Bush: Rule of Law My Ass

From the New York Times:

President Bush spared former White House aide I. Lewis ”Scooter” Libby from a 2 1/2-year prison term on Monday, issuing an order that commutes his sentence.

The next time I hear some Republican carry on about The Rule of Law, I’m going to find something rather large with a lot of splinters on it — an industrial-strength fencepost comes to mind — and plant it in them where the sun does not shine.

Jesus H. Christ in a birchbark canoe.

But then again, what the fuck did you expect.



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17 responses to “Bush: Rule of Law My Ass

  1. Jesus H. Christ! I can’t even articulate how much this shit frustrates me.

  2. Jesus H. Christ! I can’t even articulate how much this shit frustrates me.

  3. Sorry about the double-posting. I’m not used to how commenting works these days.

  4. Let’s keep a track of any *real* conservatives left by what their reaction to this is. I think conservatism as it was was an honourable position – but there’s very few of them left.

  5. Shamus Slotnik

    BWahahahaahah. Your impotent, feckless rage is like a cool drink of water on a hot Texas day. You have nothing. You ARE nothing. God Bless Scooter Libby, a man nearly sacrificed to pathetic people like you. And God Bless George Bush, for showing, yet again, the courage of his convictions and doing the right thing.

  6. car

    I heard a good explanation of it on NPR (of all places) – his ratings can’t really get much worse, and the only people supporting him now are the ones who wanted him to pardon Libby, so really, what did he have to lose?
    Makes sense to me. He’s shown that he has no morals, no dignity, is completely tone-deaf to the citizens of the country. Why the hell not?

  7. Doctor Jay

    You know, what we need is a recall election. Bush deserves it a lot more than Gray Davis did.

  8. It makes sense also in that, as I understand it, if Libby is pardoned, he can be forced to testify in future investigations, since there’s no jeopardy anymore. This allows Libby to avoid jail but not be put in a situation where he’d be forced to testify against higher-ups in the meantime.

  9. Keeping Scooter quiet: “I respect the jury’s verdict,” George Bush said, speaking oxymoronically as he announced his soon-to-be-notorious Monday Night Massacre of justice. This is no misdemeanor, it’s a high crime. It’s time to move impeachment to the front burner and turn up the heat.

  10. wordhorder

    Pontius Pilot at the Last Supper! I friggin hate this administration! What really pisses me off is the fact that it wasn’t a pardon, but a get out of jail free card, and then Homeboy Dubs issued a preemptive statement about the whole thing. Bush and his preemptive statments both need a good public caning.

  11. Jersey

    Please he’s been stickin it to the rule of law since day one. He’s done so many other things that warrent more outrage than this. What did anyone expect. On the better side, Canada honored the reverend who initiated the gay marriage rulings with its highest honour. I think I may have the bf talked into looking into moving there. After the supremes did away with Brown he’s finally ready.

  12. oddjob

    You know, what we need is a recall election. Bush deserves it a lot more than Gray Davis did.

    Oh, if this were a parliamentary democracy his ass would have been out on the street nearly three years ago!

  13. Jersey

    Warrent=warrant, sorry.

  14. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    The Grody Old Pirates will not enjoy having to run next year with this albatross around their necks. 🙂

  15. jahf

    Koan: What is the sound of one Bush shitting on his people?

    Impunity, bitches.

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