Bob Cesca Has a Question

What if Libby Was Black or Mentally Retarded?


President Bush, who suddenly hates excessive punishments, once refused to commute the death sentence of a 33-year-old mentally retarded black man with an IQ of around 60 and the functional skills of a 7-year-old boy.

10 years ago last May, President Bush and Alberto Gonzales received a request for clemency on the day Terry Washington was to be executed for killing a college student in 1987. President Bush skimmed Gonzales’ incomplete summary and denied clemency.

Terry Washington was dead before the sun went down.

Regarding the record 152 executions during his two terms as governor, Bush “wrote” in his autobiography, A Charge To Keep, “I don’t believe my role is to replace the verdict of a jury with my own.”

Unless, ya know, it’s to keep one of his BFFs out of prison. Then The Decider makes the kind of decidening that does indeed replace the verdict of a jury with his own. And he makes it all by his self, cuz him’s a big boy.

[Also see Digby. BTW: I just had occasion to write about Bush the Killer Governor last week. Interesting how relevant that’s suddenly become again…]



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12 responses to “Bob Cesca Has a Question

  1. Heads up: Tonight’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann will feature a Special Comment calling on Cheney and Bush to resign. Set your Tivos!

  2. Ginger Yellow

    Isn’t it funny that Bush commuted Libby’s sentence just weeks after announcing plans to reintroduce mandatory minimum sentences for all federal crimes?

  3. Paul the Spud

    As a friend of mine said, I’m surprised Bush didn’t wait to do this until tomorrow. That would have been just perfect. Add a whole new level of “fuck you” on top of this “fuck you.”

  4. larkohio

    Bush is going to take care of his own. He knows darn well that Armitage, Rove, and Libby, at the prompting of our friend, Darth Vader, outed Valerie Pflame to punish her husband, Joe Wilson for telling the truth. They were mad because Wilson chose truth over playing their game. (Way to go, guys, punish a guy by using his wife. Nice.)
    Bush says he will fire anyone who leaked anything.

    Then comes Libby and lies about it to the special prosecutor, Fitzgerald.

    Nothing happens to Rove, nothing happens to Armitage, they just go on their merry way.

    So Libby is caught, and given clemency.

    Are we surprised? No, these folks consider themselves so above we mortals. They are such hypocrites.

    Bush is anxious to execute people he does not know, and eager to excuse those that he does. Jerk.

  5. You can see the YouTube of KO naming Spurious George as Worst Person Of The World right here, and yes, he says he’ll call for his resignation tonight, along with that of Darth Cheney. Heady stuff.

  6. If David Broder finds out he was wiretapped then we might get impeachment. I couldn’t be more disgusted with our media and politicians.

    Your powder is dry, and inert at this point.

  7. Erin M

    Your powder is dry, and inert at this point.

    Too much saltpeter. Their piñatas have gone limp.

  8. I’m glad other people are thinking along these lines. I was sitting at home last night, remembering how merciless and heartless Bush was as governor of my home state of Texas. I almost laughed at his statement about Scooter’s sentence being “excessive”, but then I remembered all the mentally ill and retarded people he exectuted in the name of the people of Texas, and I threw up a little in my mouth.

  9. Rottweiler

    George Bush has a Messiah complex. He is the greatest threat to America in the world today. He is maniacally committed to the neocon agenda. He believes that only he, a prophet of sorts, can bring about the New World Order… is his destiny. This is why public opinion, law of the land, and all of his bloody baggage do not matter to him. He sees himself as “a stranger in his own land.” It is a chilling given that Bush will attack Iran. He has the POWER and the WILL. Yes, he is delusional, and that is precisely why he is such a threat. If Congress does not do much more than just put impeachment “on the table”, then we will know that they condone and support Bush’s agenda. Then what, folks?

  10. I know this is somewhat off topic, but I have a theory, I do. Back in the Clinton administration, the republicans pushed through their whole “rule of law” impeachment proceedings knowing that it was extremely unlikely that it would succeed. I doubt that it mattered to them: win or lose, it made the democrats look like they were thumbing their nose at the law to protect their own, regardless of what the law really was.

    Flash forward to today. Bush has just handed the democrats the same opportunity. From this point forward, the democrats should make a point of saying that the republicans flout the rule of law at every opportunity. Over and over, at every opportunity, regardless of the question, the answer is always that republicans are law breakers who feel that laws only apply to the little people. You know, little people like voters.

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