The Hurricane Party Wrap-Up

While we were sitting out the storm over in the Shakespeare’s Sister archives, we, as is our habit, naturally got up to a bit of writing. Here’s the complete round-up of everything:

Melissa: Shakesville Down

Melissa: The Virtual Pub

Melissa: Cheney-Hatin’: Part One

Melissa: Cheney-Hatin’: Part Two

Litbrit: Cheney-Hatin’: Part Three

Mustang Bobby: Cheney-Hatin’: Part Four

Spudsy: Fun with Ethnocentrism!

Misty: Fight Teh Gay with a Sharpie!

Bill: Tell Google to Eliminate Rape Link Compilation Blogs

Jeff: Minnesota’s Pawlenty Can Become a Worthy Successor to Cheney

Mustang Bobby: Mr. Romney Deferred

Jeff: The Killer in Me is the Killer in You

Melissa: Elizabeth Edwards Smacks Down Ann Coulter

Melissa: Actual Headline

Kate: Stunningly Wrong

Space Cowboy: Quote of the Day

Jeff: Lost Tales of History: The Ultimatum

Melissa: Subpoenaed!

Melissa: Because What’s a Hurricane Party Without a Douchehound?

Phil: Not Fit to be Elected Dogcatcher, Apparently

Bill: The Hetero Manifesto

Melissa: Scared Shitless

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Welcome to the Hurricane Party

Jeff: A Doctor Quits

Melissa: Gonzo’s Got Killer Instincts

Melissa: US Bald Eagle Population Recovering

Litbrit: Mitt Romney’s Unfortunate Dog an Enemy Combatant?

Melissa: In Which the White House Makes My Head Explode

Kathy: “The Decider decides that Cheney will decide what the Decider decides.”

Melissa: Jumpin’ for Jesus

Kathy: But It Was Worse Under Saddam

Melissa: Judge Blames 10-Year-Old Girl for Her Own Rape

Phil: Immigration Bill Deader Than Fried Chicken

Melissa: Bush to Congress: Fuck You

Space Cowboy: Bush to Congress: Fuck You Deux

Lizard: Can’t Keep a Good Blog Down

Melissa: Pink Beach

Brynn: Good News from Ireland!

Phil: Entertainment Weekly Doesn’t Know Robots

Melissa: Melmanda Marcewan Strikes Again!

Melissa: Question of the Day

Mustang Bobby: Happy Birthday, Mel Brooks!

Kathy: Ann Coulter All But Breaks Down on MSNBC

Jeff: Who Do You Trust in the Event of a Zombie Attack?

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Bill: Paris’ Dinner with Ann

Litbrit: Once Again, An Imported Seafood Scare

Melissa: Obama Opposes Impeachment

Litbrit: SPECIAL REPORT: Diminished Capacity: FDA Downsized and Privatized; America is at Risk

Melissa: Friday Feminist Fun

Mustang Bobby: The Malfoy Syndrome

Melissa: Friday Blogwhoring

Kate: Adoption and Fat

Phil: Waveflux ala The Simpsons

Spudsy: Devo Was Right

Melissa: Bad Laws Beget Bad Behavior

Melissa: So I Thought She Could Dance

Melissa: Friday Cat Blogging

Brynn: (Unexploded) Bombs in London

Melissa: Assvertising

Kathy: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

Melissa: The Virtual Pub

Brynn: Do You Think It Was Bin Laden?

Bill: Give 2 the Troops This 4th of July

Jeff: He Rode a Blazing Car

Brynn: Dublin Pride 2007

Brynn: Best Country in the World?

Brynn: Remember Afghanistan?

Melissa: Quote of the Day

Bill: This week’s ‘Intervention’—Helping the U.S. stop being fear junkies

Melissa: No One’s Dead. Too Bad.

Misty: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

Tart: How the Canned Beans Multiply

Jeff: Where the White Women At?

Melissa: Shakesville Up



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