Chertoff: Guts and Gareth

If you’d like to see some HOTT video of Chertoff revealing his “gut feeling” about terrorism, about which Mustang Bobby posted this morning, here it is, care of Petulant:

You know, I never noticed it until Skeletor shaved off the face pubes that he used to pretend was some sort of beard-like contraption, but if you stuck a silly blond wig on that chappy, he’d be a dead ringer for Gareth:

“My dad, for example, he’s not as cosmopolitan or as educated as me and it can be embarrasing, you know. He doesn’t understand all the new trendy words…like he’ll say ‘poofs’ instead of ‘gays’, ‘birds’ instead of ‘women’, ‘darkies’ instead of ‘coloreds’.”



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3 responses to “Chertoff: Guts and Gareth

  1. So let me get this straight. First a BFF letter from Harriet and now Gareth from bloody Wernhamm Hogg?

    Damn, today’s a great day.

  2. I would do him! heehehehehehe… I always had a thing for skeletal men. The other week on one of the Sunday morning new shows, I think Fox, Chertoff looked very tan and refreshed like he got him a little Botox. After watching this footage though, I guess it was some of that special Fox lighting they use to make everyone, especially the ladies, look dumb. Oops.. I meant numb.

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