call it that. It doesn’t look anything like a rooster, and that didn’t appear to be a surname of any significance in the area. I guess I just wouldn’t fit in with the good folks from Keizer, because it wasn’t until I read this that I understood:

    According to Oregon Geographic Names (McArthur & McArthur, 2003):
    “… The modern name is of phallic significance originating from rhyming slang.”

    Unsurprisingly, Rooster Rock is also the site of the nation’s first officially-designated clothing-optional beach.

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