Sheer Brilliance

“Bizarro love President Bush! President Bush great war president! Worst act of domestic terror in his country’s history occur on his watch, which mean him the only man to stand up to terrorists! How Democrats could do that? If Democratics could protect us from terror, explain to Bizarro how nothing as bad happen under other Democratic president? Democrats so weak and cowardly that in both elections, President Bush defeat Democrat who served in war that President Bush fought by staying coked up in Texas. If Democrat could ever protect this country, then how explain why Democratic presidents led country in war that defeat Nazis. President Bush handling of war on terror conducted perfectly according to standards of Bizarro logic. Him say it war, need military to attack those who plot against us, so he send military to spend years and years fighting in country that not plot against us, led by man who terrorists not like. That a new one even to Bizarro. People of Bizarro World never really understand U. S. government before President Bush, but him set standard we can be proud to emulate. Every year we have big holiday to celebrate anniversary of him never catching Osama bin laden. Everywhere in Bizarro World, Bizarro people fight terror by seeing bombings on TV and going outside and retaliating by shooting their mailman. President Bush am welcome to visit Bizarro World anytime and sleep on presidential couch. Herbert Hoover can kiss Bizarro’s ass.”

Read the whole thing.



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