Tony Snow Gets Hammered

This crime, not this kind of crime!” In other words, we still reserve the right to invoke Teh Clenis!!! and its penisy contempt for the rule of law whenever we want! Ass.

The transcript will be here when they put it up. Thanks, Petulant.



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14 responses to “Tony Snow Gets Hammered

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  2. evilchemistry

    Dear Murca,

    Hapy Birfday! I couldnt not think of what give the country that owns all kewl stuff in worldz. Ah started ta tink bout the good times when Ah had a manwhore in press corpse, Jeff Gannon. Ah call him 8Cut. Then it done smaked me, what Murca need are a right old rogering (The bigger than that Poodle guy taught meh that ther, heh heh). Your welcome.

    Teh Decipher

  3. Paul the Spud

    Transcript is up.

  4. From the transcript: MR. SNOW: No, that is — there’s a range of — what you’re taking a look — this gets very complicated.

    Uh, no, Tony. It’s not complicated at all. You jerk.

  5. I swoon watching Mister SNOW dazzle us with nuance!

  6. Who were those people subbing for the White House press corps? They asked good questions and didn’t accept bullshit for answers; I’d sure like it if they showed up again later.

  7. Sister Faith

    Snow is such a prostitute. How does one live with oneself? Does he actually believe the crap he says?

  8. William K. Wolfrum

    I’ve tried watching this tape but just can’t get thru it. It’s literally painful to me to see how fucked up my country is.


  9. Tony Snow says, “I’m just trying to insert a little nuance.” What he doesn’t then say but is thinking is, “But to do that, I have to ask you to bend over.”

  10. I’ve tried watching this tape but just can’t get thru it. It’s literally painful to me to see how fucked up my country is.


  11. nightshift66

    Clearly, Baghdad Bob has gotten a face change and a new job.

  12. Ginger Yellow

    You’ve got to admire their chutzpah.

    “Q Tony, does the President believe that prison time for perjury is excessive, per se? And if he does not believe that, what is it about this case, beyond the fact that Scooter Libby worked for this administration, that led him to commute the sentence? What are the factors here?

    MR. SNOW: Again, we are not going to get you into the — I’m not going to delve you into the deep considerations, other than to tell you the President considered it excessive.”

    Snow: “I’m trying to insert a little nuance into a conversation that continues to try to make broad generalisations that can be used frankly to twist the case out of context.”

    Yeah, it really sounds like it’s the media making broad generalisations.

  13. pidomon

    You know I’m on vacation and can start drinking anytime of the day I damn well please. I just didn’t know it would be after the first 5 minutes of this debacle of spin put on by Mr. Snow.
    What I really wanted someone to ask (and maybe they did the beer was going down easy) was up to this point the excuse has always been they don’t comment on on going investigations/legal procedures but they stepped in this time and commuted the GD sentence when Scoots hadn’t even (officially) asked them to.
    Sorry hate to rant but this ruined my entire fracking day (until I went and saw Transformers some of them may be evil but at least they are honest about it)

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