Daily Round-Up

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Gore Coverage

Kate: Speaking of Not Funny Anymore

Melissa: Duncan Hunter Lubs Ann Coulter

Melissa: Rape “Integral” Weapon in Darfur; We Yawn

Spudsy: Get Your Art On

Spudsy: Sheer Brilliance

Quixote: Tuberculosis: The Problem

Space Cowboy: Get the Pepto, Quick!

Jeff: A Completely Pointless Post Full of Movie Reviews

Mustang Bobby: Fred the Mole

Bill: Live Earth Concert in Brazil canceled – put away your conspiracies

Phil: Iraq, the Rorschach Test

Melissa: Action Item: Support the Mental Health Parity Act of 2007

Jeff: Heckuva Job: Part MCMXVI in an Ongoing Series

Melissa: Bret? Yep. Jemaine? Yeah, obviously. Murray? Present.

Melissa: To the Fainting Couch!

Phil: You Gotta Have (My) Faith

Jeff: Unsurprising News About Words

Melissa: News from Shakes Manor

Mustang Bobby: The Doing-Something Congress

Melissa: Actual Headline

Brynn: Say It Ain’t So

Melissa: What’s Odd Got to Do With It?

Brynn: Question of the Day

Jeff: Unsurprising News About the Usual Suspects

Quixote: Tuberculosis: The Solution



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