Too Much

Being president may not be enough for Newt Gingrich.

According to this piece in the Washington Post, the thrice-married and admitted adulterer and former Speaker of the House may have too many ideas and too much to offer the nation than just serving as chief executive.

“The presidency is a minor post on the scale of change I’m describing,” Gingrich, still the history professor, declares with a dismissive wave.

“You get to appoint a lot of ambassadors. It isn’t 50 percent, it’s 5 percent of the whole process. I want to make sure by the time we’re done that in 511,000 elective positions” — apparently the whole of U.S. officialdom — “there are people who understand the 21st century, understand American civilization, and have fundamentally changed government at all levels.”

He adds with a puckish grin: “And if, in that process, I become president — that’s fine.”

He still has fabulous hair. It’s whitening at the summit, creating a halo effect. He’s gazing through wonk-tastic oblong wire-rims, and parsing the nature and scope of his ambitions, on the fourth floor of a downtown Washington office building at his corporate consulting firm, the think-tankishly-dubbed Center for Health Transformation. His desk is stacked high with brainiac books — “World Changing: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century,” “Making War to Keep Peace,” “The Way to Win” and a couple of dozen other weightily titled tomes.

He’s plenty busy, so it’s hardly surprising that he reports: “I feel good, but at this very moment I feel a little bit tired.”

I’m not surprised; it’s tough listening to him when you’re not him; imagine how boring he must be to himself.

I actually hope that Mr. Gingrich does run for president. We haven’t had such a pompous, arrogant, full-of-himself candidate hold himself up for public office since Thomas E. Dewey, and the idea that this flaming hypocrite — the man who prosecuted Bill Clinton for getting a blow job from an intern when he was getting the same service from an administrative assistant to another representative — would be just too much fun to pass up. And you have to admire his chutzpah; he went on James Dobson’s radio show and received the blessings of the Lord High Executioner himself because, as Dr. Dobson noted, he has repented. That makes it all good, right? Who knew forgiveness could be had just by going on a radio show?

What’s interesting to note is the animosity a lot of Republicans have for Mr. Gingrich, and I’m not just talking about the ones who have a shred of dignity and self-awareness about them. Tom DeLay, the disgraced House Majority Leader, despises Mr. Gingrich, probably because two such inflated egos cannot occupy the same space at the same time. As was once noted about William Jennings Bryan, he hasn’t got an enemy in the world; only his friends hate him.

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6 responses to “Too Much

  1. Melissa McEwan

    He still has fabulous hair.

    Sure, but how does he smell?

  2. Constant Comment

    Gee, can’t imagine why he’s had three wives…his ego must not leave room in the house for anyone else…

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  4. And at least he probably wouldn’t taste like chicken…

    The man is a parody of himself. He really is.

  5. the man who prosecuted Bill Clinton for getting a blow job from an intern when he was getting the same service from an administrative assistant to another representative

    You left out that he used what was in essence Clinton’s excuse at the time as well–sucking ain’t fucking–because it gave him deniability. Just thought I’d spread the whipped cream around on the top there a bit.

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