It’s the Hoosegow for Scooter!

Aww, poor widdle Scooterkins. The appellate court has rejected his request to remain free while he appeals his convictions for perjury, obstruction of justice, and making false statements to federal agents relating to the outing of covert agent Valerie Plame.

Unless the Supreme Court intervenes (at the discretion of Chief Justice John Roberts), and barring further appeals, Libby’s jail term “will start when the U.S. Bureau of Prisons decides where he will serve his time and sets a date for him to surrender.”

I am so sad for him.



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18 responses to “It’s the Hoosegow for Scooter!

  1. I’m all choked up….

    I knew I shouldn’t have that pretzel with lunch.

  2. I hear we have some room in the SHU* at Pelican Bay.

    *Security Housing Unit. Cuz we wouldn’t want Scoot to be, you know, insecure.

  3. Arkades

    Nice to see *someone* in that pack of thieves and liars finally get punished for something.

    But what’s that sound I hear, harshing an otherwise pleased moment? I think I hear a thousand violins tuning up somewhere… must be the neocons getting ready to play the lilting strains of Scooter’s martyrdom. That song is going to get very old, very quickly. One imagines that won’t stop them from playing it over and over again.

  4. Constant Comment

    The only thing I’m sad about is that he won’t have Karl for a roomie…

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  6. pidomon

    comment test 1

  7. So when is he going to jail? When? Huh? When? I don’t get this newfangled system. Ken Lay: gets to take a nice three month vacation before contending with the law. Scooter, appeal denied, but he’s still walking around (and pops off). I mean, what? It’s like a doctor’s appointment? They go when convenient? In Ye Olde Days, you were led out of the courtroom in handcuffs after the guilty verdict, weren’t you?

  8. Jay in Oregon

    I have to say that I love that Monopoly square graphic, Melissa.

    Here’s hoping you get to use it a lot more in the future…

  9. oddjob

    Unless the Supreme Court intervenes

    Well, it’s a technicality, but I think he also has the option of asking the Court of Appeals to hear the appeal again en banc (ie., in front of all the judges of that court instead of only the three judge panel chosen from the entire set), but given that it was a unanimous decision and that their opinion specifically indicates the appeal is weak, I doubt that stands any better a shot than appealing to the Supremes will.

  10. Melissa McEwan

    I did also note “and barring further appeals.” πŸ˜‰

  11. Allie

    No need for appeals. Bush just commuted his sentence. The bastard.;_ylt=AvrXyiqTiOWd8DIKszJ2ifqs0NUE

  12. NameChanged

    While posting a link for female grilling I skimmed this disturbing headline.

    President Bush commutes prison sentence for Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

    WTF? WTP? I must be taking crazy pills.

  13. Melissa McEwan

    UPDATE: Bush has commuted Libby’s sentence.

  14. Evelyn

    It was nice while it lasted….

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