Friday cat blogging…!

Friday cat blogging…!

My ex in NYC sent me some mobile phone videos of our kitty, Jaqi, the “Miracle Cat,” about whom I commented in one of Litbrit’s threads a while ago (which I can’t find right now to link to! Sorry.)

Last year, Jaqi suffered from sudden onset, unexplained severe kidney failure and almost died. She was hospitalized for an entire month, on an IV the whole time. Luckily, my ex was able to get her into the Manhattan Humane Society Pet Hospital. Otherwise we would never have been able to afford to pay for her care and probably would have been forced to put her down.

As it was, she lost a huge amount of weight, becoming skin and bones and looking so pathetic. One of her vets was shocked at her blood work, saying she’d never seen such results other than on a deceased cat.

When she pulled through, she became known as the “Miracle Cat,” to some of the hospital staff. And to me and my ex.

It was only when the melamine pet poisoning scandal broke not long afterward that we began to wonder. Jaqi’s food was among the tainted brands. One of her vets is convinced that it was melamine that almost killed her.

But here she is, just last Tuesday, fit as a fiddle, playing with a piece of paper string. Don’t you just lover her?!!!

[Ok, the resolution is so bad she looks a bit scary…I’ll post a couple more videos for anyone who wants to get a better picture of her after the fold.]



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20 responses to “Friday cat blogging…!

  1. I’m glad you’re kitty is okay!

  2. Paul the Spud

    Damn this work computer with no flash!

  3. You just made my Friday.

    [I use the Humane Society here in NYC and they are the best.]

  4. What a gorgeous girl! She is indeed a miracle kitty–you could never tell from the vids that she was at death’s door not long ago. I’m glad her story turned out happily, and thanks for turning my whole day around!

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  6. Arkades

    Wow… I’m glad she recovered!

  7. What a beauty, Brynn — looks our Pleiedes (who is now back in heaven, where she came from).

  8. SO very glad she made it! I am heartbroken for all the owners whose beloved friends did not thanks to the breakdown of our government structure under Shrub.

  9. Kathy A

    What a wonderful kitty! Jaqi looks just like my Amarna, down to the bit of a beer belly she has in those videos. (Amarna would be meowing a bit more than Jaqi, though.) She looks very healthy now–so great to hear about her recovery.

  10. Gorgeous. I’m so glad she survived! (((hugs)))

    I must post a Marley shot–he looks as though he’s related to Jaqi (does she have any small white markings, i.e. on her tummy?)

  11. Kym

    She’s adorable. I love black cats.

  12. Jaqi looks like a big fluffy bundle of love and I’m so glad that she’s recovered from her horrible illness!

    It’s been a very tough year with friends whose kitties have been ill or died or got out and are lost. My furkids are getting kind of tired of me hugging them and telling them how lucky we are to be healthy and safe, but I can’t NOT express my gratitude for that every chance I get.

    Give Jaqi some virtual chin scritchies from me!

  13. Holly in cincinnati

    Resolution is still bad but she looks, sounds and seems to act like a healthy cat!

  14. a different kathy a

    glad jaqi is well now! she looks and sounds great!

    we have a tiny little black-haired foster baby, frank AKA “the bear,” who is looking like he’ll grow up to be a furry hunk of feline love like jaqi. [and litbrit, he has a bit of white on his recently-fat tummy!]

  15. Brynn

    (does she have any small white markings, i.e. on her tummy?)

    Not unless they’ve grown there since I last saw her 3 whole years ago. :=)

    I miss her so much!

  16. I’m with Kym. Black cats definitely kick ass.

    I love the little meows!

  17. Okay Brynn, check out my Marley. You’ll have to visit my place, though–No way am I going to start a catblogging war here at Shakesville! Too many furry warriors.

  18. mustelid

    Jaqi’s beautiful, Brynn. And I’d like to add to the chorus of “glad she’s okay!”.

  19. Wow, watching Jaqi is freaky; she looks just like one of my two black cats! Glad to hear she got over her health scare.

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