Question of the Day

The phrase is “You learn something new every day.” Well, I don’t know about that. I mean, I might learn something new, but I don’t know if it’s necessarily anything significant. Still, I like the fact that we’re constantly getting new information to add to our grey matter.

Today I learned a few things, but most are too boring to repeat. Yesterday’s thing was much cooler. I learned how to correctly braise fish fillets. I made them in a curry sauce, and they were delicious. I’m a pretty good cook, but I’d never attempted to braise anything (I even had to look up the term to find out what it meant). For my first attempt though, I was delighted.

So, what did you learn today? (We’ve done this before, but it’s always fun)



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54 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. I learned about the dangers of mixing oral contraceptives with things like wisdom tooth extraction and antibiotics.

  2. Training a new employee is hard. Training a new employeee who is out-and-proud amidst a bunch of homophobic pricks is even harder. Telling said homophobic jerks to fuck off and die, though, is easy and invigorates the soul.

  3. Well, Spud, not to put too fine a point on it, but it doesn’t say “You learn something significant every day” — just “new”.

    Today I learned that an old friend has been holding back some emotions for a long time. Valuable info, really, and opening up a whole new realm of conversation/connection. Tough learning, for me, bringing up a lot of thoughts/reactions/responses, but also kind of a relief, to have that lingering “something” out in the open.

  4. I’ve learned the best beer on sale in NZ supermarkets, combinations of beer and cheese, which appliances, computer brands and printers are the most reliable, which mascara to choose, which wrist guard to wear while snowboarding, which computer stores to shop from, which libraries have set up in Second Life, and that Iron and Wine may make a good gift for someone’s birthday.

    And it’s only lunchtime.

    I like my job.

  5. I learned how to use the Speaker button on my cell phone.

    Well, fuck. I’ve only had the phone for a year!

  6. I learned how to animate nested symbols!

  7. NameChanged

    I learned that my town does not have very many maternity stores. And I suspect that they don’t have any plus-size maternity stores.

  8. Isn’t braising wonderful!!!!

    I relearned that rubbing your eyes after chopping jalapenos is not good.

    I learned that pressing record on my computer to save Tony Snow’s immortal words doesn’t necessarily mean it will record. I think that computer is trying to tell me something or BUSH IS CONTROLLING MY COMPUTER.

    I learned the word agrestic, but have yet to use it in a sentence.

    I learned over the weekend that people google “NUN SEX” way too much! Site Meter is so grand!

  9. gothgate

    i learned that my kids hate meatloaf. i learned that the whole world is out to get me by mowing their lawns on different days, thereby insuring no sneeze-free days for me. i learned that my 3yo can write her alphabet already (the letters with angles still come out a bit odd, but recognizable). i learned that my 5yo took a nap at school without a fuss. (Why on earth do they insist that kids who haven’t napped since they were 2 take one, thus insuring a battle royal every naptime?) and lastly, I learned that you can feed a family of 4 on $88 for 2 weeks… it just isn’t going to be very tasty or nutritious.

  10. I learned that the Kroger near home has both Lay’s Chili Lime and Dill Pickle chips. And now so do I.

  11. I learned that of all the reasons I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president, the chief one, the one that I cannot get over, is the sound of her speaking voice.

    I learned that Zapp’s Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper potato chips are fan-fucking-tastic.

    I learned that going swimming on a cool evening in July is a great time to avoid the crowds.

  12. What I learned today is that K.O. can deliver another knock-down blow-out, and nobody really listens.

    The American Public seem to be dead.

  13. you may get something adverse because of that.

    don’t say you didn’t hear it from me.

  14. don’t say you didn’t hear it from me.

    I think I heard it through the grapevine…kona?! Never heard of him!

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  16. pidomon

    I learned when cars turn into giant freaking robots and kick the sh*t out of each other its good to have soemthing that turns them very hot or very cold. (Yeah I saw the stupid T-Formers movie today-but IT COULD HAPPEN WAKE UP:))

  17. Tonight I learned that I can put it in before I play it.

    A CD I mean, while the radio is on.

    I can’t tell you what was on the radio, but I sure as fuck want to know. I guess that’s what I’ll learn tomorrow night.

    Meanwhile, the CD has Gino Vannelli. Followed closely by Sarah Vaughan. Oh what a sweet peach.

    Maybe heaven can spare me awhile. Observe consonants.

    Here’s what’s goin’ on at Kona Ranch:

    txrad: A Liza Minelli vibratto.

    konagod: Is that with one Ls or two?

    txrad: I can’t spell Italian.

    konagod: Well then, what about vibratto? Can you spell Italian or not, fucker?

    I hate it when I have to shake my titty like my grandfather in order to be sexy to my fuck buddy.

    Meanwhile txrad is telling me that gina vinnelli was doing breaout jazz and no one understood it. Well, I sure as fuck didn’t. I hated jazz at the time.

    konagod: [wiping a tear from his cheek]

    OK, this has all gotten WAY to James Bondish-movie soundtrack-ish, so let’s move on…

    or as txrad said, “where are the witches?”

    They just showed up actually. Patty has her guitar in tow and is ready to strum (in more ways than one).

  18. None of you, including txrad, can put on the Go Go’s and step awake from the studio and feel powerful.

    Instead, why oh why can’t you, have some low-cal Loretta Lynn (with Jack White) followed very closely by White Stripes. Bi.
    NO! I take it ALL back. I’m so fucking confused. No one here is Bi. I meant, Jack White has a tie in but it ain’t his time yet.

    I hear plastic in your belly, and you can still keep rhythm but it ain’t your fucking time yet.

    txrad: As long as you have it, no one cares how you spell it.


    I hope that boy can maintain. There’s a vortex approaching and the pizza is coming out of the oven.

  19. Jay in Oregon

    I learned how to create knowledge base articles in the new version of our company’s website content management system.

    I’ve been meaning to learn how to do it, so when they asked for peple to help them test the new system I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone.

  20. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  21. But, what the fuck was he hiding under his shirt?

  22. Whewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    That basil mustache I’ll carry with me forever.

  23. But, what the fuck was he hiding under his shirt?

    Another fool? txrad, I think your boy needs to get laid…

  24. I have gotten into the music or Icky Thump sorta.

    Now I gotta get totally into the lyrics.

    Angelos, hold my hand. Or JackGoff.

    Or both of you, you can hold one hand each.

    But wait! There’s more! What does that leave Spudsy?

    Oh heaven forbid!


  25. Don’t go no where man, just stay present.

  26. relish the gun control and pay me no mind.

  27. this shit don’t let you comment too often lest you be a stoner with a lot to day,
    don’t check into the Hotel Enya.

  28. You talking to yourself Kona! hee hee!

  29. jack just set meg up with an exit strategy. who’s gonna walk away from this with a solo career?

    and how is meg by herself going to yank it off?

  30. “I like to keep my little shell intact.”


    Angelos. In case you are keeping track.

  31. Shit, we’re on a different Jack CD!

    Sorry, disregard all my comments and I shall go to DEAD LEAVES ON THE DIRTY GROUND!

    Damn, I can hear a piano fall. I can hear you coming down the hall.

  32. Don’t EVAH show me a crooked cap on a liquor bottle, because I can sure as fuck fix it.

  33. OH NO! you can’t distinguish Jack cds? Whatever will you do?

  34. Angelos

    Can one be a pimp and a prostitute too?

  35. But of course! One merely needs to self-flagellate!

  36. Kona obviously learned a lot today.

  37. Don’t EVAH show me a crooked cap on a liquor bottle, because I can sure as fuck fix it.

    You actually need to keep the cap? Lightweight.

  38. I love swallowing food and then taking an immediate pot hit.





  39. Attencion? Are we Mexico now?

  40. Angelos

    Well the hills are pretty and rollin’
    But the thorn is sharp and swollen
    And the man plays a beautiful whistle
    But he wears a prickly thistle

  41. The man swallowed the whistle
    From smoking too much pot
    The Thorny Thistle
    HA HA! You silly sot!

  42. mamajane

    I learned that the tuberculosis vaccine, BCG, is also a potent chemotherapy agent for the treatment of bladder cancer.

    I learned how to give a Lupron injection.

    I learned that Patty griffin is a goddess who reads my mind. Today I bought “Children Running Through”, solely on the basis of having heard “Heavenly Day” on the radio, and discovered that the rest of the cd is also a gift from the music deities.

    I learned that my first boyfriend, and still very dear friend, is a rather fragile person, and has been hiding the depth ofhis heartache from me, in order to spare me any pain.

    I learned that I have the most awesome and understanding husband in the world, who is not only not in the least bit threatened by my closeness with my ex, but willingly takes a backseat while I comfort him in his time of need.

    It’s been a rather full day, and life is good.

  43. katecontinued

    I learned about an innovative new design for emergency shelter. From Inhabitat website:

    The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (i.e. CalEarth) is an interesting company in this regard. Their monolithic domes are great for disaster resistance, and are now proving to be applicable in even more far-reaching contexts (we’re talking outer space here). Not only are their dome-like clay houses earthquake resistant and eco-friendly – but, thanks to some attention from NASA, there’s a possibility that they may have us calling the moon “home” sometime in the future.

    I wish I knew how to add a picture with this new Shakesville website, because these structures a wonderful hive shaped affairs. I was reading about Colony Collapse and one thing led to another. BTW, it sounds like the CCD is a sparkly object thing. Organic bee hives, farms aren’t having problems. The bees that are farmed (yes, just like meat farming stuff) are the vulnerable ones.

  44. KarateMonkey

    I learned that the material that fastens the bristles onto my grill brush is heat resistent enough to survive scrapping off the grates, but not heat resistent enough to survive being set next to the chimney starter for 15 minutes. I now have a deformed grill brush.

    One more casualty added to my ever expanding list of melted cooking implements and scars acquired in my seemingly eternal struggle to remember that fire is hot.

    I’m in the process of learning how to grill squid for sometime in the future. Maybe tomorrow if the weather holds.

  45. Angelos

    I learned, again, that customers are stupid.

  46. Broce

    I learned that my just shy of 20 year old son turns into a little asshole the minute his girlfriend is out of town.

    This was not what I would call a “good learning experience.”

  47. Kate217

    Thanks to petulant, I learned the word agrestic, but also have yet to use it in a sentence other than this one.

    Thanks to PortlyDyke, I learned of the existence of Mr. Deity Thanks, PD. I nearly wet myself laughing at that.

    Have a great 4th, everyone.

  48. I learned the word “onomastics” today, but couldn’t figure out how to shoehorn it into something aimed at secondary school children., despite it being perfect for the task.

  49. I learned that the depth of my hatred for the Current Occupant knows no bounds (not that I had much doubt before).

    And Happy Birthday, America!

  50. SAP

    I learned never to drink four highly-caffeinated beverages in a row in a span of two hours.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, the spiders are crawling up my back again.

  51. Marc

    Since Sunday, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of working the front line of a rather busy commuter airline. Reservation and check-in software MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! It’s full of incredibly cryptic, mainframe-era command line commands, all of which I need to commit to memory! And WTF ever decided Mastercard needs the abbreviation IK?!

    I’m actually kind of liking it, though; it’s chaotic and goes by quickly.

    More fun, though; while flipping channels, Alton Brown was going over how to make a frittata; since I love omlettes but can’t get the hang of the fold, it’s a great dish to learn!

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  53. I’m in the process of updating MSDS forms for the place I work at now (BROOKFIELD ZOO, bitchez!!!!!!!!) — you know, the forms that tell you what to do if you get a chemical in your eye or it catches on fire.

    Anyway. I learned today that if you get triple antibiotic eye ointment in your eye, you’re supposed to wash it out for 20 minutes. The same with flurbiprofen eye drops, but you’re supposed to call a doctor then, too.

    That is the ONLY fun part about MSDS.

  54. Jewel

    Today I learned that the coffee maker works better if you turn it on. 😀

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