Another new denizen

I’ve been flapping around in Comments for ages. Something about this blog never fails to get me going. Sometimes it’s the Ringleader of the Tormentors herself, very often it’s one of the other thoughtful, provocative, funny, pissed off posters. (Not necessarily all of those things all at once.)

Now I’ve climbed on board — well, roosted on the railing — as an occasional petrel and resident biologist. My Bachelor’s was for a Special Concentration in Ethnobotany, and afterwards I went on to get a degree as a naturopathic doctor at the German school in Munich which was the oldest, and was at the time the biggest, for that. Instead of becoming a practicing naturopath, though, I got a Ph. D. in the evolutionary biology of plants, which involves a good bit of molecular biology these days. “Eternal student” is the name they pin on people like me. I went undercover as a prof and taught college for too long, but then came to my senses and started blogging (Acid Test) and writing science fiction.

When some particular pandemic of science pinheadedness in the news leaves me screeching, now I know what to do. I’ll be pounding away at the keys of my trusty laptop and sharing some of the things they missed with you.

They miss heaps. Just about everything. Which makes it hard to know where to start. Stem cells? Ethanol from corn? Does a warming trand on Mars really mean Earth’s global warming is bunk? Let me know, either via the contact page or in comments if there’s an issue where you’re curious about what the scientific data say. If it’s one I know anything about, I’ll give it a shot.Β 

In the meantime, I have something coming up on the ever-appealing topic of tuberculosis.



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29 responses to “Another new denizen

  1. Melissa McEwan

    Our very own science guy! Welcome. πŸ™‚

  2. Constant Comment

    Welcome to our community … I continue to be impressed with the range and diversity that Melissa brings aboard!

  3. William K. Wolfrum

    Welcome to the new gig, Quixote. You ever listen to Skeptics Guide to the Universe? I’ve become a big fan of that show, and really in science in general over the last few years.


  4. evilchemistry

    This should be fun.

    Cheers, Quixote!

  5. Glad ur here, quixote.

  6. Will we get to do experiments?


  7. Shakesville now has a resident scientist. I look forward to your posts. Please O’ please talk about the sea squirt! Every morning I wait with bated breath for a news alert about our cousins.


  8. Are you familiar with Michael Pollan’s work on the Botany of Desire or is that too lowbrow?

  9. Oh, and anyhow I’m looking forward to reading your postings.

  10. Sea squirts! yes! One of my most favorite animals of all time. (Picture below, but I don’t know if the link will work. (

  11. (Grr. I’ll give it one more try)

  12. whig: Michael Pollan irritates me for some reason. Not because it’s lowbrow. Probably because I’m jealous. Biology is all about sex from one end to the other (And for some reason the kids think it’s boring. Go figure.) and I guess I’m cross with myself for not thinking of selling it that way and making a mint myself.

    Phydeaux: Experiments? Funny you should say that. I was just thinking about the practical application of knowledge when I saw the title of one of Kathy’s recent posts, “Real Sex Ed.” I immediately assumed some progressive school had finally understood that just putting a condom on was not enough. That the (male) kids needed tips on what to do with it so that it wasn’t just a repeat of what they’d already been doing at home. And that the female kids might well need a chapter on great ways of getting turned on. And. And. And.

    Turns out that wasn’t what it meant at all. Ah well. The millenium has been postponed, yet again. All experiments will be cerebral.

  13. Keen!

    Hello! (Sorry I’m a little excitable tonight. Pretty colored explosions overhead, y’know.)

  14. Quixote is the greatest! Shakesvilleans are in for a treat.

  15. katecontinued

    Das ist eine good Idee.

    Welcome . . . (note: the German is from 27 years ago and it is the only thing I remember.)

  16. THAT is one lovely tunicate, Q!!!!

    I try to do an action alert when some “environmental” group wants to exterminate our cousin because they interfere with the marine farming industry. Alas, the extermination continues…


  17. I’m just thrilled I’m no longer the newbie! πŸ˜›

    Plus you leave good comments, so your posts will be teh aw3sum as well. Onward!

  18. SAP

    Yay! A science dude!

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  20. Man, now we are going straight to hell in a hand basket. A real scientist on the team. Hell, I’ll even bet that Don. Q believes in evolution. WE ARE DOOMED! (Cue thunder and lightning and hoards of locsts if practical.)

    But you’ve picked the right nick. Pleanty of windmills around here. And seeing as how they operate on wind the neo-con fundies make certain we never run short.

    But welcome anyway. But beware! Here lurks a certain amount of lunacy also and I have discovered it is contagious.

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  22. Welcome to the fray, Quixote. Can I take Rocinante out for a ride?

  23. Welcome!! Can’t wait to read your posts!

  24. Yay! Science! Welcome!

  25. Welcome aboard, Quixote. Looking forward to your posts! πŸ™‚

  26. Grumpy: Here lurks a certain amount of lunacy also and I have discovered it is contagious.

    Hah. Yes, I’ve noticed it too. Now I can’t get it off me … and I hear voices … telling me to charge a fundie-shaped windmill … or is it a windmill-shaped fundie?

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