Get Your Art On

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling incredibly frustrated lately. Well, I have since the year 2000, but I’ve just about reached my “completley lose it” point. The whole Scooter Libby thing almost became the straw that broke the camel’s back; just one more big ‘ol “fuck you” from Prezint Kingy McIdowhateverIwanterson, and I have had it. (Of course, I keep hearing “Oh, what did you expect?” which just makes it worse. Yeah, I know Bush has done far worse things, but it’s these constant little smacks in the face that are beginning to get to me.)

My major frustration is that I feel like I can’t do anything anymore.

I mean, I do what I can: I blog about the latest Bush outrages and right-wing evil to get the word out, I write all of my representatives, I talk my head off to anyone that will listen, and I buy blue as much as possible, etc, etc. I don’t feel that taking to the streets helps anymore; even the largest protests are ignored by Washington and completely dismissed by the lapdog media. Try to protest at a media event or convention? Welcome to your “free speech zone,” located far, far away from where your message could be heard or you might inconvenience any of the American Royalty. Fat chance any of us proles would ever get on a major television outlet; they prefer their liberals to be of the aurelia aurita classification. And if I were to finally get so fed up that I would storm the White House, who would be with me? I’d be lucky if I could get one person (besides the Pink Petulance herself, who’s always up for that sort of thing) along to share my inevitable beating.

This is why I feel so strongly that we must support our Artists. When we’ve been all but silenced in society, Art is one of our most powerful tools to get our message across.

That’s why I’m plugging Women Center Stage. (A little late actually, as I just found out about it. See what I’m missing by moving back to Chicago?) This festival has a little something for everyone: performance, theatre, film, comedy, music… featuring women artists all calling attention to human struggles around the planet. Artists are the people that are out there telling it how it really is; it is vital that we support them.

New York Shakers might be particularly interested in Political Subversities:

Liz Swados’s Political Subversities
July 5, 11, 12, & 15 at 10:30 PM
A wild and edgy theatre piece of songs, scenes and monologues portraying the absurdity of our world and the scandalous and outrageously stupid behavior of the people who inhabit it. It is meant to be hilarious, it hits everybody, no one is safe. The cast of extraordinary brand new writing and acting talents brings a unique edge and perspective mixing with Elizabeth Swados’ years of trouble-making and experience. If you don’t come, you’re letting the terrorists win. Again.

And this:

Julie Goldman: Preemptive Strike
July 6 at 9 PM
Julie Goldman may just be the funniest woman alive. This extraordinary comedian, with strong roots in the gay and lesbian communities and the activist world, brings her latest solo show to Women Center Stage.

Pick up on it! Please use this comments thread to plug any festivals, theatre, music, poetry, spoken word, (or what have you) events near you that are actively and artistically working to make this country a better place.


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4 responses to “Get Your Art On

  1. Jersey

    I recently read something about Thomas Paine leaving France when Napolean came into power because he was afraid he’d become too dictatorial. Guess there comes a time when you gotta give up the ghost.

  2. Melissa McEwan

    Thanks for posting about this, Spudsy!

    Please use this comments thread to plug any festivals, theatre, music, poetry, spoken word, (or what have you) events near you that are actively and artistically working to make this country a better place.

    Okay, this doesn’t really count, I guess, but HBO has a great documentary about brain injuries running this month called “Coma,” and it’s not only totally fascinating, but very inspiring. And with such a huge percentage of our soldiers returning with traumatic brain injuries, it couldn’t be more useful in helping us all understand what they’re dealing with.

  3. Doodle Bean

    In the Boston area, Jimmy Tingle’s Off-Broadway Theater* is usually buzzing with great politically-themed shows. Go here.

    *The joke is that it is off Broadway Ave. in Somerville, MA!

  4. NMRon

    Maybe it’s time to tell ’em to take their ‘free speech zone’ and shove it. Protest without confrontation is called a rally. Escalate the confrontation until you can’t be ignored.

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