3,584 dead U.S. Troops forget President George W. Bush’s birthday

The President of the U.S. turned 61 today. That’s 61 utterly miserable, overly spoiled, hateful and stupid years of life for a man who never succeeded at anything, and who has helped make the U.S. a cartoonish and dangerous laughingstock to the rest of the world.

And that’s not even counting the 100,000 or more dead civilians strewn over the Middle East. Or the 3,584 dead U.S. troops who don’t get anymore birthdays, every last one of them more honorable and brave than this faux leader who never met a fear he wouldn’t exploit, and who will wait things out in Iraq as long as it takes to get those oil deals secured.

Happy Birthday President Bush. Now quit.




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11 responses to “3,584 dead U.S. Troops forget President George W. Bush’s birthday

  1. Right on.

    Except for the bit about wishing that blot a happy birthday. He shouldn’t have a happy anything until he’s gotten the crimes he’s committed into that coconut he wears for a head.

  2. Melissa McEwan

    Best. Birthday Card. Evah!

  3. Jersey

    Sully has a post up regarding the newest poll on impeachment of Bush/Cheney vs. Clinton at the repubs worst. Very interesting stuff. What is Pelosi’s and Reid’s # so I can call and say I want them to retract thier statements on “impeachment off the table”?
    P.S. I would link but I don’t know how. Sorry

  4. GWB in seven years has still not done as much harm to America as Gee-mah Carter did in four! Gee-mah was the worst POTUS of the twentieth century. And GWB would have been better than the lubriciously moronic Gore-bot. Or lower-grades-at-Yale war “hero” John Kerry!

    And I don’t like GWB at all! It’s still all relative.

  5. Jersey

    Ha ha, this threads gone to comedy now has it?

  6. OhioPrexie

    Everyone who hates GBW so much ought to be thankful that he has been President these last 7 years instead of Gore or Kerry. With either of them, the Empire State Bldg, the Golden Gate Bridge and countless other national treasures would probably have been targeted by the terrorists who have hit other countries in Europe. What’s that you say? The terrorists wouldn’t target us if we weren’t in Iraq? The Twin Towers, Pentagon, and the plane in the field over PA were before 9/11. The USS Cole was before we were in Iraq, and a few other acts of terror against the US were all before we became involved in either Afghanistan or Iraq. President Bush has kept this country safe from terror, even though he did it with constitutionally questionable tactics. President Jimmy Carter WAS the worst President in modern history. Does anyone remember double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, the Iran hostage crisis and the weakest military this country has ever seen? He needs to keep his mouth shut. Al Gore, aka, the inventor of the internet and a person that would sacrifice the entire country’s economy for a single cell form of life in a wetlands somewhere would have put this country into financial destruction. John Kerry was truly scary. And now to Hillary! Let’s redefeat communism and vote against her and her socialist agenda. I am just so sick of everyone blaming President Bush for everything including the common cold. His Presidency has been less than stellar, but not worthy of any talk of impeachment.

  7. You don’t need a gigantic army if you’re not a genocidal warmongering asshole. For some of us “as a last resort” actually means something.

  8. Oscar Stinnett

    Jesus, Dave, you certainly are stupid, aren’t you?

  9. NameChanged

    There are no words for this post. I can’t muster the energy for a couple of these people. Enjoy ignorance.

  10. Jersey

    Some-one obviously left the door unlocked on the asylum, better go check that.

  11. katecontinued

    Don’t forget the 4 million driven from their homes as refugees.

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