Is Anyone Surprised By This?

Lieberman may back Republican in ’08 race:

U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, an independent who supports Democrats in Congress despite his backing of the Iraq war, said on Thursday he was not ruling out endorsing a Republican in the White House race.

…Lieberman, 65, described the 2008 presidential race as the most important election of his adult life.

“There’s a lot on the line both in terms of the terrorist threat that we face but also all the things here at home that seem broken: our health-care system, our education system, the environmental problems we have,” he said.

None of which any of the Republican candidates are even pretending they’ll fix in a way that ought to appeal to even an “independent-minded” Democrat, or whatever Lieberman fancies himself these days. Under other circumstances, I might admire a Senator of either party who was willing to publicly challenge his/her party’s line, but the differences between the Dems and the GOP are so vast at this moment in time on so many different issues, that it’s patent foolishness to pretend that there’s a possibility the nuances of their national platforms could swing you one way or another, unless you’re essentially a single issue voter. Which says everything that needs to be said about Lieberman.



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14 responses to “Is Anyone Surprised By This?

  1. Joe is a single-issue endorser: can I have a job? Pretty please?

  2. No way! I’m stunned. I thought Joe Lieberman was a great Democrat, and we liberals were all terrible meanies for working against him. David Broder said so.

  3. The day Republicans start playing by the rules is the day I would say let’s join hands and do the kumbaya thing, until then, sorry, we can’t all just get along.

  4. Holly in cincinnati

    So? I may very well vote for a Republican presidential candidate in 2008, and I’m a Democrat. It depends on who gets nominated (by D & R) and his or her policy statements.

  5. Which Republican would you find acceptable, Holly? I’m not slagging, I’m genuinely interested.

  6. No surprise here. Aren’t we all ready for Lieberman to start hinting around for a McCain-Lieberman “independent” run? You know that’s next, as soon as McCain realizes he’s not winning the Republican nomination.

  7. Melissa McEwan

    I may very well vote for a Republican presidential candidate in 2008, and I’m a Democrat.

    And you tell me that I’m “anti-sanity.”

  8. Constant Comment

    Can’t we cut this asshole loose, already?

  9. Allie

    He thinks his one issue is Iraq. In reality it’s “how can I stay in power with a cushy office?”.

  10. oddjob

    Jeff, don’t expect a response. Any time anyone reminds Holly that she wholeheartedly supports the committing of war crimes under the right circumstances, the same circumstances in which George Bush is now committing them, she throws a hissy fit at your tastelessness for reminding her of such inconvenient details.

    But you must always remember she is still a Democrat and not a supporter of the spread of evil in the world……….

    Just like her hero Lieberman.

    And now she’ll be convinced that I’m just another anti-Semite………..

  11. oddjob

    CC, hopefully the pompous idiot will be cut loose after the next election. Assuming enough Democrats are elected to the Senate he will cease to be of any consequence.

  12. nightshift66

    1. Holy Joe is acting completely within his character, since he hasn’t any. My only mild surprise is that he’s so open about it.

    2. Holly never posts twice in the same thread, so no response will be forthcoming. Her continuing support of Joe L tells me that she’ll support anyone who wants to continue killing Iraqis to give them freedom.

    3. If the Dems pick up 4-9 seats in the Senate (giving them 52 to 58), they should (but won’t) tell Joe to go on over to his true party. If they somehow got to 59 seats, they can use him to break filibusters at least on some social issues. If they only have 50 actual Dems (they have 48 now, Sanders & Joe being nominal indies), they can’t spare him.

    4. Scorn for the people of Connecticut for not taking the real Democrat over the fake Democrat, but since Joe was the de facto GOP nominee, one can hardly be surprised that he’s toeing the line of his voters.

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