The Virtual Pub is Open

TFIF, Shakers! What’s your poison?



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270 responses to “The Virtual Pub is Open

  1. Betsy

    How about a hefeweizen (sp?) on this warm summer evening?

  2. Angelos

    Beer and work.


    Peggy Noonan saw a MEXICAN!!!

    The comments are out-of-control funny.

  3. Arkades

    I wanna Bloody Mary for starters… heavy on the black pepper and tabasco; light on the vodka. (I’m a lightweight, sadly.)

    Then after that, maybe a mojito. I definitely like rum, mint, and lime.

  4. Jess

    I’d like a grapefruit mimosa… for the road. We’re driving up to the crumbling post-industrial wasteland of western PA tonight.

  5. puellasolis

    Good evening pub denizens! I’ll take a Long Island green tea, if you please. I need something to get the creative/scientific juices flowing if I’m to finish this thesis chapter and send it to my advisor by the end of the day.

    Write drunk & edit sober, I always say. 🙂

  6. Paul the Spud

    Peggy Noonan saw a MEXICAN!!!

    Oh my god, that whole thing is fucking hilarious.

    MaiTai, please… it’s Chicago Exotica weekend!

  7. SAP

    One mint julep, please.

  8. NameChanged

    Colorado Bulldog please. MMM…tasty.

  9. I am having a beer-Warsteiner- as I polished off all the decanters over the last week and my lazy ass doesn’t want to leave the house.

    Can I be an honorary lesbian if I tuck the goods?

  10. Did you guys read that Shirley Phelps got charged with child abuse?

  11. oops… forgot to linkto Shirley

  12. I’m listening to streaming audio of the Detroit Tigers playing the Boston Red Sox at Comerica Park.

    So gimmee a Stroh’s.

  13. Graham

    Can a guy order a beer in this bar?

    I heard some stories about violent lesbo gangs, and I’m kind of nervous.

    My girlfriend works with this chick that’s a lesbian. Does that help?

  14. Tricia(I need a more unique name)

    tequila, lime, salt — stat!

    Operation Save America will be here (B’ham) next week to “commemorate” Rudolph’s sentencing. :::gaarghhh:::

    Just leave the bottle here…

  15. Well Thank Fucking GOD!!! The pub is open.

    Can I come in if I’m not “honorary”, but an actual raging lesbo?

  16. For the next few weeks, every day is a Friday. Or something. I’m nursing a minor hangover from last night so I’ll stick with something light for the moment. Makers with a hint of ice.

  17. Portly, will you protect me from the violent lesbo gangs? I’mmmmm scareddddddddddd.

  18. Give me the strongest ale you have. ZOMFG what a week!

  19. Petulant — I AM the violent lesbo gangs, and UR my friend. Rest easy.

  20. Thank ye… no need to carry a switchblade then!

  21. evilchemistry

    “I went into Bloomingdale’s and wrote these words: ‘We must speak the same language so we can understand THAT I SAID STARCH THE LIGHT BLUE ONE!! COMPRENDE STARCH?'”

    gasp, can’t stop the tears, holy shit that is funny

  22. Ceilidh

    I’ll have a greyhound please, with extra vodka.

  23. ‘Just in case, I brought a case of Portly Dyke Ale with me.

    Pass it around. It will make you more than “honorary”.

  24. SAP

    Oh noes! PD, the “insurance receipts” are under the potted palm. 🙂

  25. I’ll have a Portly Dyke Ale please…

  26. Fuck the insurance receipts. I IZ STEELIN UR WIMMIN.

  27. Will it turn me gay?

  28. Paul the Spud

    Colorado Bulldog please. MMM…tasty.

    Oh my god, I haven’t heard that drink since college! 😀

  29. One PD Ale for petulant. Take care with the tatas, pet, they can come on rather quick.

  30. SAP

    Fuck the insurance receipts.

    How do you think I got them? 😀

  31. tatas- I think I might be growing some of those…

  32. petulant:Will it turn me gay?

    Only if you drink it while clicking your heels three times and chanting “There’s No Place Like Homo. There’s No Place Like Homo.”

  33. If my heels are 6 inch stiletto school marm lace-ups will it make me extra gay?

  34. Damn! Only 10%? What is a boy to do to get teh extra gay?

  35. Brynn

    Ok, ok, I watched the O’Reilly video after all and had to stop by to order a Horse’s Neck to toast the horse’s ass that is Bill O’Reilly.

    And jeeze, Rod Wheeler, fantasize much about being attacked by a lesbian gang?

  36. “And jeeze, Rod Wheeler, fantasize much about being attacked by a lesbian gang?

    Poor thing.

    Never gonna happen.

  37. Petulant, gay comes in a variety of sizes. To get the “extra-extra gay” (since you already have the school-marms), I believe that you must make a pilgrimage to Divine’s Tomb, and sacrifice a small John Travolta effigy.

  38. I love how Rod compares the lesbo gangs to a SORORITY or FRATERNITY. I can just imagine my Jewish sorority girl friends getting all bad ass!!!

  39. Evenin’ All! Can I get a PD Ale (and when’s the Beard-Stroke Stout gonna be available)?

  40. Beard Stroke Stout must be aged to perfection. You can not rush genius.

    *handing Phydeaux a PDA*

  41. Oh, and ((((hugs Phydeaux)))

  42. Damn, PD! I wanted a beer, not a Blackberry!

  43. (((Hugs back atcha))), PD!!!

  44. I wanted a beer, not a Blackberry!


  45. I’m a raging Lesbo lover! Do I drink free? Besides, I’m soaking wet and need to come in somewhere. Oops. Our power is about to go out. STORMS!

    Let’s mix a new drink: a Wet Konagod. What’s in it? (Tequila is a must.)

  46. Does it help that I was listening to Divine’s Love Reaction and the razormaid remix of Liza’s Twist in my Sobriety?

    Can I just stab the Travolta effigy? Not fond of fire unless it is lighting my Dunhill.

  47. Let’s not forget the Beard Stroke Stout is mine! PD is marketing.


  48. Can I open a lobotomy clinic behind the Pub? I always wanted a chain of clinics to help America.

  49. Geez, hardly anyone in here — I hope they didn’t really think I wuz actually a violent lesbian gang.

    I only have another 45 minutes in the pub tonight. My father-in-law is in town and needs to use my PC.

  50. Wet Konagod:

    4 shots of tequila
    and allot herb.

  51. And the portly dyke ale is so tasty- you gotta spare care PD?

  52. Kona — I’ve got some nice warm towels for you. The full title will be, as contracted: “Kona’s Beard Stroke Stout”, and I want a better rez of Phydeaux’s profile pic for the basis of the label.

    Petulant: You’ll have to ask ‘Liss about the lobotomy clinic, I ‘spose, but I suspect that someone has beaten you to the punch, in terms of lobotomizing America.

  53. case I mean… Being only 10%extra gay affects my spelling

  54. Oh, and petulant — yes, stabbing is acceptable for the image, I believe, but I may have to consult someone gayer than I to confirm that.

  55. PD – send me your email addy (mine’s at my site) and I’ll do the best I can!

  56. Well, I have been talking about a chain of lobotomy clinics for the last decade. Unfortunately pesky laws get in the way. Maybe, South America?

  57. *pulling out a case of PDA for petulant*

    Don’t drink that all at one sitting, kiddo. You might be moved to buy a pink glock.

  58. petulant, may I suggest Paraguay (near Dubya’s safe haven zone).

  59. Ooh, a rainbow Gatling gun (one color for each barrel)!

  60. the paraguay/uruguay border! with plenty of fresh water! PERFECT!

  61. konagod, oh konagod — what’s for dinner?

  62. ‘Just in case, I brought a case of Portly Dyke Ale with me.

    Ooooo, can I get a PDA? Virtual, though. 😉

  63. txrad

    Pizza!!!! homemade

  64. Constant Comment

    Special note to Shakes, Mr. Shakes, Litbrit, Sarah from Chicago, Spudsy, Red Sonja, Karate Monkey and Mr. Furious –j ust came back from dinner at the Celtic Knot. The last time I was there was with you guys, so I think it must be time for another Chicago Shakers meet-up, or better yet, a 2007 official ShakerCon. Who’s up for it?

  65. *PDA for JackGoff*

    With a kiss *

    Oh, txrad — I’m shocked — homemade pizza?!?

  66. Constant C — I envy you your proximity to Shakers in the flesh, but not your weather right now.

    Here, it’s 70 degrees and lovely.

  67. Where is an allen wrench when you need one? Any lesbos around with a spare? preferably a #10

  68. The full title will be, as contracted: “Kona’s Beard Stroke Stout”

    Do I get residuals, on at least the ones I buy? And where’s the fucking contract?

    Thank God for surge protection. No snide comments now, you lewd filthy bastards. We just had to reboot because of a power surge that knocked everything out. We heard this buzzing noises from our monitors and then presto — out like a light.

    Scary shit.

    We are making pizza tonight as we do almost every Friday night. Assuming the power stays on to fuel the electric cooktop and oven.

    God how I want gas. (No bean jokes, please.)

  69. txrad

    PD why aren’t you on HBO yet?

  70. txrad

    I need some lefse!

  71. Anybody wanna see a wet Konagod in a white wife beater?

    Yeee haaa! Eroticism reigns supreme.

    Ooooo, can I get a PDA? Virtual, though.

    Oh JackGoff, as a clean & sober straight man, you are so fucking lame sometimes. How much fun is a virtual PDA?

    But far be it from me to entice a young man into oblivion. I take it all back. Have a virtual PDA, on me.

  72. Angelos

    Surge protection!?!?!

    UPS is the only way to go. We lost power for 10 minutes, and I just kept workin’, knowing I have 30 minutes of power at the ready. Best computer-related investment ever.

  73. a 2007 official ShakerCon. Who’s up for it?

    Can I drive up? In the age of terrahism, I don’t fly.

    But my company does have an office in Chicago so perhaps I could write it off.

  74. I’d need to take my bullwhip if I showed up there however.

  75. NameChanged

    I will take a PDA too and then I gotta scram.

  76. HBO Oh, you know, txrad — been there, done that. Time for a portly dyke to attend to more important things, like brewing ale.

    I hope the power gods remain with you tonight. Where I live, the tiniest spark of lightning provokes “ooohs and aaahs” — because of where I grew up, it provokes, in me, “Oh shit”s.

    *rummaging in bag, pulling out lefse for txrad’s pizza*

    Just crumble some of that on top. If kona complains about the mold, tell him it’ll put hair on his . . . . um . . . chest.

  77. I need another PDA! I am so Butch! I found the right sized allen wrench and fixed a shower faucet! PRAISE BE! I can cleanse my dirty ways…

  78. *PDA for NameChanged*

  79. PD, I have confidence you can knock the socks off Abita.

  80. *Non-honorary PDA for petulant*

    You are soooo fuckin’ butch, baby. Now fight you with my switchblade.

  81. Are you fleeing Portly?

  82. txrad

    Startin the pizza don’t ya know!!

  83. Portly always has appointments. Busy dyke.

  84. Very soon, I flee (6 pm PST) — Papa-in-law has just arrived and has been without a computer for two weeks. His inbox is flooded, and he needs the salve of techno-love.

  85. My switchblade is all pretty- Burgundy handle with mother of pearl.

  86. Spread the techno-love!

  87. Since I’m drunk anyway, I’m going to experiment. Experimentation is the one aspect of genius with which I can relate, even if I look stupid in the interim.

  88. No, kona — just on Friday nights — move the pub to Wed/Thurs, and I will close the fucker down with you .

    Hmmm. Maybe I’ll start a Wednesday “Hump” pub. That would be so like me.

  89. txrad

    Maybe some rumgrout on the pizza?

  90. “My switchblade is all pretty- Burgundy handle with mother of pearl.

    That is because you are an extra 10% gay.

  91. Thanks, PD!

    Sorry I’m in and out. I’m in the midst of an Office Marathon. Hugs and kisses!

  92. I’ve got to go chop veggies.

  93. *stacking exactly 666 cases of Portly Dyke Ale behind the bar*

    Now be careful with that shit. Don’t join a gang or anything.

    Oh wait! What am I saying?!?

    Hopefully, some other dyke who hates me and would never comment at the pub while I’m here, or some other dyke who loves me and hasn’t commented yet, will come and supervise your budding lesbian gang activities.

    *snick. Folding up switchblade before Fa-in-law enters office*

    Ta — ya’ll — I’ll be back later to read through. If anyone’s here at 9 pm PST, I’ll see you then.

  94. No, kona — just on Friday nights — move the pub to Wed/Thurs, and I will close the fucker down with you.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, I often created my own pub. Go back a couple of days to Kathy’s birthday celebration — the one with the CAKE which I didn’t get from Liss.

    Hey Liss, You know I’m going to harp on this forever, so next year you might as well prepare one just so I’ll shut the fuck up! 🙂

  95. Good song, kona! An excellent choice to start the evening’s pub music.

  96. mamajane

    I was going to ask for a Mojito, but suddenly the PDA sounds mighty refreshing…spent today mowing and weed-wacking about two acres, and built a fence for the soon-to-be-veggie garden. Does that help my butch street cred? 😉

    It’s currently a balmy 65 degrees on Whidbey, heading out to the porch to enjoy my ale on the swing and watch the pups frolic.

  97. It’s an ache and I’m just projecting.

  98. Portly said 666. How the fuck did she come up with THAT figure?

    N o p u n i n t e N d e D.

  99. Load that pipe up again. I shall be joining you shortly.

  100. “Shortly” might mean 3 days from now but what the fuck ever.

  101. patti griffin is strumming. that’s all that matters.

  102. I am so glad we are in an environment where we can let shit hang out without worry. It’s a freedom thing.

  103. JoAsakura

    Oh, man. PD’s gone? I wanted a Portly Dyke Ale :sad little Jo face:

  104. Shiloruh

    Its 88 degrees and dry here in New Mexico. A few stormy clouds here and there waiting for a chance to tease us with a spurt of rain.
    This plump middle aged school teacher is sipping the cooking sherry and enjoying her some pop music.

  105. JoAsakura

    A spurt of rain? Lucky. We had hailstones like peanut m&m’s earlier. But then it stopped suddenly, and everything had that glowy, post rainstorm sheen to it.

    :picks at the bar mix:

  106. txrad is putting his special salsa on the pizza, and as for me, i’m only concerned about where my next bong hit is coming from.

  107. patty griffin is a miracle of life.

  108. and just for the record, I’ll never give up.

    But patty is spelled with a y not an i.

    Dueling vowels suck.

  109. nanci griffin is another matter.

  110. I associate too much pain?


    Now I gotta do cheese?

  111. pidomon

    well I’ll have my usual sh*tty Budweiser please and I beleive it’s on the house. Tonight are we all raging lesbos? I’m game

  112. oh you brute bitch,
    put down your clown face
    and give it up.

  113. Arkades

    I think it must be time for another Chicago Shakers meet-up, or better yet, a 2007 official ShakerCon. Who’s up for it?

    Oooooooh. I haven’t been to Chicago in years (*hate* big city traffic) but a ShakerCon sounds like it would be worth the drive…

  114. pidomon

    ShakerCon sounds like it should be held in PA how about Shakes-A-Rama 2007?

  115. oddjob

    eggy Noonan saw a MEXICAN!!!

    Oh my god, that whole thing is fucking hilarious.

    The comment thread is the best! 😆

  116. oddjob

    The Boston area had scattered thunderstorms around 4:30 this afternoon, but now it’s clear & cooling down. I’m enjoying Sambuca, neat, as usual, after having a glorious meal prepared by my excellent cook of a housemate!

  117. I can’t get the Rhapsody influenced PC to recognize that we are going to flail forever.

    So I came in here. I hope that’s OK.

  118. pidomon

    sounds better than the cold pizza I have waiting for me in the fridge!:)

  119. Kona is tryng without fail to summon Carole King.

    He’s gonna get there. It’ s just gonna take lickin’ some hairy legs.

  120. Solitaire

    Corona, no lime. Sativa, no filter.
    Crickets, no mercy.

  121. i just hung some art.

    I hang art EVERY fuckin’ night.

    Maintain those numbers, ye fuckers, of the material world.


    what are those lakes in africa?

  122. Quaker Dave,
    you readin’ this?

  123. Solitaire

    Poor Art. You hang him EVERY night?

  124. I wanted a Portly Dyke Ale :sad little Jo face:

    Penty of extras were left! 😉

  125. Spin it baby, spin it.

    I’ll tell you the answer to that last question.

    Because Quaker Dave doesn’t really know me from Adam.

    As my racist father would say.

    “Them Niggars dont’ deserve no bus stop.”

    “Shame on you,” my grandmother said They deserve protection as much as anybody else.

    Fuck that decade. He blew himself away.

  126. JoAsakura

    :grabs a PDA from Jack with glee: It goes well with the veg stew i made for dinner. ^_^

  127. oddjob

    pidomon, cold pizza can be a true pleasure, but this was special! This was easily a righteous entree at a fine dining restaurant – shrimp & salmon poached in garlic & wine, served over a porcini risotto with guacamole on the side (said guacamole with just a bit of onion & jalapeno). The wine with dinner (& also the wine of the poaching) was Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (from New Zealand).

    F’ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  128. pidomon

    I’m done with the sh*tty bud if there’s an extra PD Ale and a shot of Patron that should do it for me for the evening (we do have a virtual cab service i’m hoping)

  129. and she could wail on…

    do i do three periods..s?

    what signifies a question?

  130. there’s a long a list of what’s wrong with me.

  131. Solitaire

    He, … literally… blew himself away?


  132. pidomon

    I’m jealous. Cold Pizza I’ve found is best for either breakfast or that 3:30 AM hunger strike but it doesn’t sound like you’ll be having one of those this evening.
    My next best meal will be at Mortons in San Deigo in two weeks. Some fine dead cow and side dishes to die for

  133. oddjob

    we do have a virtual cab service i’m hoping

    Mais oui!

  134. Now that I have found my Jack, how loud do I have to beat?

  135. Hi all.

    Hmmm… my ears were burning there for a sec…

  136. angelos is the only one who gets it, and he’s too much of a wimp to dive in.

  137. But be fprwarmed. I’ve got a handful of rocks.

    NOthing left for me to tell you.

    Nothing left.

    OH well oh well oh well.

  138. pidomon

    Mais oui!?????

  139. Is any of the beer here cold?

    Might I put a quarter in the juke box?

  140. Solitaire

    Well, then we must have a spare bedroom in the back where patrons like myself can spend the night if things get a little wild, as they sometimes do in a Lesbian Bar. I can just fall out there and wake up in the morning sober and gay with no children, no husband, no dead end job and no endless prairie?
    Oh wait, that was last week’s nightmare.
    This week I’m a Lesbian artist! WHoo Hoooo!

  141. Melissa McEwan

    I think it must be time for another Chicago Shakers meet-up, or better yet, a 2007 official ShakerCon. Who’s up for it?

    Yes–must do soon.

    Is anyone coming for YearlyKos in August?

  142. pidomon

    Quaker Dave
    I second your quarter with a little leonard cohen

  143. Since we are talking about weather they are talking about it hitting the triple digits here in NC. I know PD is gone, but can someone slide a PDA down my way.

  144. A ShakerCon would be sweet, and is long over-due.

  145. in house
    out house
    our house
    grandfolks house
    rags & bones?

  146. pidomon

    not much better here in Baltimore boxer.
    I stole a PD here ya go

  147. Angelos

    Hey fuck you Kona! I was having dinner!

    Broiled up some tilapia, slathered it with a spicy yogurt-bases Indian curry sauce, with some of that Indian bread I can never remember the name of and an Indian bean soup.


  148. boxer, come to the mountains! Upper 80’s, baby!

  149. There is something about perfect aim piss.
    It’s a guy thing.

  150. Angelos

    QD – Awww SHIT!

  151. I am the low expecttation.

    Is there a spell check here?

    One that I don’t have to pay 25c for?

  152. Shit? That’s some good shit right thay-ah!

  153. Thanx Pidomin.

    Yeah Phy I know it is probably much cooler there as it always is but it is such a long drive from here for one day, but I am thinking of taking a trip there sometime soon as well it is cooler and I haven’t been to a’ville in a while

  154. I’ll see your Leonard Cohen and raise you one Guitar Shorty.

  155. Okay, now that everyone’s talked about Sicko, can I talk about Transformers?

    Okay, it’s fucking awesome. Yes, it does feel like a 2-and-a-half hour GM commercial- I left the theater wanting the new Camaro- but it’s awesome for several reasons.

    “One shall stand, and one shall fall”

    Barricade chasing Bumblebee. Camaro versus Mustang, the classic muscle car battle.

    Bumblebee urinating on John Tuturro.

    The Jennifer Connoley lookalike dissing Bumblebee’s alt mode, and Bumblebee’s response.

    Hell, anything Bumblebee related.

    Bernie Mac.

    Transforming Xbox 360s and Mountain Dew machines (subtle product placement there, eh?)


    The massive robogasm I had when Optimus Prime first met Sam Whitwicky.


    Yeah, I think this is the best summer movie ever. Better than Snakes on a Plane. Just remember to leave your brain at the door.

  156. pidomon

    I was on vacation this week and wanted 2 hours of no pardons. war, bills, or any other sh*t.
    Transformers did the trick.

  157. Angelos ain’t playin’ but he’s listenin’.

  158. Angelos

    QD, I was just quoting the Buddy!

    I own that DVD, and watch it way too damned much. That interplay with Buddy and Cray is just too much.

  159. It IS amazing. Too much talent for one stage to hold.

  160. pidomon

    I raise your guitar shorty and raise you a john prine

    (I have no business being in this poker game LOL)

  161. Oh, forgot one.


    I’ll leave it up to you to figure that one out.

  162. pidomon

    “Have ou ever seen what blood looks like on a black and white video? It looks like shadows SHADOWS!”
    Great song

  163. Hey, if John Prine is on your turntable, you can siddle up to this table any time.

  164. Melissa McEwan

    some of that Indian bread I can never remember the name of


  165. We can learn to clean up after ourselves.

  166. But, are you willin’ to pay the price?

    Or mabe not.

  167. Angelos

    The Kings of Leon will kick ALL of your asses.


  169. i’M WILLIN.

  170. pidomon

    Thats a great song I was telling PortlyDyke last week my freind does an “angry” version of it. Just a guitar and the verses ounded out and then back into the chorus with that same mellow vibe.
    So I guess I’ll show my low 2 pair Fogelberg in the early days was great
    “These Days” is one of my favorites

  171. pidomon

    Liss I hear you’re picking up my tab tonight LOL (and the cab!)


  173. Melissa McEwan

    Liss I hear you’re picking up my tab tonight LOL (and the cab!)

    Yep. Free drinks and rides home for everyone!

  174. yEAHL o FICL9MG GP T TJER E0FE 9″– -]\CPCLS

  175. Angelos

    Moderation my ass! I want it now!

    The Kings Of Leon, kicking ass and taking names.

  176. O CAMM
    T JE[] ,UISEF;F/


  177. pidomon

    Liss You are too kind!
    Rumor has it Your flag decal wont get you into heaven anymore

    (OK I’ll stop with the u tube stuff now)

  178. pidomon,

    I scored tickets to one of the Monday night previews, and I found about the Libby commutation literally two hours before I left for the theater. I was determined to not let that ruin my fun- that and my wacky mom bitching about it for hours on end- but I couldn’t stop thinking about something.

    It wasn’t Karl Rove and Jeb that rigged the Y2K presidential election. IT WAS MEGATRON! I shoulda knew all along.



  180. Oh now we are really going back. “Souveniers” by DF was one of the first LPs I ever bought with my very own allowance money.

    Try this one: he’s one of the first folkie types I ever saw in concert. Ended up seeing him like ten times before he died. Still miss him: he was such a genuinely good man.


  182. Since my spelling has now failed for good, I’ll quit it, too.


  184. Angelos

    Yeah, Liss, naan.

    How am I supposed to remember that?! What’s wrong with “Bread?”

    Fucking furriners. This is America, dammit!

  185. pidomon

    Steve Goodman let us way too soon
    I always enjoy the Cubs song

  186. Anyone interested in some Aaron Copeland (sort of)?

  187. pidomon

    I think Megatron is really DICK CHENEY!!!!!!!!
    No ice cold depths of the sea will keep him down and we’ll have to deal with him for YEARS! LOL



    i CAN ,AND YES.

  189. Melissa McEwan

    Fucking furriners. This is America, dammit!

    That’s what people say to Mr. Shakes all the time who can’t understand his accent. “This is America! Learn how to speak English!”

    “Fooking coockwanking bastards, what fooking language do ye fink we speak in fooking Blighty?!”

  190. We are in a werid place.

  191. Anything with Bela Fleck & Co. is worth the listen, Phydeux.

  192. But yea, we are in a place to let you go.

    I sound like a fuckin’ les bbeggin for attencion at the food mart.

  193. that’s it’s and I’m not eatin.

  194. if you can’t comprehend it, then you can abosrb it.

  195. pidomon

    Phydeux I saw hoedown and was expecting a different type of video 🙂
    Any group with a bassoon on stage is OK in my book

  196. Angelos

    Oh God of Earth and Altar
    Bow down and hear our cry
    Our Earthly rulers falter
    Our people drift and die
    The walls of gold entomb us
    The swords of scorn divide
    Take not thy Thunder from us
    Take away our pride

  197. Roundabout. Just do dig it. Fuck. It’s been a long week, haven’t you people had enought yet?”

  198. and therein lies the doggie’s mouth.

  199. pidomon

    konagod I had enough about 15 years ago

  200. I just did this right before bedtime to fuck shit up.\

  201. pattu griffin is out to fuck shit up.

  202. Have a no yet.

    I haven’t fortiven you your transgressions.

    Because I said so, it’s a no.


  203. pidomon

    well it late on this end of the bottle
    have a blessed night and weekend everyone

  204. Melissa McEwan

    G’night, Pidomon!

  205. Angelos

    My favorite Maiden song, but unfortunately this is the first singer.

    You may have a problem with the BRITISH metal band you’re part of kicks you out because you’re drinking too much.

    Holy shit this song kicks too much ass. Lightning quick exchanges and changes, Clive Burr was a totally under-appreciated drummer, Smith/Murray are the best 1-2-punch in rock guitaristry ever. Those harmono-melodies kick ass, and this is 37 years ago! They were just kids! They’re flawless now.

  206. amish451

    Strohs ……Firebrewed Strohs …??
    Do they really still make that stuff ………2% in OHIO, if you were 18 you could buy it in 1962 …we bought a lot……and then drove home to Indiana ….
    Tonight I’ll have a Portly Dyke Ale …that should mix well with the Guinness Extra Stout from early …a Mexican, really ….

  207. Angelos

    Oops, I meant 27 years ago.

    But here it is again, in 2005. Unfucking real.

  208. I am not planning to attend YearlyKos, but I would certainly make an effort to attend any Shaker get-togethers, should one be planned. But I’m not free the weekend of August 18 & 19, because that is when we are taking Sio to college. And August 4 & 5 I have to work at a NIGP conference in Hartford.

    So if you decide on either of those weekends, you will miss my scintillating conversation and bodacious presence.

  209. Wow, I should have consulted back here more often. Sorry….I’ve been little more focused on a thread at feministe…crapiola.

  210. Melissa McEwan

    So if you decide on either of those weekends, you will miss my scintillating conversation and bodacious presence.

    Then those weekends are out!

    Just remind me of this if/when planning ever begins in earnest, because it will fall out of my dopey head, and not because I don’t care. But because I have a dopey head.

  211. 16 and six feet tall.

  212. Makers rocks, please.

    Happy weekend, Shakers!

  213. I’m making love to yout brlly mutton.

    you’re making’ love to to your belly button.

  214. Jews would relaix.

  215. Yes we wiykdm byt wtt ib;t dibt we>

  216. Too many fuckin’ secret diaries

    from Poland no less

  217. Dirk Wears Black Sox

  218. Give Me a Practice Session.

  219. You Keep Blamin Me For What You Did?

    You left me broken hearted.

  220. Melissa McEwan

    Happy weekend, Shakers!

    Happy weekend!

  221. late

    I’m jealous of New Mexico resident; say hello to the land of entrapment for me.

    As for lefse – no thanks.

    Bourbon and coke for me.

  222. Jews would relaix.

    They might feel bad about it, though…

  223. ‘K

    I’m back. Hey, where did all 666 cases of PDA go?

    Kahhhhhhn! Damn You Megatron!

  224. Does anyone else notice that the comment seems to time-stamp from the time the message is started, rather than the moment it’s posted?

  225. Angelos

    No, just you.

  226. Angelos

    Mmmm, mango margaritas…

  227. Angelos

    A true poet

  228. Angelos

    What am I, fucking chopped liver???!?!?!!1!

  229. Melissa McEwan

    What am I, fucking chopped liver???!?!?!!1!

    I don’t think so. I’ve never seen chopped liver type before.

  230. Angelos – this song is so me

    “Sunken-eyed girl on Delancy Street, bulletproof glass at the KFC
    So keep the man safe in his paper hat, keep the wrong hands off the biscuit fortune”

  231. Angelos

    Douché, liss.

  232. Melissa McEwan

    Douché, liss.

    This may mean, however, you’re a chopped douchehound.

  233. Today (it’s Saturday on the East Coast) is the Dark Wraith’s birfday!

    And Angelos, I apologize for wounding your id.

    Nite all!

  234. Angelos

    Oh, and I still have an unused USB headset just sitting here, waiting for ShakerShype.

    DAMN YOU Space Cowboy! (shakes fist)

  235. Melissa McEwan

    DAMN YOU Space Cowboy! (shakes fist)

    He’s fired as cruise director. First it’s a wedding, then it’s a honeymoon, then it’s getting caught up on work…nothing but excuses with that guy.

  236. Hey Melissa, I’ve been walking ’round the house all day singing to myself, “a ga-ay boy wished for a planet full of unicorns. Planet unicorn…unicorn planet…hee-ey.”

    Just wanted to let you know. Stupid bitch.

  237. Angelos, I read that Peggy Noonan thing…fucking priceless. I think ‘twatwaffle’ is my new favorite noun.

    And verb. Go twatwaffle yourself!

  238. Melissa McEwan

    Just wanted to let you know. Stupid bitch.

    LOL! Twatwaffle.

  239. Angelos

    Sí.” She smiled again, not so shyly this time. “Cincuenta dólares americanos.”

  240. Melissa McEwan

    This was the comment that killed me:

    “She’s one of a small army of advertisement giver-outers in New York.”

    We must all speak the same language, indeed. We wouldn’t want to be word maker-upers. Noonan’s prose makes me want to be a building jumper-offer.

  241. Angelos

    OK, stop, I reeeeaaaaally have to go to sleep!

    Night all. Or Shakes and Tart. Whatever.

  242. And by the way, that army is not small. They are numerous, they are everywhere, and they really really really want you to check out this great new comedy club.

  243. Melissa McEwan

    Come to Skadoodlies!

  244. r@d@r

    i’ll have a 32 oz. melior of ethiopian yrgacheffe, a quart of half and half, a basket full of twice-baked chocolate-almond croissants, and about 20 or thirty yellowjackets. i’m staying up all night with Garageband and i won’t sleep until this song is done. oh, and since this is a virtual bar and i’m doing things like ordering virtual coffee, i’ll also have a carton of nat sherman’s turkish ovals and a zippo.

  245. r@d@r

    The Kings of Leon will kick ALL of your asses.

    um – i’ve got something to tell you…..

    hey konagod, you still alive?

  246. r@d@r

    if i hit 3 comments in a row do i win the thing in the jar at the end of the bar? i think it’s reading my mind…..

  247. No r@d@r — I think you have to beat kona’s record for consecutive posts in a row to win the thing in the jar.

  248. r@d@r

    i don’t think i can type that fast.

    PD, i’ll have some of that ale if you don’t mind. you know, when i worked at a women’s spirituality bookstore as the token dude, a very lovely portly dyke slapped an “honorary lesbian” bumper sticker on me. i treasure that memory nearly as much as anything.

  249. r@d@r

    well, enjoy yourselves, everyone. i’ve got a date with a laptop. wait, that came out sounding all wrong.

  250. hey konagod, you still alive?

  251. amish451

    “…bulletproof glass at the KFC ….”

    Sometimes, I’m so glad I live where I live …

    BTW: 2% Strohs that would be 3.2% ..beginners beer got the real stuff at 21 ..

    It was a long time back …there were a lot of special accomadations in the late fifties, early sixties …in Illinois at the time you could get a Motorcyle drivers licence at around 14, you could buy a drink in a bar if you were 18 and female (legislative logic?); guys had to be 21 …odd that it took states legislation so long to move the right to vote to 18. I wore a campaign button that said, “If I was 21, I’d vote for Kennedy!” in 1960 …I was 17 …

  252. Angelos

    r@d@r: ethiopian yrgacheffe

    Some of the best beans you’ll find anywhere. is pretty good too, and they actually have yrgacheffe, but I usually order from Gimme.

  253. This is slightly off topic (LMFAO) but Kelly Clarkson is OK. I’m watching her in the Live Earth event or whatever it’s called. She’s not one of those glitzy flashy popbots. txrad and I wish we could have heard the brass section though.

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