Black Eyed Puh-lease

Remember when the Black Eyed Peas used to be cool? If not, it’s probably because, in the four years since Fergie’s been with the band, she’s managed to obliterate all memory of a group who was once progressive and generally awesome.

No longer generally awesome, Fergie now evidently hopes to erase all trace of social responsibility and progressive cred the band once had by selling out to a cheesy-ass clothing line whose craptastic brand will, in the latest product placement scheme, be mentioned in her lyrics.

If everyone has a price, Fergie’s is $4 million.

…Under the deal with Candie’s, a skimpy, teen-oriented clothing line, Fergie will be appearing in TV advertisements and also allowing Candie’s “style advisers” to dress up fans at her shows. On the Candie’s Web site (where the Fergie agenda is endorsed, noting “It’s all about the flossy, flossy”), a video of the Californian singer appears prominently on what they call “C-Tube.”

…An executive at Interscope, Fergie’s record company in Los Angeles, told the Sunday Times of London: “Candie’s will reach teens, but it has no say over exactly what Fergie will sing, or when. Fans might think she is just singing about candy. But it’s got to work in the song. Fergie does not sing jingles.”

No, of course not. Because that would be selling out.




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10 responses to “Black Eyed Puh-lease

  1. You’re pretty much out of the cool pool anytime you add “-licious” to your name. Seriously, Eminem didn’t talk about himself as much as Fergie. There must be legions of rappers out there wondering, “damn, can’t she sing about anything other than sex and bling!”

  2. NameChanged

    I am sick of women like Fergie being held up as the standard to young women. She is mildly talented, but her career is based mostly on sex-appeal. Now that is being translated into a clothing line for teens. These girls need true talent in their role models. I would love for a fully-dressed, super-intellectual woman to come to the front of MSM once a year. Sadly, this is not likely. I try to search my brain for one and even now…emptiness.

  3. t87

    I would love for a fully-dressed, super-intellectual woman to come to the front of MSM once a year.

    Well, if she’s not elected Hillary Clinton will be popping up every 4 years . . .

  4. Steve

    I loved BEP’s first two albums. It sad to see how the band went downhill so fast. One of the lines from the second album that really stuck out to me was “Money is a drug and MC’s are on it.” I wonder if this is a bit of irony or if the more accurate line is “Money is a drug and “record company execs” are on it.” Doesn’t have the same ring to it, but I think Fergie was more interscope’s idea than the band’s. At least that is what I hope.

  5. *sigh*

    I remember watching cute little Stacey Ferguson on Kids, Incorporated. Kids, Incorporated would NEVER have sold out!

  6. I am very saddened by this. And also the fact that she performed at the Concert for Diana.

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  8. Melissa McEwan

    “Money is a drug and MC’s are on it.”


  9. rxl

    I like their chicken-fried chicken.

    oops. wrong black-eyed pea

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