Let’s Do the Timewarp Again….

It’s like nothing has changed since the 80s.

Including Bill Maher making gay jokes.



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6 responses to “Let’s Do the Timewarp Again….

  1. I think he’s a closet case.

    Of course, there are times when that’s a good thing…at least from the point of view of the people he might inflict himself on when he comes out….

  2. and just about every other joke imaginable.

    the gay jokes were at least…. subtle.

  3. I miss Johnny and I am too young to really have seen much of him, but still…the hosts these day can’t hold a candle to Johnny.

  4. oddjob

    Johnny was notoriously difficult to know (Ed McMahon used to say that), but he really was brilliant at that job.

  5. No way Maher is gay. Did you see those shoes?! And with white socks? I know we all made fashion mistakes in the 80s, but I just don’t understand what was on that man’s feet.

  6. Didn’t he date Ann Coulter?

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