Fox Finally Out-Foxes Fox

Update: Oops! Melissa beat me to it! Kaaaaahhhhhnnnn!!!

They finally got to the money shot. Seriously, I don’t know how they can ever top this ridiculousness.

National Healthcare = Terrorism

[Yesterday] on Fox News’s Your World With Neil Cavuto, National Review Online columnist Jerry Bowyer attacked Michael Moore’s movie SiCKO and its positive portrayal of the health care in countries such as Britain and France. He argued that national health care systems are breeding grounds for terrorists because they are “bureaucratic.” “I think the terrorists have shown over and over again … they’re very good at gaming the system with bureaucracies,” said Bowyer.

Yes, if America ever adopts a national healthcare system, we’ll all be blown up in our beds.

Seriously, is there anything Fox News won’t link to terrorism in a blatantly transparent scare tactic? Oh, and nominated for the knucklehead quote of the day:

Indeed, Bowyer added, “[I]f one of your guys is a jihadist, if one of your doctors is spending all the time online reading Osama bin Laden fatwas, someone’s going to notice that. But the National Health Service is more like the post office, you know there’s a lot of anonymity, it’s easy to hide in the bureaucracy.”

Oh-boy. Trust Fox, folks. You’re better off getting sick and dying over something that could be easily treated than seeing a doctor… because your doctor may just be working for al Quaeda! Shriek! Scream! Aiiieeeee!!!



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11 responses to “Fox Finally Out-Foxes Fox

  1. Melissa McEwan



  2. One thing I have never understood is the argument that nationalized healthcare is bad because it will be bureaucratic. Have they never tried to deal with a corporate health insurance company before?!?

    The corporate healthcare system we’ve got now could teach our government a thing or two about red tape, endless piles of forms, and painfully drawn-out phone calls to unhelpful individuals. I’m one of the lucky folks who has health insurance, and let me tell you, if you have a problem with a claim, they line your path to settling it with stinging nettles, quicksand, and sharp sticks. It makes bureaucracy look like a cool breeze on a hot day.

    Oooooh. National healthcare will be bureaucratic. Until they equated it with terrorism, that was the dumbest fucking argument against it I’d ever heard.

    Never mind the fact that making sure that ensuring everyone has equal and available access to the basic human need of healthcare should be the only fucking issue folks focus on.

  3. Melissa McEwan

    One thing I have never understood is the argument that nationalized healthcare is bad because it will be bureaucratic. Have they never tried to deal with a corporate health insurance company before?!?

    LOL! Totally.

  4. nightshift66

    It makes more sense if you remember that the GOP only uses words for the noise. Seriously; you cannot analyze their stated positions and talking points and discern any coherent argument. It’s all schoolyard-level stuff when you boil it down: “You suck,” “I’ll beat you up,” and “You’re a liar.”

  5. anangryoldbroad

    Celticfeminist is right.

    My son is autistic,diagnosed when he started kindergarten(he’s about to go into 8th grade). Holy Mother of Gawd,what an enduring clusterfuck that whole kindergarten year was. First we had this benefit or that,then we didn’t. Then we did again,then we didn’t. I still have a box the size of a large microwave oven crammed full of all the papers from that one year alone. I understand about 2 percent of the shit on all those papers. The system is obtuse and full of shit on purpose so you can’t understand it without a professional helping you. bastards.

    Last year the kid fell and broke off his front teeth. Oooh boy was THAT madness fun. Dental said it was a medical thing because it was an accidental injury. Medical said it was dental because it had to do with teeth. It took EIGHT MONTHS for all the paperwork to finally go through,but not before they soaked us for 1800 bucks(part of which is now a credit at the dentist’s because heaven forbid I actually get the money back).

    Tell me how universal health care is a bigger pain in the ass than that.

  6. I’ve been waiting for the neocons to jump on the fact that all the accused suspects from last week’s London (dud) car-bombs and Glasgow flaming jeep attack were employed by the UK’s healthcare system. I haven’t read the linked article(s) yet: do they latch onto this factoid?

  7. (D’oh!!! Just got further down on Shakesville and came to Liss’ post….Colour me embarrassed.)

  8. Paul the Spud

    You must have been distracted by the Shatner, brynn. 😉

  9. Hello !? Fox’s hivemind continues to forget that the alleged September 11 flyboys were in this country legally, enrolled in flight schools legally–and that the 9/11-child Department of Homeland Security is the biggest and most expensive bureaucracy on the planet.

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  11. Paul the Spud

    I just realized I misspelled “Khan.”

    Duh. Oh well; I was never a Trekkie.

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