How Sad Are Rightwingers?

Remember when I said: “A thousand points to the first person to find a rightwinger using [doctors’ involvement in the British terror plot] as an argument against socialized healthcare”…?

Brian instantly found an example at that bastion of intellectualism, The Free Republic, to clinch the thousand points, and there were more pathetically typical examples forthcoming in the following days—but this screen cap from Fox News takes the bloody cake:

Via Think Progress.



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10 responses to “How Sad Are Rightwingers?

  1. Oh dear toasted cheese on pumpernickel. That is the best they can come up with??

    National healthcare = terrorists?!

    OMG! Everyone has access to a doctor and treatment?? THE TERRORISTS HAVE WON!

    Très pathétique.

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  3. anangryoldbroad

    The shark has been jumped.

    The cake has been taken.

    The pot and the kettle met and then ran for their lives.

    Seriously though,it’s easy for these guys to say whatever. I’m betting not a one of them(or anyone they might care about,if that’s possible for them,to care that is)has been all that sick or gone without healthcare in lieu of say,food.

  4. NameChanged

    Tune in next week when we address


    dum, dum dum (musically, and intellectually)

  5. How can anyone take someone seriously who looks like he’s wearing a rug he bought at Elton John’s garage sale? I mean, come on, people.

  6. Mustang Bobby- WORD. Who knew Andy Warhol was a Fox commentator?

  7. Hestia

    I love that ? at the end. Question marks are symbols of theoretical validity! That totally makes it a worthwhile discussion!

  8. keshmeshi

    I think I saw a similar take on MSNBC. The story is about England importing doctors from other countries, because they’re dealing with a doctor shortage. The primary concern seems to be with UK bringing in doctors who may not be so sympathetic to Westerners, secularism, or a country that’s involved in the war in Iraq, not with universal health care being responsible for terrorism.

  9. he’s originally from here(gag)

    he’s a fundamentalist christian who used to stack his local radio program with every right wing big business foundation callers and interviews that he could.

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