Do Us a Favor, Bush Voters…

This July 4, engage in the truly patriotic act of being profoundly ashamed:

It’s a bitter irony that what we celebrate today is deliverance from just such an absolute power and authority in the form of King George III, about whom the Founding Fathers railed in the majority of the Declaration of Independence and from whom they declared our freedom.

…George W. Bush has taken our country and made us despised throughout the world, ruined our global reputation in a way that may take a generation to salvage and made us far less safe in a dangerous world. Indeed, he has used our nation’s wealth and power to make the world a more dangerous place.

His administration has also found a way to diminish a great holiday like our Independence Day, to make us feel less like proudly waving our flag and to even cause many like me, who have worn our country’s uniform, to wonder what the hell it was for.

And, for that, every American who voted for Bush, should take time this July Fourth to perform a truly patriotic act and be profoundly ashamed.

Right on, Bob. And thank you for your service, as a soldier and an activist.

Happy Independence Day.



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8 responses to “Do Us a Favor, Bush Voters…

  1. Brynn

    Not to mention, Bush has sullied the day by associating it with Scooter Libby’s freedom from prison.

  2. The only ones likely to be ashamed are the ones who have realized their errors, taken their W04 bumper stickers off their SUVs, and voted for a Democrat for Congress in 2006. The ones who still claim their Republicanism will never be ashamed by anything.

  3. Paen

    I think Bush voters should be made to explain to grieving mothers how they could have voted for the man who killed their

  4. I drink a can of cheap beer in honor of our president’s sucking.

    Fuck you, fascist.


  5. NameChanged

    Each firework I light is an effigy of the “president.”

  6. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    I suggest that we rename July 4 “Irony Day”, in recognition of the strange fact that we won our independence from the UK, only to end up with our own mad King George.

  7. If you were a real mean bastard you might suggest suicide!

  8. amish451

    I recall the rallying cry in Cuba, when the facists there were defeated, was:
    “To The Wall”
    But only if I were a real mean bastard ….. “…and the Embassy is hard to reach …..”

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