Daily Round-Up

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Mustang Bobby: The One True Church. So There.

Melissa: Happy Blogiversary

Jeff: Oddly Enough, Women Attracted to Attractive Men

Melissa: Read-Ems

Bill: Remember when John McCain was a legitimate Presidential candidate?

Kate: So Close, and Yet So Far

Melissa: A Willingness to Be Uncertain

Misty: Announcement: Shakin’ & Bakin’

Jeff: Arrr for One and One for Arrr!

Melissa: Stroke Your Man’s Ego: Give Up Teh Butt

Bill: Dear America: You totally need to get laid


Melissa: Dems to Hold LGBT Debate

Quixote: Gene Scans and Single Payer Health Insurance

Space Cowboy: M-M-M-My Carmona

Melissa: The McCain Implosion is Nearly Complete

Jon Swift: David Vitter: Another Victim of Gay Marriage

Melissa: Question of the Day

Kate: I’m Totally Moving to the Netherlands

Melissa: Problem Solved!

Kathy: Harris Gardiner Has Two Last Names — Could That Be Why He’s So Confused?

Kathy: Okay, and What Do We Do With This Information?


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