The Cry-Maker

Nice. So used to being a cavalier dipshit with the press and making flippant jokes at their expense, Bush responded sarcastically to a 13-year-old girl’s question about immigration at a public Q&A yesterday, getting everyone to laugh which made her cry.

Real fucking nice, asshole.

You think he might have learned his lesson after harassing a blind reporter about his sunglasses. But…no.



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14 responses to “The Cry-Maker

  1. Zack

    Now, now Liss, now, you can’t just jump to conclusions here. We don’t know the whole situation here. Maybe the girl–maybe the girl had allergies, right? Maybe she was allergic–TO THE TRUTH THAT THE BUSHSTER WAS LAYING DOWN. You get me? you get what I’m sending here?

    Maybe she was asking for it, y’know. I mean, fuck, 13? I make 13 year old girls cry just getting up in the morning. I make ’em cry every time I kill one of their stupid princess ponies, or when I tell them their daddies ain’t coming home for their birthday, or when I remind them that we currently live in a society that willfully trumpets greedy ignorance over compassion and common sense. Yeah, they bawl like motherfuckers over that shit. And is that my fault? No. Not it isn’t. I’m just keeping this shit real, and these 13 year olds, they need to get with that, or else they need to get out of the goddamn fast lane.

    It ain’t no asshole to be on the edge, woman. It ain’t no asshole to get right up in their faces and scream I don’t deserve to be here and I’m not leaving!

    …Yeah, so, I have to work a double shift today, and already I’m pulling this crap.

  2. Paul the Spud

    … [W]hen the president finished taking questions, an aide immediately went to Jessica and took her backstage.

    …where she met the President, who immediately began chanting “1-2-3, CRY! 1-2-3, CRY!”

  3. I get the feeling that Bush thinks he’s hilarious… President or stand-up comic? Unfortunately, he is qualified for neither job.

  4. NameChanged

    Grrr! As if there weren’t enough reasons to hate this bastard, he is now making little girls cry. I hope she becomes a true journalist and digs into his “presidency” when she gets older, if only to give him a giant FUCK YOU!

  5. …where she met the President, who immediately began chanting “1-2-3, CRY! 1-2-3, CRY!”

    …and when that didn’t work, he punched her repeatedly on the upper arm, taunting her, “Gonna cry now? Are ya gonna cryyyyyy?”

  6. JoAsakura

    ..i get it now. He’s still stuck in his frat-boy years and he’s hazing THE WHOLE WORLD.


  7. I would like to see George Bush cry. He needs to.

  8. As far as I’m concerned, men who are afraid of crying are mentally sick, detached from their emotions and incapable of compassion.

  9. Jesus fucking wept.

  10. (But did he ever, in Mel Gibson’s treatment? I do not know.)

  11. In fact, I challenge anyone to watch this and not fucking cry.

    Witness, receive and transmit.

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