Mixter: Blogger challenge – Let’s really put the netroots to work!

Blogenfreude: Ouch

John Rogers: Cutting Veteran’s Health Care and Transmission

Terrance: Dreams Dared

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  1. Jeff Fecke wrote yesterday about the lawsuit in Fresno. Well, one of our resident (in an outlying community) misogynists wrote a letter to the paper and I responded. If you look in the comments, you’ll see he wrote a full article a couple of days before that. His voice is tiresome and hateful.

  2. Florida gays start a protest against homophobic mayor Jim Naugle. It involves toilet paper. And religious groups are leaving threatening messages under the doors of evolutionary biologists at CU-Boulder.

  3. I have Bush’s Dead Cat Splat after the Libby commutation.

  4. Pardon me for linking this two days in a row, but it is a topic that I really would like input and opinions on – and yesterday’s discussions were (rightfully) dominated by Part 4 of Melissa’s “Soon, Rape Won’t Exist At All…” and (unfortunately) the trollswarm on the Ron Paul post. I’d appreciate it if you guys would take a look.

  5. I begin my essay on the feminist redemption of Harry Potter here.

  6. A coupla days ago I posted a review/discussion of the Edward Hopper retrospective making the rounds. (It’ll be in Washington and then Chicago later this year.) Go read my post and make sure you catch the show.

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