Right-Wing Mindset in Microcosm

Earlier this week I put up a post at Bark Bark Woof Woof about Mitt Romney’s hypocrisy regarding the commutation of Scooter Libby.

As governor, Romney twice rejected a pardon for Anthony Circosta, who at age 13 was convicted of assault for shooting another boy in the arm with a BB gun – a shot that didn’t break the skin. Circosta worked his way through college, joined the Army National Guard and led a platoon of 20 soldiers in Iraq’s deadly Sunni triangle.

In 2005, as he was serving in Iraq, he sought a pardon to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer.

In his presidential bid, Romney often proudly points out that he was the first governor in modern Massachusetts history to deny every request for a pardon or commutation during his four years in office. He says he refused pardons because he didn’t want to overturn a jury.

During the four years Romney was in office, 100 requests for commutations and 172 requests for pardons were filed in the state. All were denied.

Now Mr. Romney thinks Scooter’s commutation was reasonable. Hypocrisy, I noted, thy name is Mitt.

Well, that generated a comment from a supporter of Mr. Romney.

Anthony Circosta was guilty; it’s questionable whether or not Libby committed any crime. They’re not the same. If you don’t like the law that’s preventing Circosta from becoming an officer-change the law, don’t give exceptions to the law.

I think that is a concise example of how the right-wing mind works: Mr. Cirocosta was convicted; he’s guilty. But Scooter…hmmm….not sure he committed a crime, so he goes free.

I responded:

Mr. Libby was found guilty by a jury; so was Anthony Circosta. That’s the same, unless you think trial by jury only applies to other people rather than rich white men with connections in the White House.

This is what we’re up against, folks.


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8 responses to “Right-Wing Mindset in Microcosm

  1. I’m amazed that a juvenile record would keep someone like Mr. Circosta from becoming a police officer. Oh yeah, and Mitt Romney is a hypocritical asshat.

  2. Paul the Spud

    Jesus, they’re still pushing the “it’s uncertain if he’s guilty” thing? Still a little flesh on that horse corpse, I see.

  3. Is there anyone at all in the GOP willing to call this Libby-sentence-commutation thing what it is?

  4. Thorn

    If you don’t like the law that’s preventing Circosta from becoming an officer-change the law, don’t give exceptions to the law.

    And if you don’t like the law that sends Scooter Libby to prison after being found guilty of a crime by a jury of his peers – change the law, don’t give exceptions to the law.

    Funny how the shoe never seems to fit on the other foot….

  5. Melissa McEwan

    This is what we’re up against, folks.


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  7. >Is there anyone at all in the GOP willing to call this Libby-sentence-commutation thing what it is?

    For some unknown reason the Mooney Times.

  8. boatboy_srq

    MB’s commentor spotlights a particular problem dealing with the [ahem] Right these days. Their side can’t commit crimes, do things that harm the people, declare aggressive [unjustified war], etc.: they’re the Elect, who are free from Sin, temptation and moral and ethical failing in any way. If the law sees differently, it’s the fault of the law, and it’s up to the other Elect in authority to right the “wrong” done their brethren. Against this, no argument about due process, preponderance of the evidence or any other merely legal nicety will hold any weight.

    In a sense, too, “an eye for an eye” (another concept in Levitican jurisprudence) has, in their view, already been satisfied. Plame got “outed” as an agent, and lost both her job and her credibility. Libby, in the court proceedings has had virtually the same happen to him. “Justice,” therefore, has been satisfied, so there’s no need for any further punishment. The fact that the case is a tangential but real adjunct to the patently false casus belli the [mal]administration presented – costing thousands of American lives, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, and billions of tax and bond dollars, effectively ending global security from terror and domestic rights and freedoms – is irrelevant to them since they can conceive ways to distance those massive missteps from a few ill-chosen words [albeit a few ill-chosen words to Congress and the Plame investigators]. And the fact that our legal code is built on concepts that embrace but exceed Judeo-Christian dogma and make bold efforts to both protect the innocent and ensure due process are equally irrelevant, since the origins of that code aren’t entirely part of The Book.

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