95% American, kind of

Affirm your citizenship by wasting time and energy on this MSNBC quiz based on questions pulled from the INS website.

(I missed one question that I should have gotten right…on the other hand, I correctly answered a couple of questions that I had no business getting right, so it’s all a wash.)



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36 responses to “95% American, kind of

  1. Also 95%. I still say the Senate ultimately chooses SCOTUS justices. The president doesn’t “appoint them.” Harrumph.

    Happy Fourth!

  2. Who cares what form is needed? If you’ve gotten this far in the process, it’s already been filled out and turned in. Maybe on some versions of the test they ask who sits at the front desk on the third floor while the regular receptionist is at lunch.

    Anyway, I got all of them except that one, obviously. Of course, the headline asked if I have what it takes to become an American citizen. My birth certificate pretty much handles that, and I really hope we manage to keep that standard through all the illegal immigration nonsense.

    Happy 4th, everyone.

  3. Susan

    Another 95%; missed the one aobut about the form. Petition sounded more governmental.

  4. Damn, just 80%. But then, I’m neither American, nor do I live in the US, nor have I lived there for more than four years. Happy 4th of July to you all and my it be truly happy again in the future.

  5. 100%. The one about the form was just luck.

  6. I missed the question about who selects Supreme Court justices, but that’s because the wording of the question made it confusing. I know the President appoints them, but because the Senate has to confirm, I thought that better fit the question.

  7. I only got 75% (about half because I misread or blew it on something I actually did know, half because I’m just that dumb), but then, since I’m a dual citizen — and thus technically only 50% American — that’s good, right?

  8. OMG. 100%. And I had the Wrastling Coach for Lib & Law in high school.

    I did guess on the 7th Amendment not being about voting, but since almost every amendment after the Bill of Rights is about voting, it was an educated guess. Oh, and I guessed on the naturalization form number, too.

    Yah, the wording on the SCOTUS members was tricksy. Got it right, anyways. But for ‘Liss — we hates it, my precious. Nasty, filthy questionses.

  9. 95%… I have soo forgotten what all the amendments are, so I got the voting amendment one wrong. I knew two, so I flipped a coin on the last two. Darn you heads!!!

    The rest I totally knew and didn’t guess on… maybe. 😉

  10. Sam Hensel

    95%. I missed the “Give me liberty or give me death” one.

  11. Shiloruh

    95%. But the last question should be freedoms guaranteed by the first amendment, (not all 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights) or else there are 2 correct answers!

  12. Constant Comment

    I got 100% but had lucky guesses ob 2 of them.

  13. Constant Comment

    Make that “on” not “ob” –my cat jumped in front of me just as I was submitting… that, and I’m not typing so well this morning!

  14. Cat-like typing detected!

    I got the form wrong (no wonder there), and I disagree on the Senate one, too. I’m still a citizen, however.

    Happy Independence Day, everyone. 🙂

  15. I got 100%

    I wonder how Mr. Bush would do on this test.

  16. I wonder how Mr. Bush would do on this test.

    If his college scores are any indication, he’d get a C, and only because Daddy made a donation to the INS.

    I got 100% yesterday when I did it, but the form question was a guess and the SCOTUS appointment question was one where I had to judge what the questioner was looking for more than what the answer should have been.

  17. Bethynyc

    I got 95% and missed the 7th amendment one as well. The Naturalization one was a guess.

    Did anyone else sing the Preamble as per Schoolhouse Rock?

  18. Hippodameia

    I got a 95% (missed the immigration form) but I do disagree with the question about the Pilgrims. They came seeking the freedom to impose religious tyrrany. Saying that they came seeking freedom of religion is a little coy.

  19. Hahaha, I got 85%. I barely qualify for citizenship- that’s the lowest grade you can get apparently and still be eligible… I got # 9, 16 and 19 wrong.

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  21. Jewel

    Hey golly, I qualify for citizenship at 95%! (missed the year the Constitution was written, which makes me feel more than a little dumb…I guess I have 1776 on the brain seeing as it’s Independence Day. *blush*) Would be interesting to see how Bush voters vs. non-Bush voters do on this quiz…

  22. I got a 95% (missed the immigration form) but I do disagree with the question about the Pilgrims. They came seeking the freedom to impose religious tyrrany. Saying that they came seeking freedom of religion is a little coy.

    Yes, but that’s a piece of American exceptionalism mythos that must never be disturbed. It’s part of the whole “christian nation” bit, you know.

  23. mark

    85% hummm.

    I don’t know the admendments intimately, sorry

  24. Maybe the SCOTUS question is worded like that to test English comprehension skills.

    95% – guessed wrong on the form….

  25. 85%. I said the Senate chooses the SCOTUS justices. I know the procedure, and I knew it was 50/50 how they’d interpret the answer. Oh well.

    I also got the form question wrong; 2 wrong is 85%.

  26. elm

    100%I’ve always tested well. Funny how most of the answers to the more difficult questions were found in previous questions. Plus you have to think like the tester. My college economics teacher was full of shit most of the time, but at test time, I didn’t pick answers that made any kind of sense, I picked the answers that would make Professor H. happy. Nailed economics. Professor H. suggested I change my major from history to econ.

  27. 19. What INS form is used to apply to become a naturalized citizen?
    Form N-200 “Petition for Naturalization” is not correct.
    N-400 “Application for Naturalization”

    Probably the most important question for the would-be naturalized citizen, and the least important question a natural born citizen would likely be concerned with, certainly as a qualification for one’s own citizenship.

  28. thebewilderness

    In his book “Don’t Get too Comfortable” a Canadian man wrote about taking this test. One of the reasons they are changing it is because some of the answers are incorrect. Also, just in case you care, the name and number of the form is on the bottom of the test sheet, trick question dontcha know.

  29. Misty

    90%. I missed the SCOTUS one because I picked the Senate and the question about voting amendments. I couldn’t decide between two of them and I picked the wrong one. Bah.

    I did, however, get the form question right. I only know it from looking into stuff for immigration debates, LOL.

  30. oddjob

    What Chet Scoville said.

  31. oddjob

    Oh, about the Pilgrims. That their version of Christianity was a suffocating one doesn’t change the fact that from their point of view they were seeking religious freedom. After all, they were escaping a country where the kind was also the head of the church and they wanted nothing to do with any of that. They firmly believed the Anglican Church was corrupt beyond redemption and wanted to leave it altogether, a difficult position to maintain at the time if you were living in England.

  32. oddjob

    (Um, that was “king”, not “kind”.)

  33. Doktor Wankenstein

    95% — I missed the INS form question.

  34. Hippodameia

    The Pilgrims left England for Holland in 1608, and Holland for America in 1620. (Apparently their children were being “drawne away by evill examples into extravagence and dangerous courses,” at least according to Pilgrim William Bradford.) Once over in America they didn’t waste much time before they started oppressing other religious sects, especially the Quakers. By 1656 the pilgrims had passed laws making Quakerism illegal in New England. Any Quaker found in New England was flogged, and a few were hanged. That’s hardly what I would describe as “freedom of religion.” The Pilgrims simply wanted to be in a place where they could finally be top dog.

  35. Arkades

    I scored 100%. I guess I’m pretty well-informed about US Citizenship.

    I still want to move to Canada sometime soon, though.

  36. 90%. Didn’t know about the amendments and voting rights thing, but all the rest were

    a) stupid (knowing a bloody *form number* is essential to understanding the country’s founding principles? WTP??)


    b) really, really, really irritating. This imperial presidency BS is creeping into multiple choices quizzes. That’s just going too far. The Senate confirms the Supremes. The Senate has the last word. Not the (currently goddamned) Prez.

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