That’s Jonah Goldberg: 100% Class All The Way

Verbatim DoughBob LoadPants comments on the Democrats daring to hold an LGBT debate:

Not that I’m endorsing it, but how long  until some blogger photoshops the Dem candidates into the guys from the Village People? I say it happens by lunchtime, if it hasn’t already. 

Ha!  It’s funny because the Village People were gay!

Next, Jonah wonders if anyone’s gonna photoshop the Democrats in blackface because of the Congressional Black Caucus debate.  Not that he endorses that, of course.



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9 responses to “That’s Jonah Goldberg: 100% Class All The Way

  1. Does that give us free reign to photoshop everyone into Hitler and his henchman for the next gooper debate?

  2. Seriously, it’s no wonder the best wingnut trolls have got is calling me a fat dyke, since the insipid twerps that are “the brains” behind the conservative movement also can’t get it through their thick heads that calling straight people who don’t think there’s anything wrong with being gay gay isn’t a clever insult.

  3. So that’s why calling them greedy, amoral crackpots never pisses them off. Dammit!

  4. Erin M

    Well played, RG.

  5. I don’t know if Jonah has gay issues (eww…), but his humor about this sort of thing has always been at the junior high school level. That tells you that he can’t deal with it on an adult level, and it doesn’t seem like anyone in the GOP can get beyond the sex thing.

    Just grow up, people.

  6. his humor about this sort of thing has always been at the junior high school level.

    Meanwhile, his writing ability hovers around that of, oh, a first grader (apologies to darling Son Three).

  7. W. Kiernan

    ‘Sokay, there’s already a long tradition on the Intertubes of Photoshopping our li’l Preznit as a sixth Village Person. It’s those corny macho-macho-man costumes his media people are so fond of making him strut round in; you just can’t resist. Heck, I’ve done it myself.

  8. Oh, W. Kiernan — when you P-shopped that, how could you resist the “flyboy-sock-in-a-crotch” image?

    Basket, baby, gotta have BASKET!

  9. Longshot

    Who needs Photoshop? Anyone remember the dance number at the 2004 GOP primary, with Colin Powell in a construction helmet etc etc?

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