Kitties of the world united…!

Came across this cool factoid in the New Scientist magazine today:

A NEW feline family tree gleaned from DNA shows that cats were domesticated from local wildcats in the region that extends from Turkey down into Mesopotamia.

Carlos Driscoll at the US National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland, and colleagues studied DNA from 979 domestic cats and wildcats from across Europe and Asia. The wildcats broke down into five groups, or clades, of the wildcat Felis silvestris: the European wildcat, the southern African wildcat, the central Asian wildcat, the Chinese desert cat and the Near Eastern wildcat.

All of the domestic cats – from fancy breeds to feral tabbies – fell within the Near Eastern wildcat group (Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.1139518).

(The photo is of sweet, devilish little Percy, passed on it will be two years ago July 24th.)



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8 responses to “Kitties of the world united…!

  1. mustelid

    Yeah, that’s really cool! Looked like a close relative of my baby here at home. And I’m sorry to hear about Percy.

  2. oddjob

    I also saw where it said that somewhere in Scotland some feral domestic cats are visually indistinguishable from the local wildcats. Thus we learn that just as dogs are modified wolves, cats are modified Old World wildcats.

  3. If you’ll pardon the blogwhoring, I recently posted 20 gorgeous cat pictures from my trip to Greece and Turkey last month.

    I know there are (ahem) one or two fanciers of Teh Kittehz hereabouts, so I thought I’d mention it. (I get to brag about how great the photography is because my sister is the one that actually took the pictures.)

  4. Brynn


    Your sister’s photos are fantastic! She has a great eye. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I heard this report on NPR last week–I’ve been looking at my (and everyone’s) moggies in a whole new way ever since. And here I was thinking they couldn’t be any more fascinating creatures…

    And Jennifer, I second Brynn–the photos are just beautiful! Thank-you for sharing them with us!

  6. Thanks for looking!

    She is definitely the best photographer I know. We came back from a 3-week trip with over 3000 (digital) photos. I’m posting them in themed batches – hence the kitties!

  7. Oh, wow, that’s really gonna piss (Miss) Billie off to realize she is actually related to Simon!

  8. Arkades

    Those are great pics!

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