Special Sunday Blogrollin’

I’ve gotten desperately behind with my blogrollin’, and I promise to get back to doing the weekly Friday Blogrollin’ soon. In the meantime, here are the additions I just made, and it’s a great, great bunch of bloggers (many long overdue for inclusion on the Big Blogroll of Infinite Awesomeness), so be sure to check them out. And, as always, if you think you should be added, please drop your link in comments!

Elle, PhD ~ Hoyden About Town ~ Gender Blank Weighs In ~ Unapologetically Female ~ Feminism 101 Blog ~ The Rotund ~ Incertus ~ Rachel’s Tavern ~ Women of Color Blog ~ Teh Portly Dyke ~ True Confessions of an Hourly Bookseller ~ The Opinion Mill ~ After the Bridge ~ Dispatches from the Culture Wars ~ Fierce Poet ~ Yazoo Street Scandal ~ Liberal Avenger ~ Medley ~ Self-Portrait As ~ Taking Down Words ~ Blog Reload ~ Lucky White Girl ~ Looka! ~ Even the Devils Believe ~ Hackwackers ~ Ironicus Maximus ~ Phydeaux Speaks ~ Fitness for the Occasion ~ New Pairodimes ~ The Invisible Library ~ The Strange Death of Liberal America ~ Peripetia ~ Annie’s Annals ~ Max Hubris ~ Jog America Blog ~ Poofygoo ~ Holy Buck, Fatman! ~ Beautiful, Also, Are the Souls of My Black Sisters ~ Black Womb ~ Charcoal Ink ~ Ally Work ~ Little Bang Theory ~ Nite Swimming ~ Big Fat Deal ~ Bastard Logic ~ All Girl Army ~ Sugar Land is Dreaming ~ Blue Indiana



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28 responses to “Special Sunday Blogrollin’

  1. I am honored. Thanks.

  2. Thanks.

    My pleasure! πŸ™‚

    Frtiz, Max is on the list!

  3. My blog is pretty new, so I’m content with just posting to the blogwhoring threads for now. πŸ™‚

  4. The entire state of Indiana thanks you! (Or in the least, I do.)

  5. Thanks, Liss. It’s an honour to be on the roll.

  6. aww!!!

    thank you

  7. Yay! Thanks a lot–it’s a big day for us to be included.

  8. Like the others, I’m honored. Thank you!

  9. Thanks from Hoyden Junior!

  10. I’d love to be on your blogroll. If, of course, you approve of Gustav’s Groupie.

  11. tas

    Thanks for the link!

  12. bernarda

    Here is another suggestion for you Radical Left.


    This linked story has a bit of European sex in it, with video.

  13. I’m posting some at http://imissfaf.blogspot.com/ where we hope to bring back some of the Magick of Fafnir, Giblets and the Medium Lobster…
    Or at least make ruthless fun of Bush, Cheney et al….

  14. Next time you are adding thing, please take a quick peek at http://www.cruellablog.blogspot.com. Thank you!

  15. Why thank you very much for the link πŸ™‚

  16. thanks so much for mentioning me!

  17. To everyone who left a link–thank you!

    And to everyone who sais thanks, it was my pleasure to add you. πŸ™‚

  18. Thanks from the All Girl Army!

  19. hey Hey! THANKS! Much Appreciated!!!!!

  20. I am very honoured by the acknowledgment from someone whom I deeply respect and admire. Thank you so much!

    – matttbastard,

  21. We are most grateful for your kind inclusion, and to show our gratitude will blog sober this week.

    Or not.

  22. Huzzah!

    I am grateful, honored, and all around pumped.
    I can’t think of anything that gets as eloquently to the point as matttbastard’s comment, so I will echo his sentiment warmly.


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  24. We’d love to be added: Boystowners. If it’s cool with you. πŸ™‚

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