National Review obsession with Al Gore and Global Warming

The National Review, home of such substantial bloggers as Super-Serious War-Mongering Fuck No. 1, and Super-Serious War-Mongering Fuck No. 2, have shown they have a thing about Al Gore and Global Warming, and will write anything to try and discredit either of them.

Since June 19, NRO has published about 50 posts, containing 15,000 words, all on Al Gore, Al Gore using energy, how Live Earth used energy, etc. Plus, it has every last possible purposeful misrepresentation of any global warming news you can find. It is a lie-filled, pseudoscience wonderland of Al Gore and environmentalist bashing.

And you can find it all in their aptly named “Planet Gore” section. In fact, if you threw out the substantial amount of stories on why the U.S. needs to stay in Iraq and surge forever, the entire front page is literally one Super-Serious white dude after another trying to make jokes about foolish, insane and dangerous environmentalists.

Seriously NRO, obsessed much?

Side note: I had to laugh when I saw an ad on an NRO page for Fox News’ “Half-Hour News Hour”. Their new motto: “They Report. You Laugh.” Seriously, they have to actually tell you how the show’s supposed to work. Maybe it will get better when they call it “The Daily Wall Street Journal Comedy Funny Laugh-Laugh”.




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13 responses to “National Review obsession with Al Gore and Global Warming

  1. “They Report. You Laugh.”

    How is this different from their regular news?

  2. Like Gandhi’s famous quote says: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    The Repugs just can’t stop being in denial, can they? They’ve already lost stage 3, and they’re trying to pretend they’re at stage 2.


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  6. “They Report. You Laugh.”

    How is this different from their regular news?
    Sometimes Fox News is actually funny. The “Half-Hour News Hour” isn’t.

  7. Thorn

    Okay, not to derail things or anything, but every time I see a mention of the wingnuts’ refusal to accept the reams of scientific evidence for global warming (and the MSM’s penchant for humoring them), I can’t help but remember some of the things Kate Harding has been reporting about regarding the “obesity epidemic”, with it apparently being soooooooooo dire! that researchers can’t be bothered to “wait for evidence-based guidelines before increasing efforts focused on prevention and intervention.”

    I know! We just need to try to convince people that global warming is causing “the obesity epidemic!”

    Oh damn. I’m too late. Someone’s already spouting the reverse.

  8. You can bet that the National Review and its pundits are being well compensated for what they are doing by corporate interests.

  9. Independentthinker

    1. Why do Libs come out swinging calling people obscene names? Is that the best your best vocabulary has to offer?
    2. Why do you ignore the enormous amount of scientific evidence that indicaates this is a normal Earth thing? I happens every several thousand years carbon or no carbon. SUN power Dudes!
    3. Why do you ignore that THE BIGGEST names in Weather forcasting and studies are saying this is Bunk?
    4. Why do I bother trying to talk to your closed minds?
    5. If you want to pay more in taxes to to offset the carbon in the air by all means send in another 20% or 30% of your money they will take it! Voluntarism starts in the home!! It will end up in another Gestpo style bureaucrats pocket who will decide who can drive what if anything as long as the UN says its okay.
    6. When has the New York Times Ever told the truth?

    This is just another excuse to grow the World Socialist Government and control us all-USA first then the rest of the world. Someday you may wake up and be told you can’t drive the 30 miles to work you used to you have been reassigned to the local algae farm you can walk to – to harvest algae for Al Gore’s Biodiesel Hummer 6. Oh yea forget the wage you were earning, it is now someone elses that lived closer to your old job.
    God people open your eyes! God has given us a place only he has the power to destroy. We can stink it up a bit but that is all. What an EGO we have to think we are more of an affect than one large Volcanic erruption or one Solar flare!

  10. Jim Manzi


    I’m one of the wingnuts bloggers from Planet Gore. Actually, as you can see from several of my posts like:



    lots of us at Planet Gore take the science pretty seriously, and are often fending off those who don’t. Equally obviously, we don’t accept Al Gore’s policy proposals for how to deal with the problem.

    I wrote the cover story for the last issue of National Review that you can see here, if interested: Digital Article.pdf

    And yes, we take plenty of shots at lame eco-celebrities who try to tell the world how to live without bothering to live that way themselves. But come on, admit it – you’ve got to be pretty embarrassed by some of these guys too.

    And no, I don’t get paid by anybody for expressing these views on the website or in the magazine.

    Jim Manzi

  11. danny bee

    what about polar cities to house survivors of glo war? see my blog and google the term or wiki it: POLAR CITIES

    i am serious

    Thinking About Polar Cities — Or Trying To

    By Kit Stolz

    An interesting journalist named Dan Bloom, now based in Taiwan, has
    been agitating for consideration of one of James Lovelock’s more
    alarming ideas — polar cities. (Here’s his site on the subject.) I
    don’t have answers for Mr. …
    A Change in the Wind

  12. 1. Why do Libs come out swinging calling people obscene names? Is that the best your best vocabulary has to offer?

    Good fucking question.

    3. Why do you ignore that THE BIGGEST names in Weather forcasting and studies are saying this is Bunk?

    Give us some of these NAMES.

    Mr. Manzi,

    Your unwillingness to use the word “Jihadist” every time you mention environmentalists is likely something that hurts you in right-wing circles.

    And while it appears you don’t make a career out of wordlessly linking to any anti-Global Warming article that comes out (as other NRO contributers, Drudge, Instapundit and others do) the glee at which you connect Al Gore trying to pull strings to get an advance of “Sopranos”, as well as your cohorts desperate attempts to get a connect between Al Gore III and global warming, does little to help whatever seeds of intellectual honesty you may attempt to sow.

    But in all seriousness, thanks for the comment.


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