KO’s Special Comment: Bush & Cheney Should Resign

Here it is, as promised by the man himself.

…”good job” are the last words that got cut off.

Thanks, Petulant. Transcript here.


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25 responses to “KO’s Special Comment: Bush & Cheney Should Resign

  1. President Pelosi 2007

  2. texasshiva

    I love this man. Secaucus is a pilgrimage point for me.

  3. Kelley

    The shot heard round the world!!!

    Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!!

  4. I think you mean the last words are “…good luck”. He always signs off with “Good night, and Good Luck” in tribute to Edward R.

  5. NameChanged

    Beautifully done. Can we tape wingnuts’ eyelids open and force them to watch it on a loop?

  6. Litbrit, I think the last words Melissa was referring to were “good job” as he was restating the John Wayne quote (“…I hope he does a good job”)

    His best Special Comment yet.

  7. Can we tape wingnuts’ eyelids open and force them to watch it on a loop?

    Not tape.


    Rusty staples.

    Dipped in jalapeño juice.

  8. Constant Comment

    It’s groundbreaking in that he’s the first anchor to call for their resignations, but, on the other hand, a total waste of breath. Shrub Bushco has never had the slightest interest in doing the “right” thing. It’s all about power and money. The more criticism they get, the more they stubbornly dig in.

  9. Rottweiler

    The Neocon Messiah won’t resign. God commanded that he wreck the world.

  10. Litbrit, I think the last words Melissa was referring to were “good job” as he was restating the John Wayne quote (”…I hope he does a good job”)

    Yes, I was. The video got cut off early, so I was just supplying what got missed.

  11. Sorry, Liss, I was going from memory, not the actual clip (since I watched it twice last night, staying up after midnight in order to see the entire Countdown episode a second time). He did finish with the John Wayne quote, then said his traditional “Good night, and Good Luck”, too.

    I would hate to have been Dan Abrahams waiting to go on after that–I mean, what an act to follow!

  12. YouTube only allows 10 minutes and KO’s special comment ran 10:04.

    Oh well…

  13. What an amazing speech. Would that it would be listened to, by the right people.

    Alas, this is the administration of “coulda, shoulda, WON’T!” on so many issues…

  14. I wrote this on my own blog Oh Well, but I think it is important enough to say here, in light of Olbermann’s Special Comment:

    Going through the liberal blogs, I’ve seen a lot of commentary by Americans demanding that President Bush should be impeached. I never really supported the impeachment of Bush here. It is not that I don’t believe that Bush should not be impeached–there is plenty of evidence supporting an investigation into impeachment proceedings of President Bush on a number of scandals–the Valerie Plame scandal, the intelligence failures, the Bush lies and propaganda run-up to the Iraq war, the illegal NSA domestic spying program, the suspension of habeas corpus and incarceration of prisoners without due process, the reports of torture of prisoners in American military prisons, the U.S. attorney firings–have I named all the scandals yet? The problem I had with impeachment is that I believed it could not be successfully pursued to a conviction. Once the Democrats gained control of Congress, there was not enough time to conduct the oversight investigations and gather evidence of this administration’s wrongdoings to support impeachment–and remember that this administration would do everything it can to stall the congressional investigations, just as they are currently doing now. Any impeachment trial would take place in 2008–right in the middle of a presidential elections, making the issue political for the candidates such as Democratic Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Republican Senator John McCain. Even more, I don’t believe that the Senate has the two-thirds votes it needs for a conviction, and that the Senate is so closely divided between the Democrats and Republicans. And finally, looking at all these scandals on Valerie Plame, the intelligence failures, the domestic spying program, or even the U.S. attorney firings, they are all very complicated scandals which do not directly implicate President Bush in these scandals. There is a direct implication of the president’s men in these scandals, which certainly calls for congressional demands for impeachments and removals of these “president’s men,” but not for the president himself.

    That all changed two days ago, when President Bush directly implicated himself in the commutation of Scooter Libby’s prison sentence. Bush directly implicated himself in the cover-up of the administration’s involvement in the Valerie Plame outing, and the president himself obstructed justice with the scandal. Scooter Libby was tried by a jury of his peers, convicted, and sentenced to prison. Once Libby was sitting in that jail cell, federal prosecutors would have offered Libby a deal of reducing Libby’s sentence in exchange for his cooperation in telling the prosecutors what he knows about the White House involvement in the Plame scandal. President Bush did not want Libby to sing to the feds here, so he abused the law in commuting a prison sentence of one of his own administration’s staff members in order to keep him quiet on the scandals. President Bush obstructed justice here. He abused the law here for his own personal gain of covering up this administration’s scandals. President Bush decided that he would act above the law in this sentence commutation to protect one of his own cronies who lied to the courts and the law in order to protect Bush. The Valerie Plame scandal has been simplified here, where President Bush has directly implicated himself into the scandal. That is an impeachable offense. It is why I now support the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. This is an issue that can be clearly explained where the president, and perhaps the vice president, have shown themselves to operate outside of, and with contempt, for the law. I still don’t believe that there are enough votes in the Senate to convict Bush, or that there is enough time for a trial and conviction. But I feel that it is important for impeachment investigations to commence into this president’s commutation of Libby’s prison sentence, and evidence gathered to support the conviction of this president. Even if impeachment proceedings do not take place, the evidence gathered against Bush on this latest Libby scandal, may be enough to force the Republicans to abandon Bush, and perhaps force Bush and Cheney to resign from office. I know it is a long shot, considering how both Bush and Cheney will refuse to give up power, but it is another option to impose more pressure on this administration.

    So now I guess I’m on the Bush-Cheney-Impeachment-bandwagon.

  15. Paen

    Wouldn’t be simpler just to give them both a big bag of pretzels and send them on hunting trip.

  16. The chances of this happening are about the same as the chances of my beloved Phillies winning the pennant.

    And “President Pelosi,” y’all might recal took impeachment off the table back in JANUARY.

    Keith is great. We all know he’s right, of course. But unless the Dimocratc leadership has some sort of a leadership transplant when they come back from their vacations, nothing will change. WHY should it? Bush can PARDON Scooter now, and NOTHING will happen.

  17. Hey there Miss Shakes, this is Enigma4ever and I wanted to leave you a messege- I am so glad that you are up and running again…we need you here…now I and folks over at Watergate Summer would love to send some money over here to help…but most of us do not have credit/ or much is there another way we can give back ?or place to send? thanks…keep up the great work…

  18. So, riffing on Eric’s statement above – I have a question. Let’s just say that somehow impeachment proceedings begin. Dumbya stalls, court decisions on stalling, blah, blah, blah – the process is unfinished come 20 Jan 2009.

    Would it continue as impeachment, move to a regular court of law, become a moot point?

    Is there a constitutional lawyer in the house?

  19. amish451

    KO was brilliant, and obviously pissed …I’ve not had opportunity to watch “countdown” until very recently ..is he always that incensed..??

  20. Wow. Just wow. That’s one for the history books.

  21. Jay in Oregon

    The thing about KO’s comment — and the John Wayne quote — that strikes a chord with me is: before the Iraq War, that is exactly how I used to feel about politics.

    I could not imagine that a President, especially such a contentious one, would actively work to promote his own party’s ideology at the expense of the American people and the country.

    That won’t happen again. I don’t care if it’s another Republican or a Democrat; they will never get the benefit of the doubt.

    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.

  22. barrington womble

    Uh, shouldn’t that be “Fool me twice, er, won’t get fooled again.”?

  23. Edo

    Constant Comment,

    …on the other hand, a total waste of breath.

    If the expectation is that Cheney and Bush will resign, then your assertion is accurate. If, however, the expectation is to help start/shift the dialogue and get the large group of independents/moderates to rethink support for any GOP candidate that doesn’t see the problem with W’s actions, then I respectfully disagree with your assessment.

    As I am more concerned with the future of this nation and the world, I have the latter expectation; and thus I thank Olberman for this special comment and the many others he’s done over the last few years. He is a lone voice of reason (and justified outrage) in the MSM. I only hope he is being heard.

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