Daily Round-Up

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Gore: Question Asked; Question Answered

Melissa: Rape Accuser Charged With Rape

Jeff: Hearts vs. Minds

Melissa: Monday Morning Conchords

Space Cowboy: DOJ Attorney: Bush Justice Is A National Disgrace

Melissa: Bush Invokes Executive Privilege

Kate: All Right, Fine, I’ll Talk about Dan Savage

Mustang Bobby: Religious Radicals Try to Bomb Church

Melissa: Monday Blogwhoring

Melissa: I Wonder What Demographic the Perpetrators of This Bit of Terrorism Vandalism Fit

Jeff: You Sleep Well Tonight, Y’Hear?

Melissa: Ron Paul on This Week with G-Steph

Spudsy: D’oh of the Year (So Far)

Melissa: Soon, Rape Won’t Exist At All—Not the Act, Mind You; Just the Word

Brynn: Kitties of the World United

Melissa: Obesity Crisis Reaches the White House

Brynn: Androgyny=Untrustworthy…?

Brynn: Anniversary

Kathy: Four Thousand

Melissa: Quote of the Day

Mustang Bobby: Question of the Day

Melissa: Republican Senator on DC Madam Phone List

Jeff: Good News. No, Really.


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