Unrepeatable Bits

All the bits of Eddie Izzard’s 1994 show, Unrepeatable that I could find. For Katecontinued, just because.

And there’s another un-embeddable one here.



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10 responses to “Unrepeatable Bits

  1. katecontinued

    You are the sweetest person on earth. Thanks for letting me have it all!

  2. Melissa McEwan

    Well, I wish it were the whole thing, but it isn’t. Still, it’s everything I could find. 😉


  3. Melissa McEwan

    And here’s Eddie on The Daily Show last month, which I meant to post but forgot.

  4. katecontinued

    Eddie Izzard knows more about the American Revolution than American congress critters know about the American Revolution.

  5. Melissa McEwan

    I would guess that Eddie Izzard knows more about just about anything than American congress critters know about just about anything.

  6. Eddie is so beloved at our house that the standard phrase you will hear when someone is upset is:

    “I’m covered in beeeeeeees!!” (From “Glorious”)

    I adore him.

  7. Time-Machine

    You know, BBC America had an Eddie Izzard marathon on the fourth.

    The thought that I was watching British television in celebration of my country’s independence from Britain somehow made perfect sense to me.

    I certainly enjoyed myself.

  8. Oh, hooray! Mr. Eddie, I love you. Often I end up quoting you without realizing it. Like you do.

    (Chiropractor… chiropractor… ninety-three letters)

  9. I want to have all of his babies. I adore him.

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