We’re Back

[Note: This post will stay at the top of the page for awhile; new posts are below.]

The recent problems Shakesville has been experiencing, including the disappearance from which we’ve just returned, are due to sustained Denial of Service attacks that have been going on for months with varying intensity. And I’ve got just two words for the detestable wankstain dregs of society with which we’ve been dealing:

Fuck. You.

Shakesville has now moved to its own dedicated server, which will better protect us and has enabled us to more effectively counter the onslaught.

A dedicated server costs money, though, and Shakesville doesn’t have enough traffic and/or isn’t niche enough to make the money we need from ads. (When I ran ads before, I didn’t make enough to cover my internet service, no less our own server.) I would prefer to do this for free forever, but I just can’t absorb all the costs myself anymore. Other people besides me are going to have to invest in this community if it’s to have a future.

So, with a nod to our conservative friends, we’ll let the market guide us—if Shakesville is worth something to you, throw a little something into the hat in the lefthand sidebar—and with a nod to our progressive values, we’re going to keep on building this awesome community. Whatever you can spare will be much appreciated—and in return for your donation, you’ll get:

* raucous, top-notch, and voluminous blogging every day on progressive politics and culture
* a safe space in which racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, sizism, etc. will not be tolerated
* some of the best comments threads in the whole of the blogosphere
* as much accommodation of what the Shakers want and need functionally from the site as is possible
* free drinks at the hottest virtual pub there is
* more feminazi cooter than you can shake a stick at
* and the sincere gratitude and continued writing, design, and maintenance services of your devoted blogmistress, who also promises to carry on finding, supporting, assisting, and promoting new/smaller bloggers any way she can.

Thanks for your support and encouragement, Shakers. Many thanks to those who have already contributed and to our fellow bloggers who posted about our situation. We’re glad as blazes to be back.

Take it away, Bill Haley and the Comets!



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106 responses to “We’re Back

  1. cfrost

    Yes, welcome back, with a hearty, concurring Fuck You to the detestable wankstain dregs. And of course we’re all over that feminazi cooter, what Ann Coulter calls “corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie-chick pie wagons”. Love those girls.

  2. Just to say, I’ve been reading (if not commenting), for months and I hope the Denial of Service attacks can be overcome, because you’ve been doing a great service!
    Edinburgh, Scotland

  3. Yea, you are back! WHOO HOOO!

    This calls for a drink! 🙂

  4. Whooeee! Ta dadadada wheeee! (How do you do a victory dance in emoticons?)

  5. JoAsakura

    I know it’s monday, but I think we need a mini-pub to celebrate!

    :makes sure the lights are off in Olde Shakes Towne and the sheets are draped back over the furniture:

  6. JoAsakura

    here’s some suggestions!

  7. JoAsakura

    rar. i forget that lessthan/greaterthan signs act like tags.

    \m/^_^\m/ –happy metal head

    \^o^/ — jump for joy

    ^_^V — flashing victory sign

  8. Evelyn

    Glad to see you back. Cool pic of yourself too, Sis. I dropped a small tip in the jar. What a great method, through amazon.com!

  9. Welcome back darling. You’ve never been one to let the bastards get you down, and I fully expected a full recovery.

    Brava! Hugs, backslaps, and thanks all around.

    Now, everyone–DO chip in a little if and when you can; we’re going to keep up this teriffic place, this fortress of fabulousness, and as Melissa might say, drawbridges and cast-iron barricades ain’t free. And trolls and gremlins lie in wait on all sides, lest we forget.

    Hail Our Shakesville,
    For Shakesville rules the ‘Tubes!
    Shakers never never never cede to rubes.

  10. Jewel

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! 😀 😀 😀

    I know it’s Monday morning, but I might just have to drop some Frangelico in my coffee to celebrate. Just as soon as I drop a tip in the tip jar…I missed Shakesville enough to know that it’s worth something to me to keep it going. Happy happy!

  11. And all is right with the world. Or considerably better, anyway. 🙂

  12. Whew, so glad to see you back, Liss!

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  14. nightshift66

    Remember, Liss: Illigetimi non corborun dum. (What litbrit said, in pedantese.)

    I won’t be able to post much for a while: work is cranking up. However, I’ll cheerfully kick into the kitty monthly. We can’t let the barbarians tear your place up, after all! 😉

  15. It’s great to be back home! 🙂

  16. Erin M

    Will chip in what I can, when I can.

    Welcome back, and keep on kicking ass. 😀

  17. *Shakes a stick at a feminazi cooter

    No one touched my stuff, did they? Welcome back everyone, and it’s good to be home. A special thanks to everyone that’s thrown a tip in the jar already.

  18. “more feminazi cooter than you can shake a stick at”–yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    Welcome back!

  19. Had to drop a little tip in the jar. I sure don’t want Shakesville to go away again.

  20. This is a very good day.

    Glad you’re back.

  21. Great day. Saw it this AM and had to rush right out and celebrate. Vino in the AM is not my normal thing but in this case………..Going out tonight for more of the same. If this shit breaks down once more my Doc. is going to come over there and strangle you!

    Hugs and more hugs.


  22. O happy day! Calloo callay!

  23. Welcome back – so glad to see you’re back up and running. Once bills are paid and I have a handle on what money I’ll have left this month, I’ll (hopefully be able to) throw something in the pot for you.

  24. Yay! It’s good to be back.

  25. Angelos

    Excellent work.

  26. Done and done, Sis.

  27. YAY! Good to have you back here! Take that, asshats!

  28. Misty

    Yaar! It was nice visiting the old haunt but it’s great to be back home.

  29. Since I’m still allowed to post at Roger Ailes’s site, I’ve blogwhored for you guys over there.

  30. With a nod to Lizard, I sing now.

    Welcome, welcome! Fah who rahmus!
    Welcome, welcome! Dah who dahmus
    Shakesville cheer is in our grasp!
    So long as we have hands to clasp!

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  32. Welcome back!

    I’d donate if I could. Perhaps you should launch a “Shakesville Premium” and charge a nominal fee. Of course, ALL of your content should be considered “premium” — so nevermind.

  33. cellar door

    Added my bit to the tip jar, and will do so regularly. So glad to see the new digs up and running again!

  34. Kathy Kattenburg

    I just got some very unexpected moolah — most of which is going to pay the July rent — but there will be enough left over to give something back to this wonderful place (after the check clears!) And after that, I hope to be able to give a modest amount every month.

    Long may Shakesville rock!

  35. Welcome back!! Now keep being a pain in the ass to those with narrow minds and small brains.

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  37. Arkades

    Like a phoenix from the ashes…

  38. In what storage container do we put feminist cooter and then add more?

    Because that’s not coming out of the carpet…

  39. pidomon


  40. pidomon

    ok i meant comment

  41. Huzzah! Welcome back!

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  43. anangryoldbroad

    Oh Huzzah and Hooray!!!

    And may the assholes that tried to take down Shakesville suffer a groin fungus no amount of modern medicine can cure. Bastards.

    Smootchies and hugs all around.

  44. William K. Wolfrum

    Burying won’t stop it breathing forever, underground it takes to root.

    I like quoting random snippets of song lyrics. I think it makes me look deep and thoughtful. Of course, as I write this I’m eating Cap’n Crunch straight from the box, in between nose picks.

    But it’s nice to see so many offering to give to help the cause. Just a little from a lot will do it. Melissa puts in a lot of time and effort into this community, and if you think about it, making her foot the bill (which just got much bigger) is by no means fair.

    Thanks folks. Now Back to Ken Burns’ “This Old Blog” on this, and other PBS stations.


  45. Welcome back Melmanda!!!!

  46. pidomon

    Hmm will this post?

  47. WN

    Long-time reader and lurker, and I missed the site while it was down; just gave a small contribution, from one Shakespeare-ish blog name to another.

  48. pilotweed

    Praise His Noodly Appendages!!! I will chip in as soon as I get a job. (unemployment sucks!)

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  50. Amused to Death

    Why don’t you suck at the Soros Teet like MiniMoni?

    Then you won’t have to beg for alms and can be beholden to the Socialist talking heads too!

  51. You had me at feminazi cooter.

    Money on the way.

  52. Because that’s not coming out of the carpet…

    Besides, it really ties the room together! 😉

  53. Congrats and welcome back!

    About that search box: I’m supposed to type “and wait” before every search term? O-o-o-kay. 😉

  54. the lurking librarian

    long live shakesville!! just want to say hey to everyone – i may be quietly lurking in a corner, but i really appreciate the community here, as well as the fabulous writing. keep up the good work! (and there will be a donation from me, too – i know all too well that *everything* is not free on the web!)

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  56. Melissa McEwan

    Why don’t you suck at the Soros Teet like MiniMoni?

    Then you won’t have to beg for alms and can be beholden to the Socialist talking heads too!

    First of all, if Soros offered me money, I’d take it in a heartbeat.

    Secondly, it’s not “begging for alms” when you spend 12 hours a day providing a service, dipshit. That’s called a job. I just don’t get paid for it.

  57. Welcome back. While I’m exactly a fan of Shakesville, I utterly despise the folks — of whatever political persuasion, or none — who try to shut down people just because they disagree with their political opinions, or the expression thereof.

    That said, given the various ratholes down which Soros has poured money — I’m not sure what his wazoo is, but apparently dollar bills just stream from the darned thing — he could easily do worse than throw you some.

    Then again, which would you rather style yourself as:

    Fountain of Soros, fountain of light?

  58. I was wondering when the first “get a job” troll would show up. Apparently, to these bozos, work is only work if someone gives you a paycheck.

    And god forbid you ask for a little donation here and there to help pay for the service you provide to them for free. They’re always willing to take, never willing to chip in. Christ.

  59. Then you won’t have to beg for alms

    That doesn’t fly. As Melissa already pointed out, it has to do with asking for the community to pitch in to help keep something great going and acknowledging the amount of time and effort to keep it that way.

    You know, just like all those shareware programs you use and take for granted without dropping some coin to the developer(s) to keep them going.

  60. Amused to Death

    When you don’t get paid it is not a job….it is a hobby…dumbass.

  61. When you don’t get paid it is not a job….it is a hobby…dumbass.

    Again, unclear on the concept of “work.” And apparently, hobbies. Go back to the kid’s table and eat your jell-o, please. The adults are talking.

  62. See now I am going to be pedantic:

    “A hobby is a spare-time recreational pursuit.” (source Wiki)

    Running this blog is therefore a vocation, not a avocation, (or hobby if that word has too many syllables) as mentioned above, as neither are a spare time, recreational pursuit, but a full time occupation.

    But then you spelled “teat” wrong, so really what can one expect?

  63. MisFit Farm

    We are glad you are back and happy, happy, happily offer you any of the 28 plus teets here at MisFit Farm for suckling, should the Soros thing not pan out.

    Or we will just use PayPal.

    Folks who don’t understand what it is to have a heart and live a soulful life can spend their time arguing over the difference between a job and a hobby.

    All we really care about is that you are back!

    Thank you for building a community. That is where true genius, innovation and intelligence rests!

  64. When you don’t get paid it is not a job….it is a hobby

    Great argument. So, by that logic everyone who came to ground zero to volunteer was simply enjoying a hobby.


    No need for your signature, we know who you are.

  65. When you don’t get paid it is not a job….it is a hobby…dumbass.

    Look at yourself. Just look at yourself. Take a second, take a breath, go to the mirror and look at yourself.

    You’re a troll at a close-knit liberal blog.

    That’s some life you’ve created for yourself there. This is time that could be so much better spent doing, well, anything. But instead, you choose to spend your spare moments being a troll. Seriously, what’s up with that?

    And trust me, getting paid doesn’t always need to refer to dollars and cents.


  66. pidomon

    I’d leave a comment but that seems moot at this point! Take Care Liss and glad you’re back! (Tomb Raider didn’t kick my ass by the way YEAH)

  67. WKW, I love you, and I want to have your babies.

  68. nightshift66

    I completely agree with what you’ve said. However, I neither love you nor wish to have your babies. Would you settle for me buying you a drink?

  69. No need for your signature, we know who you are.

    Personally, despite the awesomeness of WKW, I seriously am in love with Space Cowboy, for making me nearly fall out of my chair laughing.

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  71. Tracey in AZ

    Oh! Happy happy! Joy joy!

    I love this place and I love the sense of community it fosters amongst its readers.

    Thanks, Melissa, for everything.

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  73. Melissa McEwan

    Thanks, Melissa, for everything.

    It truly is my pleasure. Thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive and encouraging, for taking the time to let me know that Shakesville means something to them.

  74. amish451

    Fortress of Fabulousness ….Hah!

    “..and foul nasty beasties in the moat …” not to mention a few floaters ….

  75. First, I just donated because well you rock and I truly missed this place while you were on hiatus (it sounds better than DOS attack). Second, as to the asshat who says that this is not a job, well maybe he does not have a job because anyone who has a job they love knows, you are never truly paid what you deserve and you Melissa deserve a hell of a lot more than most because of your dedication and time spent running this wonderful site.

  76. car

    I’m about to embark tomorrow on a long, enforced, expensive family vacation, but as soon as I’m back and get the next paycheck you’ll get some> I can’t spare much, but at least what I can. You can track me down through my email if I don’t. 🙂

  77. Out of luck, Nightshift. You’re getting my babies. I Fedex’d them over. Be home between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. tomorrow please.


  78. Kim

    Yay! Shakesville is back! Something else to celebrate! I never got over to the bar on Friday night to raise my glass of iced tea to Greg Oden, the first pick in the NBA draft. It’s just further proof that Melissa knows quality when she sees it…

    Anyway, I do many things well that do not generate income – I am a mother and homemaker. Don’t even DARE to tell me that my current occupation is just a hobby.

  79. PaulW

    I have a question about the Denial of Service attacks: is there any way of figuring out where the attacks are coming from?

  80. Shakers, I could use some backup over here. Please see comments.

  81. BAC

    Welcome back! Just in time to rant about Libby!!


  82. Aly

    YES! Though Shakespeares Sister was a quick fix, I’m so glad Shakesville is back live!

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  84. Liz

    Time for a happy dance!

    Also, as far as “corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie-chick pie wagons” go, replace “hirsute” with “tattooed,” and that’s pretty much me. Ann Coulter doesn’t know what she’s missing. And long live the feminazi cooter!

  85. Liz

    Aww, no pics allowed in this thread? Oh well. My eternal devotion remains unswayed. 🙂

  86. Welcome back. I dropped what I could in the tip jar, and I asked the people who drop by (who didn’t start out here, that is) if they’d do the same.

  87. whenwego

    Welcome back, and FU to those other guys too!

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  92. StayAwake

    Many fine sites like FDL, digby, the late, great Steve Gilliard offer PO boxes for donations for those of us who are paypal averse…

  93. Melissa McEwan

    Many fine sites like FDL, digby, the late, great Steve Gilliard offer PO boxes for donations for those of us who are paypal averse…

    You’re right. I need to do that.

    Never had a need before…

  94. Linnaeus

    I’m all over the feminazi cooter like white on rice.

    Welcome back.

  95. At the risk of sounding like I’m talking down to you, because I don’t know what has gone on behind the scenes, it doesn’t look like you’ve done much to monetize the site.

    Blogads, although popular with the liberal blogosphere, is not the only game in town. There’s other ad networks you can try out to see if they will produce more revenue. There’s Feedburner (which now that Google owns it should help monetize your feed). Not to mention adding “no ads” subscriptions (a la Kos), “members only” paid content areas, selling related merchandise, or even soliciting advertisers directly. With your traffic levels, you should be able to make more than pocket change off this site.

  96. I had another idea I wanted to toss in — you could create a new feature for the site, the “Shakes Reading Club”.

    Pick a book a month, announce it with an Amazon Associates link, and on a given day, do a swarm of posts discussing the book. More content, and a little money from the book sales, all in one!

  97. So Happy you folks are back in business over here. I was checking daily and then as life is wont to do, shit happens and there isn’t enough time in the day to do all the things we want.

    You provide a wonderful atmosphere here and plenty to read that is both interesting, funny and educational.

    I hope the DOS crap is dead and gone..wish I could say the same thing about the friggin reichwingers that have nothing better to do with their lives than fuck w/the liberal blogosphere.

    Welcome Back..we are all the better for your return.

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  100. Woohoo! Rock on. Rock harder.

    Let the ass-kicking commence!

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