Daily Round-Up

Friday and the Weekend

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Lieberman May Back Republican in 2008

Bill: Polls Prove People are Idiots, Polls Need to be Ignored

Jeff: Ten Simple Rules for Being a Complete Asshole

Melissa: Clinton Hires Gephardt

Melissa: Planet Unicorn #4

Melissa: How Sad Are Rightwingers?

Jeff: Tim Johnson Draws a Challenger

Todd: I’ve Got Something for You!

Spudsy: Fox Finally Out-Foxes Fox

Spudsy: Greased Pig

Phil: Next Trip, We’re Staying at a Marriott

Mustang Bobby: Talk is Cheap

Melissa: Friday Blogwhoring

Melissa: One of Many Reasons I Don’t Listen to Randi Rhodes

Space Cowboy: Piss Off, Inhofe: The Smackdown

Mustang Bobby: Quote of the Day

Kathy: Bang the Drum Louder

Kathy: A Couple of Tidbits

Melissa: And Soon, Rape Won’t Exist At All—Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Bill: 3,584 dead U.S. Troops Forget President George W. Bush’s Birthday

Litbrit: Import Alert: Check Your Toothpaste Label. Again.

The Heretik: The Writing on the Wall

Mustang Bobby: Right-Wing Mindset in Microcosm

Brynn: Friday Cat Blogging

Phil: Your Liberal Media at Work

Melissa: Caption This Photo

Melissa: OMG! Bill O’Reilly Has LOST IT!

Melissa: Unrepeatable Bits

Space Cowboy: America: Our God’s Better Than Yours

Kate: Meet Me!

Jeff: Fred Thompson, Pro-Choice Lobbyist

Melissa: The Virtual Pub

Melissa: What Say You Now, Obama?

Melissa: The Noonanator Has Lost Her Mind

Kate: Zombie Fat and Tastebud Transmission: WTP?

Bill: The Democratic Candidates: An In-Depth, Mature Look at Real Issues

Kathy: Near-Majority in U.S. Support Bush Impeachment

Quixote: Global Warming (Just the Facts, Ma’am)

Melissa: Caption This Photo

Brynn: Saturday Surf Blogging

Kathy: The New York Times Finally Tells the Truth, Without Mincing Words

Bill: National Review Obsession with Al Gore and Global Warming

Melissa: How Odd!

Kathy: The New York Times and Colin Powell

Quixote: Lead, Violence and Gorillas

Melissa: Special Sunday Blogrollin’

Melissa: Sheehan v. Pelosi

Melissa: Fat Lotta Awesome

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