Dems to Hold LGBT Debate

Wow. This is actually…kind of amazing.

For the first time the leading candidates for the presidency will hold a televised debate devoted solely to LGBT issues. The one-hour event will be held on August 9 and broadcast on gay network LOGO at 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm ET) and through live streaming video at

…The debate will be conducted with a live audience in Los Angeles. On the panel questioning the two Democrats will be Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese and singer Melissa Etheridge. … The panelists in a statement said they plan to cover a range of issues including relationship recognition, marriage equality, workplace fairness, the military, hate crimes, HIV/AIDS and other important issues.

So far, Edwards, Clinton, and Obama have signed on the debate, which was organized by LOGO and HRC.

Well. I’m vaguely impressed!

I fervently hope Melissa and Joe will make sure their questions include some specific to the trans community, to make sure this is a genuine LGB and T debate. Marti, when you get back, start making some calls!

[Thanks to Bill for passing that along.]


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21 responses to “Dems to Hold LGBT Debate

  1. oddjob

    Since (as far as I can tell) the HRC is already wholly devoted to the success of the other HRC, hopefully Joe’s presence as a moderator does not mean the whole thing is gamed for Hillary’s benefit.

    Having said that, THIS IS COOL!

    I’m can’t wait to find out what pearl clutching this will cause………….

  2. Impressed? Now that I’ve picked myself off the floor and used the smelling salts, I’d say I’m vaguely amazed.

  3. I was already glad that I upgraded my cable to include LOGO (and many, many other channels). This just makes my day.

  4. Holly in cincinnati

    That’s interesting but almost nobody gets LOGO. Hopefully this debate will be streamed live online.

  5. Holly in cincinnati

    Whoops – should have read the post more carefully!

    “live streaming video at”

  6. H in C, I live in podunk Georgia, and I get LOGO. Granted I had to bump my service up from basic, but it comes in the bundle with the Travel Channel, among others. Anyway, as you noted, also available online.

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  8. …broadcast on gay network LOGO…

    …guaranteeing virtually no one will see it.

  9. eastsidekate

    I’m really excited to see this happening. As to the question of whether “T” issues will be addressed, the title of HRC’s press release is:
    Leading Presidential Candidates to Participate in Historic Forum On Gay Issues

    I know I’m a snarky bitch with too much time on her hands (or so it would seem), so I’ll try not to read into that.

  10. mamajane

    This made my day too! I truly hope that all of the candidates, especially HRC, get grilled severely over DADT. This is an issue most near and dear to me, as hubby-poo and I have known several fine, loyal, and valuable sailors who were either booted out of the Navy under DADT, or have separated voluntarily under fear of being outed and then booted out with a less than honorable discharge.

    It almost makes me want to tune into faux news to watch the wingers get their collective panties in a twist.

  11. And where is the fainting couch when you need it I ask?

  12. Jersey

    I REALLY wish I could convince my backward-ass dish network to carry either Logo or Here! My puter is so slow I’ll never get to see this.

  13. Holly in cincinnati

    Uh, I get the sub-basic cable package for roughly $10/month that TWC is required to provide by law. 4 PBS channels, 2 C-SPANs, the Weather Radar and all local channels are just fine for me 95% of the time.

  14. Well, I hope we get some T questions!

    Obama has already had himself quoted as supporting transgender rights:

    Sen. Barack Obama co-sponsored the Matthew Shepard Act (federal anti-hate crimes law) and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. When asked if he supports transgender inclusion, Obama said, “Absolutely. The transgendered community has to be protected. I just don’t have any tolerance for that sort of intolerance. And I think we need to legislate aggressively to protect them.

    It would be nice to see which other candidates would commit to transgender equality.

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  16. t87

    Ugh. So this will be the little time set aside for the gay folks to ask about their “issues”. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after the recent debate at Howard that trumpeted the fact that the panel were all “people of color”. I suppose we can look forward to the debate that deals with “jewish issues”, then another for “white people” issues, and so on.

    And if being intellectually ghettoized were not bad enough – Melissa Ethridge? WTF? Could they not get Elton John? Was the guy from Will and Grace busy?

    How very sad.

  17. You’re right, H in C. I remember when I was thrilled with four channels via rabbit ears. I was actually surprised when Comcast added LOGO to the line up. I am definitely living in Redsville here. I never thought we’d get anything gayer than Bravo.

    t87, I agree that Melissa Etheridge is a questionable choice. Might help ratings, though.

  18. Erin M

    Not terribly hopeful on the T inclusion (from the website: “The LGBT world has a place all its own with Logo, the new lesbian & gay network from MTV Networks.”), but maybe with enough letters to the network it could be done. Here’s the contact LOGO page: link

  19. It’s a legitimate concern, the whole T thing, and not just because of LOGO. KPFT’s program Queer Voices has occasional hosts and guests from Houston’s transgendered population, and though I’m not a regular listener, I have heard on two separate occasions complaints that HRC is not reliable in its defense of T’s, a minority within a minority.

    HRC may be trying to improve that situation, as evidenced by some of their e-mails. The group is contending with the broader (straight) population’s difficulty in accepting T’s and their issues. Guess there aren’t enough witty, engaging transgendered characters on prime-time TV yet.

  20. t87

    And, this isn’t even a “first”. Here’s the link to Sullivan:

    So just another bit of HRC p.r. fundraising . . .

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