Obesity Crisis Reaches the White House

Doesn’t he have any self-respect? Why doesn’t he just stop eating?

First pup Barney’s almost 7 years old, and you know what that means: He’s starting to fatten up in his older years. Once the energetic kid who used to run around with the famous “Barney Cam” on his noggin, we hear that the president’s Scottish terrier is putting on weight. So much so that he has to be carried down the steps of Air Force One, behind Laura Bush’s bounding younger Scottie, Miss Beazley.

Barney will now take your questions.


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11 responses to “Obesity Crisis Reaches the White House

  1. Paul the Spud

    I wish I could rescue that sweet dog from that moron.

  2. Agreed, Bush shouldn’t be allowed to have cute pets. Either he should be happy with a capybara or go without.

  3. Kelley

    Phthbtttt…dogs are stupid. Cats rule!!!

    *rubs hands gleefully, waiting for firestorm to erupt*

  4. Kate Harding

    Too bad Barney’s not British. They’re taking care of this shit.

  5. Anne

    Is that show British, or Kiwi?

    Anyhow, I bet Bush’s dog could answer reporters’ questions better than he can.

  6. Scottish Terrier and Dog News recently reported on a fat scottie put on a weight loss regime that included the new canine obesity drug, Yarvitan. We have links to photos of Hector, the Hefty Scottish Terrier.

    Not to mention that we’re on the MItt Romney dog abuse story like a terrier with a bone.

  7. evilchemistry

    You know what they say don’t you? If your dog is getting chubby, YOU aren’t getting enough exercise.

    Phthbtttt…dogs are stupid. Cats rule!!!

    *rubs hands gleefully, waiting for firestorm to erupt*

    I like cats, its their people I can’t stand. So, phthbtttt!

  8. RedSonja

    Here in the states the new doggie obesity drug is called Slentrol — slender control. It’s basically an appetite suppressant. I suspect it won’t really do the trick, because 1) many owner equate food with love, hence the ENORMOUS (pun intended!) pet obesity problem. If Spot’s not bugging me for treats, he must not love me!!

    Also, many many clients want a magic pill to cure all their animal’s problems. I’m afraid that once the Slentrol course of treatment is ended, nothing will have changed and Spot will get fat again.

    Both things I brought up with our rep, but he didn’t seem to think they were much worth thinking about. Oh well.

  9. NameChanged

    OMG, an older dog putting on weight. How can the “president” allow such a travesty to happen?

    Barney will be a fab fat dog. Leave him be. All of this negative attention is a ploy to get the press to notice the younger and more attractive Miss Beazley. Don’t be fooled.

  10. Kelley

    evilchemistry: my cat and I know where you live 😛

    You’re just not worthy of our effort to find you.

  11. Kate Harding

    Is that show British, or Kiwi?

    Anne, good eye. Kiwi, from the looks of what I linked to. But either it’s also showing on BBC, or I just got my wires completely crossed… I heard about it a while back, somehow registered it as British in my mind, Googled today and linked to the first hit without actually looking at it. My apologies to the Brits among us.

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