Shaker Deanna forwarded me this link, at which, as Deanna aptly describes it, “an annoyed feminist spoofs those ‘How to Draw Super Heroes’ books by re-genderizing everything. Plus, pictures! I also recommend reading the spoofer’s comments at the end—about how difficult it was to break training and draw a female character that wasn’t automatically considered fuckable.”

It’s really great. Amazing to experience the cognitive dissonance of seeing female heroes drawn as male and vice versa. Definitely check it out.



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9 responses to ““IM IN UR STUDI0 DRAWIN UR D00DZ”

  1. Reb

    If you want more awesome gender switchery, there’s a great gallery at Girl Wonder of familiar comic heroes twisted into the hypersexualized poses their female counterparts usually get stuck with, and somewhere around there are more responses to the “how to draw” book.

  2. twig

    If you’re into bishonen, this is nothing new.

    It is, however, hot. Which is not the right reaction, but hell with it.

  3. Deanna

    The hulk goddess the artist drew is like bishonen? (Forgive my ignorance) I have seen femininization of the male form before, but I found the artists struggle to unsexualize female characters (without going the androgynous route) to be pretty eye opening.

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  5. Superb. I forwarded the journal page to various artist pals.

  6. twig

    Well, obviously no, not the hulk goddess (maybe because she’s a… woman?) but the pouty-lipped, long-haired sexily posed men? Bishonen, or more accurately biseinen – and no, the standard of sexualization and ridiculous body types in comics doesn’t really bother me.

    I don’t read comics because I love reality and want to see all the normal people I see every day – that isn’t to say that I don’t like characters like Francine in SiP and I didn’t cheer when the new designs for Supergirl came out and it looked like she actually had a place for all her organs to fit, but I don’t mind stylization, I certainly don’t mind cheesecake – Emma Frost is one of my favorite characters and they rarely put her in anything that would require more than a regular stamp to mail – and unfortunately I’m a huge fan of Hyung-Tae Kim’s costume designs, and he can’t draw a proper breast to save his life.

    I don’t mind that many comic book women are sexy and sultry. Most of them (Sue Storm, Jean Gray, the aforementioned Ms. Frost) can also kick a hell of a lot of ass.

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  8. Arkades

    Interesting imagery. I do have to quibble with the comment about male heroes that no one would want to fuck, though. There are guys attracted to men like that. Just sayin’.

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