Caption This Photo

“Dude, where’s my shirt?”

It’s a zebrula:

A zebrula — a cross between a horse and a zebra — has drawn curious onlookers to a zoo in Germany because of its unusual coat.

While zebrulas have been in existence since the 19th century, this one is particularly unique: its coat is sharply divided between horse and zebra, says Safaripark, a zoo near northern Guetersloh.

The animal, which is slightly more than a year old and is named Eclyse, has a zebra head, while the first half of the rest of its body is white and the second half is zebra-colored.




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50 responses to “Caption This Photo

  1. “Is there anything the Republicans won’t steal?”

  2. Angelos

    Can you give me directions to Planet Unicorn?

  3. “Man, I paid that costume designer up front. What’s the deal here?”

  4. “Today in the US, DNC announced the adoption of a new mascot which more accurately represents the widening gap in their party between purists and pussy-whippeds.”

  5. Angelos

    Brought to you by Loving vs. Virginia

  6. Note the whip-marks.

  7. As soon as word of the commutation reached Scooter, the jailhouse stripes began to fade…

  8. Angelos

    I wonder what would happen if I fucked a donkey?

  9. Angelos

    Business in the middle, party in the front and back

  10. Angelos

    I’m never mixing acid and tequila again.

  11. No one lamented the untimely passing of local tattoo artist Jerry Sather more than Zebbie.

  12. My mom mated with a horse and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

  13. katecontinued

    “No one lamented the untimely passing of local tattoo artist Jerry Sather more than Zebbie.”

    Melissa wins

  14. Angelos

    Yeah, kate, that’s a great one. I’ve got to step it up…

  15. This has to be the most captionable photo evah!

  16. SAP

    Shame on you, Melissa.

    I would have never thought that you would be posting topless zebra porn here at Shakesville. 🙂

  17. Jeff

    Sorry Rogga…you a tiger now.

  18. RedSonja

    Not to be totally boring, but I suspect parent horse was a paint or pinto horse – hence the “splotching”. If he were all horse, it would be brown and white, or whatever.

    Now, for the caption — “Man, they aren’t kidding about testing for colorfastness before shampooing!”

  19. Angelos

    Stripery and ivory, live together in perfect harmony…

  20. boatboy_srq

    Eclyse models his costume for his part in the new Janet Jackson video.

  21. KBR was to fill in the white bits – are you surprised I turned out like this?

  22. tsg

    Note to self: tip the cabana boy next time I ask him to apply the sun tan lotion.

  23. Does this outfit draw attention to my ass?

  24. Oh yeah, Melissa wins — but I’d say, for this one:
    My mom mated with a horse and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

  25. With tsg’s lotion caption a close second, for me.

  26. OK, I know damn well I posted a comment here and it’s not showing up. I typed the exact same comment and got a notice that it was a duplicated comment. WTF?

    I’m not even intoxicated. Stone cold sober. 🙂

  27. Anyhoo, as I was saying, one morning after waking up, I walked out on my patio to have a smoke in the twilight.

    I saw a snake.


    And I got closer because it was still.

    And you know, I like snakes in a werid way.

    And this snake was funny looking, because (and I said this to myself) IT HAS A FROG’S HEAD!

    Well, sorta, It had latched it’s fuckin’ jaw into a frog’s ass!

    I kid you not.

    I broke the whole thing up. And the frog leap away, And the serpent did whatever serpents do.

    But what prompted my thought about this, was seeing a baby toad on the patio tonight. I yelled out to the old fat toad bitch, “keep on pumping ’em out you fat bitch.”

    That one HAS GOT to win me brownie points with the phat contingent here.

  28. Dan

    Romney: changing his stripes again

  29. clerks is so very Woody Allenesque.

  30. Angelos


  31. the guy looking for the perfect dozen of eggs? is the same guy counting chads in Florida.

    I swear to God it’s the truth!

    There is no God, sorry I forgot to relay that little tidbit.

  32. Sorry Rogga…you a tiger now.

    “But I have Comcast Digital Voice!”

  33. “The US shortfall in supplying military body armor was particularly noticable in the cavalry…”

  34. rege

    The zoo’s veterinarians were half way done with their work on the coat of this animal, when the Roberts Court, in a 5-4 decision, halted all further integration.

  35. Doktor Wankenstein

    “Do these pants make me look fat?”

  36. Ok, who threw bleach in with my load of Zebra???


    This stain remover is sooo strong, these strips just wipe away!

    (too mean? :))

  37. amish451

    He said his name was Billy Mays and he just wanted to, “give you a shoulder rub, you look tense” ….I thought he was shouting because he didn’t speak Zebra …wanker…”the oyy-lotion is sooo soothing”, he said.

  38. Does my bum look big in this? Stripes are supposed to be slimming.

  39. owlbear1

    “HEY! Get out of here! I’m dressing”

  40. stekatz

    “What can happen when you Apparate without a license.”

  41. Paen

    Show the picture to dubya,it might give him flashbacks.Or he might just ask”where’s the pink elephant”

  42. amish451


    I really hate it when I screw-up a punchline ….OY

  43. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I did get dressed in the dark. Why do you ask?”

  44. “If anybody else stares at me like that, I’ll bite them.”

  45. Jeff

    New in the “Zebras Gone Wild” series: “Zebras in Cancun”: Wet Tee-shirt Stampede.

  46. Jeff

    “FUCK that Billy Mays AND his friggin’ OxyClean…Can sombody help a brutha out with a bigass sharpie?”

  47. resident_alien

    We treated one half with XtraClean,the other half with a conventional detergent….

  48. resident_alien

    Your roots are showing!

  49. Thunderbird

    “That’s the last time I go out drinking with the hyenas!”

  50. amish451

    “….Apparate without a license…”

    I do so love the ‘improve your word power’ portion of this blog…!!

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