Monday Blogwhoring

Sock it to me, Shakers.

Recommended Reading:

Coturnix: Exclusive: Interview with Senator John Edwards on Science-Related Topics

Fixer: It’s Pretty Easy Being Green

Shayera: Blue Laptop (That’s totally me, btw.)

Jill: Mr. Bush, your pants are not just on fire, but have already engulfed your nonesistent cojones

Also: Happy Birthday wishes and a cake to my bloggrrl Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend and to Chet Scoville of The Vanity Press (whose cake is out of date, but let’s call it nostalgic) and to Quaker Dave of The Quaker Agitator!

And finally: The Blog Formerly Known Just As Bilerico is being relaunched today as The Bilerico Project, bigger and better than ever. They’ve got a ton of new contributors, including Pam, so make sure you stop by and check it out!


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16 responses to “Monday Blogwhoring

  1. RV Park owner kicks out a family because their 2 year old has AIDS, Amy’s first atheist experience, Shelfari, and later today, there should be a review of Natasha Trethewey’s Native Guard. Spoiler: it’s good.

  2. My little rant on Deacon Dipshit’s commuting scooter the hooter’s* sentence.

    *Check out the meaning of hooter in English. (you know, that funny language they use on the other side of the Atlantic.)

  3. Why Party Matters, and why I will be giving money to the Democratic nominee.

  4. Thanks for the birthday love. It was a very nice day.

    I heard a cool story yesterday, about how our teenagers do a better job than we adults do of speaking truth to power:

  5. Ezra’s been writing some posts about teachers unions, and that got me thinking about unions in general: what they’ve accomplished, and what it means if we don’t work to revive them.

  6. grape_crush

    Not a blog commentary, but an interesting article about a funeral for the n-word

  7. Tragically, I must report on the Subgenius custody case‘s outcome.

  8. I sound forth with my Case for Impeachment, in response to some questions posed by Dr. Zaius.

  9. Captain Jack Harkness from the new Doctor Who and his spin off series Torchwood is made of awesome. An openly bisexual lead character in a heterosexual male dominated sci-fi genre.

  10. I get just a little frustrated by a puff piece in which women are called mentally ill and other ugly things because of the way in which they reject men’s advances:

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  12. [Second comment because of the three-link limit!]

    I’ve been creeped out by the ways in which girls and women are viewed and treated as gendered/sexual objects, peevulating at the NZ “Only Stupid Women Are Breeding” moral panic in which a professor decides we should put contraceptive in the water supply, and blogging more on the War On Northern Territory indigenous people, including talk of a legal challenge to the land rights snatch, and an open TV commitment by our Minister for Indigenous Affairs to enforcing the deliberate, systematic ghettoisation of Aboriginal people in remote areas.

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