Remember when John McCain was a legitimate Presidential candidate?

Remember those heady days when John McCain was considered a legitimate Presidential candidate? Hell, the guy was but a few swiftboatings by Karl Rove away from being the GOP candidate in 2000. It all seems so long ago.

Because now, the wheels are officially off:

McCain campaign suffers key shakeups

WASHINGTON (AP) – John McCain’s campaign manager and chief strategist resigned Tuesday in a major staff shake-up for the struggling Republican presidential candidate who is all but broke and trails in opinion polls.

In statements, Terry Nelson, a veteran of President Bush’s successful 2004 re-election effort, said he resigned as campaign manager effective immediately and John Weaver said he stepped down from his post of chief strategist.

But other officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid discussing private conversations, said Nelson was fired. Several people close to Nelson disputed that characterization.

Other officials said Mark Salter, a senior aide whom some consider McCain’s alter ego, will continue to advise him in a voluntarily role but will cease his day-to-day involvement in the campaign.

Two officials said Rick Davis, a longtime aide to McCain, will take over the campaign.

While McCain continues his myopic belief that that the tide is turning in Iraq (“Now that the military effort in Iraq has shown some signs of progress, the space is opening for political progress.”) even as reports prove that the Iraqi “government” is completely impotent.

Perhaps McCain will continue on in his push for the Presidency. This is his Bob Dole moment, realize. It is his last chance. Now, however, he’s little more than an embarrassing, completely out-of-touch sideshow.

When you can’t poll anywhere near Fred Thompson, and when the Ron Paul juggernaut is breathing down your neck, it’s time to exit the stage, and perhaps pay attention to matters in Arizona for a change.




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8 responses to “Remember when John McCain was a legitimate Presidential candidate?

  1. I cry a little tear.
    Oh. Wait. That’s from the hysterical laughter.
    The Straight Talk Express seems to have 3 flat tires and a slow leak in the fourth.

  2. Simon Jericho

    Ouch. Do you hear that tapping? It’s the sound of the final nail being gingerly hammered into this particular coffin.

    You know, it’s funny. I predicted this absolute irrelevancy back in ’04 when he decided to hook his cart to the Bushwagon and absolutely forsake whatever integrity and credibility the Straight Talk Express had ever had in exchange for the support of the GOP noise machine once Bush’s reign was over. It’s as if he completely failed to understand that his distance from that machine was the entire basis of what made him a remotely attractive candidate in the first place.

    Folks liked McCain because he seemed not to be a sell-out. Unfortunately, the sell-outs against whom he kept trying to get nominated had the media message in their pockets. McCain got smeared and lost, so he decided to sell-out to get the media in his pocket.

    It doesn’t matter, though, because now that he’s sold out, nobody likes McCain.

  3. grape_crush

    McCain has more influence as an ‘outsider’ (he gets on the teevee!) than he ever would as president. Mark this campaign down under ‘failure to thrive’…

    Now the real question is: Where’s a picture of McCain hugging Nelson? That would be cute.

  4. Arkades

    It’s as if he completely failed to understand that his distance from that machine was the entire basis of what made him a remotely attractive candidate in the first place.

    *Thank you*, Simon Jericho, for crystallizing in one sentence everything that has baffled me regarding McCain’s political choices since his defeat in 2000.

  5. Chromosome Crawl

    How sad to have played doormat to W on the torture bill, and then to not be in the position to collect whatever goods he was supposed to get in exchange for his soul.

    Doubly tortured, you might say.

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