M-M-M-My Carmona

Surprise. Someone testified before Congress about more ponderous bullshit from the White House:

[Former Surgeon General Richard] Carmona revealed that when he tried to explain the science of stem cell research to the American public, he was “blocked at every turn, told a decision had already been made, stand down, don’t talk about it.” Additionally, political appointees were specifically assigned to “vet his speeches” and “spin [his] words in such a way that would be preferable to a political or ideologically pre-conceived notion that had nothing to do with science.” He was also barred from speaking freely to reporters.

Surgeon General’s Warning: To prevent cranial explosion, ignore any and all comments from Bush’s assclown-riddled administration.


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7 responses to “M-M-M-My Carmona

  1. C. Everett Coop would have kicked Bush’s ass.

  2. NameChanged

    Is there any legal recourse for such unconstitutional actions from a sitting “president”? Any? Does Congress have any ideas? Bueller?

  3. Lies. Next you will tell me that it is not the opinions of the commanders on the ground that matters. Why do you so dislike the man that the lord himself chose to lead us. I would cry for the loss of your soul, but I am out of tears.

  4. A bit OT perhaps but I just want to warn you that I may very soon be going directly to hell without any stopping on go. The reason? The government here in Spain has been re-shuffled and……..guess what? As minister of health the Pres. appointed one of the leading research scientists in the world who specializes in stem cell research. So you can see where we are headed. Then……..To make matters worse he appointed as Minister of culture a man who actually has some. Director of the Cervantes Institute, (Try the Google if you don’t know.) who has actually written some 20 books. Now you add all that on to the fact that we have had legal Gay marriage here for three years and you can see how deep in the Caca we have sunk so I am expecting mega size lightning bolts to strike any moment. Which may be a good thing in that this might destroy the plague of locusts that is waiting at the border for the order to advance.

    So if you don’t hear from me……………

  5. Nadai

    He was also barred from speaking freely to reporters.

    Then he should have quit. I’m so sick of these cowards coming forward years too late. If they’d said something back then, it would have meant something. Now it’s just whining.

  6. GOM, I’m prayin’ for ya brother. But my prayers lack a certain gravitas, so you just might be a gonner…

  7. Thanks for the kind thought CR but like you say, I may be a gonner. It do look dark. But I do wish someone would pass this on to Limpdick or O’Lally as they might just be able to purge my soul with their deep insight into things cultural and scientific.

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