Monday Blogwhoring

Sock it to me, Shakers!

Recommended Reading:

BlackWomb: Hillary Really Cares about Black Women, NOT!

Gender Blank: Who Needs Men, Anyway?

Teh Portly Dyke: Something-Only Space

D.R. Scott: Annimosity: Is Ann Coulter Helping John Edwards?

Steve Benen: Fact-Checking ‘Sicko’

Drifty: Sunday Morning Comin’ Down

Arlen: Bush Flashes Peace Sign on Fishing Trip




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15 responses to “Monday Blogwhoring

  1. I talk about the cost of domestic violence (and praise Senator Mikulski) here.

    Young people’s attitudes on gay marriage here.

    And finally, SEX! And statistics. Here.

  2. Complaint about rehearsals

    but then i get down with digging my new guitar.

  3. With tigtog off schussing down the slopes, we have some fabulous guest posters at Hoyden About Town.

    Are you in on the joke?: bluemilk discusses the response of the Advertising Standards Bureau to complaints about the Nando’s gyrating stripper-mummy advertisement.

    By any other name?: sajbrfem talks about her growing awareness of the fat-acceptance movement.

    Fat a Greater Threat than Drug Abuse, Smoking, or Alcohol: Kate Harding obstreperates about young people rating fat as the number one threat to public health.

    Plus, fat concern trolls! They’re very concerned about our health! They are taking time out of their busy schedules to gift to barely-sentient, hysterical Hoydens the seekrit arcane knowledge about the risks of obesity!

  4. And from me:

    Triple J youth radio’s “Hack” panel on the NT indigenous plan: Davis, Wenitong and Doyle: More responses by indigenous people to the Howard government’s Northern Territory “child abuse” “emergency plan” (aka authoritarian land-grab and military occupation).

    Read ‘Ems: more on the NT plan, barefaced hypocrisy, and a couple of amusing tidbits: Reactions from the AMA, the RACGP, and a Little Children Are Sacred report co-author to the “emergency plan”. The AMA call for doctors opens with this odious, historically-illiterate remark:

    The Federal Government is currently implementing a reform package to modify behavioural patterns in Aboriginal communities that have over many years had a serious adverse impact on their health.

    Plus, the Commonwealth displays its insincerity by axing funding to an employment scheme providing vital community services to Aboriginal people, and helping keep 1800 people off welfare.

    Lastly, Woomba, a robotic spoof on feminine freshness advertisements.

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  8. I’m seething at Libby’s Get Out of Jail Free card.

  9. Lap dancing is constitutionally protected speech, Some major Florida Universities institute a hiring freeze and/or enrollment cap, and Who? Shaq? The Sheriff? Sorry–couldn’t resist the pun opportunity.

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