Wednesday Blogwhoring

What’s the frequency, Shakers?

Recommended Reading:

Joseph Hughes: Always the Fight, Never the Issues

Lauredhel: Smouldering: Most Australians Rape Apologists

Sheelzebub: The Misogynist Stupid Flies Fast and Thick

Michael Stickings: Where is Springfield?



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7 responses to “Wednesday Blogwhoring

  1. Part 1 and Part 2 of my essay on the feminist redemption of Harry Potter in the fifth book (to celebrate the film version out now!).

  2. I wrote about the Roger Waters Concert that I went to last night that was full of antiwar messages and was a very uplifting moment for me.

  3. This ancient Egyptian pharoah was teh fat!

  4. Oh and my other blog is about my life as an actress if you’re ever interested in what that’s all about.

  5. The pope put his foot in it again and I find yet another example of the Cambodian government attacking the messenger and ignoring the message – so predictable.

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