Question of the Day

Is there a bigger asshole in America right now than George Bush? If your answer is yes, make your case.

(Let’s grant that Cheney’s at least a tie…)


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44 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. oddjob

    I still think Cheney, as the primary policy person of this administration, is definitely worse than Shrub. Think of it this way, without Darth Shrub would still be his fratboy asshole self, but would it matter as much if he had a real grown-up as his prime advisor instead of a psycopath?

  2. No.

    oddjob makes a good case that Cheney is more evil and more dangerous, but a bigger asshole? That case cannot be made.

  3. Edo

    Rove? okay, he’s tied with Cheney for a photo-finish 2nd place behind W.

  4. NameChanged

    There is a bigger “collective” asshole. The 30% brain donors who still support this sort of fuckwaddery. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, they raise the bar for pissing me off.

  5. To me, Bush and Cheney are just one gigantic stinking asshole.

  6. Allie

    To be honest, I think W gives assholes a bad name.

  7. Jay in Oregon

    Melissa, you’re not being fair.

    Why limit Bush’s assholery to just the United States? Is there a bigger wad of fuck on the planet than this President?

  8. I’d have to say this guy:

    And this guy:

    And this guy:

    And this guy:

    But, I guess it is possible that Bush could pardon all four of them. So, Bush is still a bigger asshole.

  9. oddjob

    NameChanged has a real point.

  10. Melissa McEwan

    Fritz, are any of those guys responsible for a war in which thousands of people have lost their lives…?

    Just saying.

  11. Fritz, are any of those guys responsible for a war in which thousands of people have lost their lives…?

    Just saying.

    Point taken.

  12. t87 seems to me making a push to displace Dumbya, IMHO.

  13. Dick Cheney’s got him by a nose. But that’s about it.

  14. In my previous comment, change “seems to me” to “seems to be”. Is it any wonder I could never play the piano worth a shit?

  15. Jeff

    Bob. Fucking. Novack.

    Oops….my bad…Novacula is the world’s biggest douchebag.

    Bush is still “el anus más grande en la historia del mundo”

  16. SAP

    *thinks real hard for a bit*


  17. I’m with Jay in Oregon.
    Although it is my firm belief that Shooter has pictures of Bush blowing a goat.

  18. Biggest. Fucking. Asshole.

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  20. Grendel72

    Every single person who voted for the criminal motherfucker. None of this would be possible without those mouthbreathing cumstains who cheerfully voted for him because the Democratic candidates just didn’t hate fags and Mexicans enough to please them.

  21. PaulW

    Does anyone else notice that the cowards disconnected their phones at teh White House? “Oh, a large number of people support pardoning Libby” my ass. It’s so obviously “We’re gonna do what we want to do and the American people can go screw themselves.”

  22. Allie

    I might throw out Ralph Nader & the Naderites, but that’s beating a long since dead horse.

  23. Some of Bush’s enablers are pretty smelly, cyst-encrusted assholes themselves. White House Attorney John Yoo comes to mind, the guy who said it would be OK to crush someone’s CHILD’s testicles to get him to talk, and the author of the theory of the unitary executive theory. Gonz0, ferchrissake! A few of the Supreme Court Justices, who have sworn to uphold the constitution but were put on the bench to shred it.

    Bush couldn’t be doing what he’s doing without the help of assholes like these. On any given day I would pick at least some of them as worse than Bush. Toss in Coulter and Limbaugh while you’re at it. But today, Bush is the biggest asshole in the known universe.

  24. Nadai

    Is there a bigger asshole in America right now than George Bush?

    There’s that guy at, but I’m not sure he’s in the US. So I’d have to go with no.

  25. I’d have to say no. Certainly not after this afternoon – although Grendel72 does make a good point.

  26. mamajane

    Allie has a good point. Assholes have been given a bad name. Assholes perform an important function anatomically and physiologically, give birth to nutrient rich substances that help to feed the earth, and can be, between consenting adults, a source of pleasure. GW is or does none of the above.

  27. I’d still vote for Cheney, because presumably he’s the one who told Bush to do it..

  28. murph

    Like father, like son.

    Daddy pardoned Casper Weinberger and Oliver North.

    Never figured anyone could screw up more than Nixon, but I was wrong.

  29. I would have said Michael Bay, but I just got back from an advance screening of Transformers, and well… I’ll forgive him for Pearl Harbor.

  30. Welcome back!

    I still think that Bush’s puppetmaster Cheney is still the bigger asshole. It’s bad enough to be a corrupt rich bastard, but to be an arrogant corrupt rich bastard is totally unforgivable.

  31. Rob_in_Hawaii

    Melissa, you asked is “there a bigger asshole in America RIGHT NOW than George Bush?” (Emphasis mine.) Need you limit your query to “right now”?

    I’d argue that George W. Bush is the single worst human being in the history of the USA. No one — absolutely not one single fucking soul — has done so much destruction to the country than this sociopathic one-man wrecking crew.

    Everything he’s touched he has either damaged or destroyed. It will take half a century at the minimum to clean up the mess — that is if the US as we know it survives the next year and a half. What hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans, Bush has done to the world. And given his reworking of the judiciary and the civil service, the destruction will continue long after he slithers off to Crawford on January 20, 2009.

    Biggest asshole evah!

  32. Right now? No.

    But tomorrow, all the right-wing hate-radio types who will be applauding Bush for doing this will take Tuesday’s prize.

  33. Longshot

    Murph said:

    Like father, like son.

    Daddy pardoned Casper Weinberger and Oliver North.

    Never figured anyone could screw up more than Nixon, but I was wrong.

    Point of fact: Ollie North did not get a pardon. He was convicted of three charges, but they were overturned by a court due to complications stemming from the immunity Congress granted him for the testimony (in which he had lied). The Rehnquist court declined to hear the case so the verdicts remained overturned.

    Cap sure as hell got a pardon, though.

  34. I still think Fred Phelps wins the Asshole of All Time award, to be passed to Shirley Phelps-Roper upon his passing. A lot of BushCo’s wrongdoing can be safely attributed to stupidity, not malice. Not so with Phelps.

  35. Jane

    I’m curious if you will be celebrating the Fourth of July. If so, what will you be celebrating?

  36. Hmm… I guess in terms of someone who has done a ton of damage to our politics…then its kind of hard to beat Rupert Murdoch.

    But, if you’re just thinking in terms of “wow, who is a colossal asshole.” Then I think that Rivers Cuomo of Weezer wins hands down. The guy is a misogynist prick.

    He sucks.

  37. cfrost

    As long as we’re talking assholes and the C. in C. Smirking Rectum, we must mention the lovely tessellated sphincters portrait, and the toe-tapping idiot son ditty.

  38. WTP! I go off to the Doc. shop to have my blood pressure measured, (OKBTW) and I come back to discover this shit! Good thing I didn’t see it before I went, it would have been off the fucking clock!

    A fouler asshole could not be found if you had two seeing eye dogs and a high powered torch.

    Daddy pardoned Casper Weinberger and Oliver North.
    Ya he sure did. And little Olie, that super patriot who was selling weapons to our supposed enemies works for the present dickhead in the Whitehouse this day today.

    It’s called: ” You cover my ass and I’ll take care of you baby.” So I can’t imagine it will be long before before Scoots is back working for old evil eye himself.


  39. Ok, you got me. But I do have a problem in the UK with, well, the whole judicial system which appears to have decided that the age of consent has gone down from sixteen to ten (TEN). Argh. I am so angry about this today. Come and have a read:

  40. Hmmm….Giant Asshole, yes. Yes. Bush is a Giant asshole. However, I think I’m going to have to go with the fuckwads who voted for him and the cumstains of the SCOTUS that handed him the presidency in 2000. If THAT had NEVER HAPPENED….

    The world would be a much different place.

  41. amish451

    “……stupidity, not malice …..”

    I have come to believe the apparent stupidity is facade …not reality ………malice posing as stupidity …“aw shucks”…….

    Biggest asshole …….Probably most days it is Bush with Cheney running a close second … though Bush is the Choo-Choo Engineer and Cheney refuses to give the boy a reach-around …that could make vp shooter a bigger asswhole ….mayhaps, that is the video that gives Dlck all the power ..
    Phelps has no real power on his own and cannot effect unless he is noticed…dis-regarded he is ineffective …

  42. Let’s face it. We need a new category for Chimpie McFlightsuit. It really is terribly unfair to slander useful and essential organs by associating them with that.

    Same goes for pond scum, slime ball, cumstain, etc. etc.

    Next QotD: what should we call the new category?


  43. Bill Fur

    Bush is not an asshole, he is the whole ASS!!

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