This modern age

A technological first for me: Being privy – as it were – to a mobile phone conversation in an adjoining stall as I conducted urgent business in my own stall.

What made the experience really odd was the accompanying low level sound of a computer hard drive grinding away.

The gentleman was obviously a strong proponent of multitasking.

The caller finished his conversation and hung up before I could give my toilet a good loud flushing. I tried to hurry, but some things just can’t be rushed.



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8 responses to “This modern age

  1. Melissa McEwan

    Being privy – as it were


    I tried to hurry, but some things just can’t be rushed.

    More LOL!

    I have got the giggles but good today. 😀

  2. Even if it’s not a common practice for you, I think a courtesy flush is no less than a moral imperative there.

    I suppose that would be just about the exact opposite of a “courtesy” flush, now that I think about it. Funny, though.

  3. t87

    Whenever that happens to me, I start grunting like i am in labor and flushing repeatedly. We have to draw the line somewhere and anyone who thinks they have the right to subject me to listening to some inane cell phone conversation when my concentration is sorely needed elsewhere deserves it.


  4. I’ve had that happen before. The called passed gas loudly said, “oh THAT? No, I’m not in the BATHROOM, No…I think it was someone I passed by..”

    No lie.

  5. Melissa McEwan

    I start grunting like i am in labor and flushing repeatedly

    Charming, lol.

  6. Next time something like that happens, try singing bawdy songs at the top of your lungs. Or bang on the stall and yell, “Would you hurry up with phone call? I’ve got to shit real bad!”

  7. stekatz

    I’m shocked at how often this happens.

    Not only is it rude for someone to talk to another whilst on the can (plus you run the risk of dropping your phone in the toilet), but I sure as heck don’t ever want to borrow that person’s cellphone.

  8. I once rented a house with a phone jack in the bathroom. Naturally, I had to put a phone on it. When the divorce was in full swing, and the bankruptcy was in the offing, a bill collector called whilst I was doing my dooty…. I put the handset on the top of the reservoir and pushed the handle, then left the room. 😉

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