Heckuva Job: Part MCMXVI in an Ongoing Series

Things continue to go pretty much as always in New Orleans:

University of Minnesota architecture students have designed and built a cargo container-based “clean hub” that was developed to provide “clean water and sanitation to remote locations, disaster relief efforts, refugee camps, and slums.”

Two weeks ago, the newly assembled clean hub was sent to a Lower Ninth Ward park in New Orleans, where it will be the only functioning sanitation structure in the neighborhood, according to one of the students.

Mission accomplished!



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5 responses to “Heckuva Job: Part MCMXVI in an Ongoing Series

  1. I often wonder if laughing or crying is the best coping feature after reading stories like these.

    Kissing up to Bush has really paid dividends for Mary Landrieu. Not.

  2. NameChanged

    How is this still possible in the United States? I don’t know how to react, except maybe WTP?

  3. Gah. Good for the U of Minn., but boy, this is painful to read.

  4. Paen

    What else can we expect from a regime that prefers bombing other countries while poisoning them with depleted uranium over keeping care of their own people.

  5. SAP

    So, to sum up: college kids can get into flood-stricken areas and rescue people, and afterwards can setup clean water for all, but FEMA? Not so much.

    Advantage: college kids.

    Maybe we should give them out tax dollars instead of the government.

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