Caption This Photo

Brokedown Mountain

Go, Rudy, go!

(Thanks to Shaker Jeff for passing that along.)



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21 responses to “Caption This Photo

  1. SAP

    That really says it all, don’t it? 😀

  2. “Ain’t they some nigras or spics or somethin’ that can push this damn car for us?”

  3. Giuliani’s campaign team demonstrates his alternative energy plan.

  4. I think it’s perfect: a classic car that’s out of gas.

  5. “Its last two fundamentalist supporters push the Giuliani campaign towards St. Paul and the Republican National Convention.”

  6. Paul the Spud

    Two people pushing a huge, useless pile of junk.

    And a car.

  7. The fat chick is wondering why her car isn’t transforming into an Autobot right now.

    Blame it on Megatron, everyone knows Autobots vote Democratic and that Decepticons vote Republican. 🙂

  8. Kate? Kate, are you there? I just assumed ferreriman355’s comment would get a response from you.

  9. that should read ferrariman355, not ferreriman355. oops.

  10. Jess

    I suspect Kate would say something like “well, the woman is fat. It’s just a goddamn descriptive term, people. It’s not like the substance of the comment would have been changed if ferrarimanf355 had said ‘redheaded,’ which is also descriptive and true, instead of ‘fat.’

    Now, as for ‘chick’…”

  11. Melissa McEwan

    well, the woman is fat.

    That’s pretty much my attitude about it. If someone called me “the fat chick,” I’d have approximately the same reaction as if someone called me “the brunette.”

    Unless they knew my name and called me “the fat chick” to be deliberately dismissive, which would be another kettle of fish.

    But that’s clearly not the case here. So I give it a “wev.”

  12. rege

    Mike Fredish, a salesman with Crazy Rudy’s Pre-Owned Cars, explains to potential customer, Ella Day, the health benefits of the regular exercise which comes with owning one of Crazy Rudy’s 4th of July specials.

  13. Kate Harding

    Kate? Kate, are you there?

    Yep. And I would have captioned this, “See, fat people DO exercise!”

    Not exactly the point, though, is it?

    Jess and Liss were exactly right about my reaction, L&P. I don’t necessarily see any need for adding “fat” there, since she’s the only “chick” in the photo — and I certainly don’t presume that most other people see it as a neutral adjective, though I wish they would. But I have no problem with the word itself, and in this case, I just second the wev. (Thanks for thinking of me, though.)

  14. The only thing that I would have to say about the “fat chick” comment is that the dude in the pic is probably also “technically obese” according to BMI, and the comment is not “the fat people are wondering . . . .”.

    And my caption:

    “Beautiful ’65 Cadillac abused for political purposes. Demonstrating the intelligence of its species, it suggested the correct course to the candidate it was being forced to advertise for: Refuse to Run.”

  15. Jess

    Incidentally, I think my caption would be “unlike Romney supporters, Giuliani fans are not required to ride on the roof.”

  16. Graham

    That bitch Hillary is behind this, and her hubby too.

    I KNOW it!!

  17. Jeff

    The “Rudy 2008” Iowa Campaign Team are puctured here on the way to the airport to meet Guliani’s “Rudy 2008” campaign jet…which, by the way, the “Rudy 2008” flight crew had to push all the way from LaGuardia.

  18. Kate Harding

    Jess: Awesome.

  19. Mr. Mike Weaver and his wife, Donna, demonstrate that their car, like their candidate, can be pushed toward any position whatsoever.

  20. I don’t have a problem with the word “fat,” or the word “chick,” for that matter. I agree that the description was unnecessary. It also struck me that the dude on the driver’s side wasn’t exactly svelte. I would suspect that ferrariman didn’t think of “fat chick” as a neutral term, though. Generally, I echo the wev. I was probably just especially sensitive at the moment I read the comment.

  21. Doodle Bean

    The license plate has “HA” in it.

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